The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 6

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Chapter 6: It’s a Treasure


Before he blurted out, Jiang Yun had reached his hand out, attempting to grasp that sheet of talisman.

However, he stopped right before his finger touched those talismans and kept his body unmoved.

Both grandpa’s words and the sheet of talisman close at hand exerted a large amount of pressure in his heart.

To cultivate and become a cultivator like others was always his dream. Now the way to make his dream come true was right here. Surely, he wanted to take this chance.

But soon enough he realized that if he went away for cultivation, he needed to get away from Mang Mountains, from Jiang village and from his family.

Moreover, cultivation wasn’t just the work of a single day. It was a long-term activity. no one would predict when he could come back.

He was reluctant to part with every tree and bush in Jiang village, everyone he loved, and his grey-haired grandpa the most.

Furthermore, Feng WuJi would come back for revenge in five years. If Feng WuJi couldn’t find him, he would do evil things to Jiang village. How can he leave for cultivation in such a situation?

After a long moment of silence, Jiang Yun retracted his hand stealthily. He shook his head slightly and said softly, “No, I don’t, grandpa.”

However, Jiang WanLi raised his voice suddenly, “You can’t say no! You have to!”

Jiang Yun was totally confused. “Why?” He asked.

“You have heard what Feng WuJi has said. He will never leave the matter at that, not to mention the Samsara Sect behind him. If you stay in Jiang village, five years later when they come, we still need to face them and even you will be taken away from us. Hence, it’s not only considering for you, but also for us. You have to leave!”

“Well…” Jiang Yun was stuck. He didn’t come to himself until a moment later and said, “Then what will you do if I go away? They will definitely take their anger out on you if they can’t catch me! I won’t leave, grandpa. If the worst comes to the worst, let them take me away.”

“He he!” Jiang WanLi smiled, “Don't worry. As long as you’re not in Jiang village, they can’t really torture us. After all, everyone in Mang Mountains must obey its rules.”

Jiang WanLi continued saying before Jiang Yun found his voice, “Whew, don’t you believe me? I won’t trick you with hundreds of people’s lives in Jiang village, will I?”

Hearing this, Jiang Yun was a little reassured.

Because he knew clearly that Jiang WanLi was not only his grandpa, but also the old village head of Jiang village who wouldn’t hoodwink him at the cost of Jiang people’s lives.

But he still doubted, “So if I’m not here, are you sure you will be safe?”

Jiang WanLi answered firmly, “Surely!”

Keeping silence for a while, Jiang Yun gritted his teeth and nodded. Finally, he reached out his hand again, grasped that sheet of talisman and said, “Alright, then I will leave!”

Though having made the decision, his heart was still full of unwillingness. He held these talismans and said nothing, just like a wooden doll.

Looking at Jiang Yun, Jiang WanLi knew clearly what he was thinking. He gave a kind smile and said, “Yun, don’t be too sad. Life is just full of parting. What’s more, it doesn’t mean that you can’t come back after leaving here. If you reach a high cultivation level one day, you’ll be of ability to regard the distance of five thousand kilometers as nothing and come back at any time you want!

“Furthermore, if you become powerful enough, people whether from Feng village or the Samsara Sect will never dare to bully us, right?

“You’ll even be able to take Yuerou, Jiang Lei and all the Jiang people out of the One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains and show us the wider world!”

Hearing this, Jiang Yun was completely moved. His eyes that were kind of dim before quickly brightened and his slightly immature face showed a determined expression. He nodded heavily and said, “Don’t worry, grandpa. I will surely be back in five years. At that time, I will kill Feng WuJi. Furthermore, I will take you out of here!”

Jiang WanLi laughed, “Alright! I’m waiting for that day!”

Once Jiang Yun got a goal, his unwillingness faded. He started to pay attention to that sheet of talisman.

Jiang WanLi kept saying, “Yun, I’m kindly ashamed. I have nothing better to give you but only several talismans. So…”

Jiang Yun interrupted Jiang WanLi’s words and said, “Grandpa, I don’t need anything. What’s more, you always warned me that one who carries treasure alone will always get into trouble though he offends nobody. No matter how valuable they are, you will just make trouble for yourself if you don’t have the ability to protect them.”

“Haha!” Jiang WanLi laughed in a loud sound and said, “Good boy! You got the exact point!”

Stopping laughing, Jiang WanLi asked another question, “Then when will you plan to set off?

The topic of leaving made Jiang Yun’s heart become heavy again. He answered after quick consideration, “The day after tomorrow!”

“Okay! Go on with your day. I need to sleep now.”

Jiang WanLi didn’t ask Jiang Yun why he decided to leave the day after tomorrow. He was about to turn around but found Jiang Yun still standing there. Jiang Yun’s mouth was slightly moved. It seemed that he had something to say, but was in hesitation.

Seeing this, something came into Jiang WanLi’s mind. He waved his hand and said when turning around, “I will let you