The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7: The Lucid Dream

Standing outside a cottage with some hesitation, Jiang Yun finally decided not to go inside. He just stood at the door and said lightly, “Grandpa, I’m leaving now.”

For avoiding the sadness of separation, Jiang Yun determined not to disturb any Jiang people and leave quietly and secretly. However, he didn’t know that his grandpa had been following him all the time since he left Jiang village last night.

Absolutely, Jiang WanLi could hear Jiang Yun’s words. He had thought of whether he should show up and give Jiang Yun some advice. But he decided not to at the end.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

With three knocks, Jiang Yun knelt on the ground, then kowtowed three times towards the cottage reverently and said, “Grandpa, believe me! I will surely be back in less than five years!”

Standing up, he looked around every corner of the village nostalgically. Gritting his teeth, he finally turned around and stepped towards the entrance to Jiang village.

Jiang Yun kneeled again at the entranceway. For expressing his gratitude to the love and care given him during the sixteen years, he made three more kowtows to Jiang village and all Jiang people.

Then he turned and stomped off heavily as he left.

Sixteen years ago, Jiang Yun came to this village with nothing brought; sixteen years later, he left with nothing more than the stone given by Jiang Yuerou.

Jiang Yun didn’t take advantage of the Hundreds of Kilometers Free Talisman. He still went on foot, walking along the familiar mountain road. Because he wanted to walk through the One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains much longer so that he could have more happy memories in the years to come.

“Uncle Jiang, will you really let Yun go away now? He’s never gotten along with strangers before. How can he survive outside the Mang Mountains?”

Watching Jiang Yun’s receding figure, Jiang Mu on the tree couldn’t restrain his voice. He wished Jiang WanLi could change his mind and make Jiang Yun stay or even just allow him to say goodbye to Jiang Yun.

Jiang WanLi didn’t answer. After Jiang Yun’s figure disappeared thoroughly, he turned his head slowly and opened his always narrow eyes suddenly.

At the same time, the thunder came from the night sky over where a bright moon hanged. The noise was as loud as if it shocked the firmament. While two beams of golden light were shot from his eyes to Jiang Mu’s forehead center directly. They became an odd rune and went into the point between Jiang Mu’s eyebrows. Jiang WanLi sank his voice and said, “Wake up.”


As the golden rune entered the body, Jiang Mu’s body shook heavily with the rich spiritual energy spread. The spiritual energy vibrated through the tree as well as the entire Jiang village, just like an earthquake. Moreover, the spiritual energy was spread beyond a hundred-mile radius rapidly and crazily.

At the moment, Jiang WanLi gave another word, “Converge!”

Jiang Mu fiercely shivered, then the spiritual energy generated from his body vanished abruptly. Eight colorful marks appeared between his eyebrows and golden light was full of his eyes. Though he was still him, it was totally different in his mental aura.

Taking a long breath, Jiang Mu made a flick of the eyebrow and turned to Jiang WanLi and asked, “Lucid Dream?”

Jiang WanLi nodded slightly.

“For Yun?”


“Uncle Jiang, where on earth does Yun come from?”

“I have no idea!”

“What?” Jiang Mu was shocked. “Uncle Jiang, you even don’t know Yun’s background. While you had cast the Taoist Magic Art Lucid Dream and even carried the whole Jiang people here just to accompany him for sixteen years! Why?”

“This is just what my friend entrusts me to do and I need to keep my promise!”

Hearing Jiang WanLi’s cold voice, Jiang Mu dared not to keep asking. He had been unawareness when immersing in the Lucid Dream. But now he was conscious enough to realize his uncle Jiang’s real identity and temperament. The one who made Jiang WanLi, a powerful person, be willing to spare no effort to help Jiang Yun must be a particularly important and powerful person. He’d better to not know the secret.

Thinking for a while, Jiang Mu looked again at the direction where Jiang Yun left and asked, “Uncle Jiang, do we need to exterminate Feng clan and the Samsara Sect, especially Feng WuJi? They are absolutely a menace to Yun!”

Jiang WanLi squinted his eyes again. He shook his head and said, “Menace can also be a positive impetus. Feng WuJi does have some talents. He will be helpful to Yun’s ability development and improvement.”

After a short pause, he went on, “As for Feng people, they are few in number. What they committed doesn’t deserve to die. They must have felt the smell from Yun accidentally. In the beginning, I almost didn’t hold back myself to cook Yun for dinner, not to mention them!”

Drawing a long breath, Jiang Mu said, “Is Yun a... a… a guy of Innate Tao Physique?”

Jiang WanLi wrinkled his brows in consideration. Apparently, such a question had been confusing him for a long time. “Maybe yes, maybe not. Actually, I can’t figure it out. But whatever he is, I have covered this specialty for him with our Jiang village arcane arts.”

Jiang Mu still not resigned and said, “Then uncle Jiang, will you never care about Yun from now on, will you?”

“I can take care of him for a period, but I can’t be responsible for his whole life. What’s more, though he doesn’t belong to our clan and is unable to cultivate in our cultivation method, I have done all I can do for him during the sixteen years! From now on, how it’s going depends on himself.”

Jiang Mu agreed deeply, “That’s right. If the news that he had been staying with you for sixteen years is spread, it must make countless people envy, no to mention the medicines Yun had been bathing with. The prescription is made up by you, which can even make people like a Boss of World yearning! Yun is suspected to have the Innate Tao Physique. In addition, personally teaching by you, he has inherited your Medicine Tao now. Yun will definitely have an unlimited future! I even wish to witness his wonders!”

Jiang WanLi rolled his eyes and said, “No problem. You can stay here!”

“Nah Nah!” Jiang Mu waved hard with fear, “Children have their own luck. Yun will have his own good fortune. Don’t let me bother his cultivation!”

“Alright, wake all people up. Since Yun has left, we should be back to where we come from!”

“Last question, uncle Jiang. Though Yun can’t take the same method as we do in cultivation, the amount of cultivation method you master is beyond ten thousand. If any of them comes out, it will definitely cause a sensation in ten thousands of world. Why don’t you teach him? Why did you ask him to be a disciple in the Seeking-Tao Sect instead? The two are not comparable at all! He should lose time if he learns cultivation there!”

This question made Jiang WanLi silent for a while. Then he answered, “The reason we came to this world is that Yun’s lucky chance is right here. While the Seeking-Tao Sect is the sect I can’t gain insight into!”

“What?!” Jiang Mu was shocked, with eyes wide open. He blurted out unbelievably, “How come there is a place that even you can’t see it through! In such a little world?!”

“There will always be talents and Tao cultivation master-hands who hide behind. It’s not a surprise if there is something that I’m unable to see through! Well, go back first. I’m always worried and uneasy these days. It seems that something bad will be happening soon! And that’s why I asked Yun to leave now!”

Hearing this, Jiang Mu became serious. He said in an awful tone, “Is there anyone who dares to offend Jiang clan? Then that one must get tired of being alive!”

Jiang Mu then stopped saying and turned around towards Jiang village. The eight colorful marks between his eyebrows suddenly spun with eight beams of colorful light, which then formed a huge halo and enveloped the whole Jiang village. He then shouted at the same time, “Wake up!”


It seemed that the whole One Hundred Mang Mountains was shaken due to these two words, while every several colorful lights were flashed skywards from every cottage in Jiang village. But these lights were rebounded by that halo once they reached it.

Following that were voices followed one after the other, “Urgh? Why I am here?”

“I can’t find my Tao Spirituality!”

“What the f**k! How come I’m only in the fourth level of Meridians Unclogged Realm!”

“It should be grandpa Jiang’s Taoist Magic Art, Lucid Dream, right?”

Jiang people walked out from their cottages in succession. However, they all were stunned when they saw the thing Jiang Yun put at their doors before.

“Rapid Beast!” Jiang Lei stroked the Five-foot Rapid Beast. He suddenly turned to the direction where Jiang Yun left and became thoughtful.

“Is this given by Yun? Good boy!” A middle-aged man holding that tiger-teeth dagger appreciated.

Yuerou hugged that tricolored finch tight. Though she said nothing, she looked like she would cry in the next second.

Jiang WanLi turned to Jiang Mu and said, “Erase the traces that we have left here.”

Jiang Mu nodded. He waved his big hand, raising all the Jiang people. While underneath their feet, no matter cottages or any other thing in Jiang village, became fragments in a flash and disappeared.

Following that, there was a large sound coming from the ground. A few saplings broke through the soil where the Jiang village had been located before. They grew up and became towering trees in a very short space of time, and then covered the place completely.

Jiang village seemed to have never existed, and no trail could be found.

“Let’s go!”

Watching Jiang Mu finishing doing all of these things, Jiang WanLi widely opened his eyes again. The golden light crossing his eyes was transformed into a golden photic door right in the front of Jiang people.

“Let’s go home!”

All Jiang people looked at the Mang Mountains where they had lived for sixteen years one more time, then they entered that golden photic door in succession.

The last one entering the door was Jiang Yuerou. She held that tricolored finch tight, and said lightly, “Elder brother Yun, you must keep the treasure I gave you well! We will definitely meet each other again!”

When all people had entered, Jiang WanLi looked down on Mang Mountains and said subtly, “Since I have lodged here for sixteen years, I will give you some lucky chances for thanks. As for how many you can really get, it will depend on your own fortune!”

After that, he stretched his hand and filliped. A beam of green light flew from his fingertip and dropped into the soil. It was a Dan medicine.

With this Dan medicine dropping into the soil, the whole One Hundred Mang Mountains seemed to be extremely excited.

Jiang WanLi looked at where Jiang Yun disappeared and smiled kindly, “Yun, we may meet each other someday!”

With voice finished, he stepped into that golden photic door. Then the photic door closed quietly. Everything was restored calmly; only a village named Jiang disappeared.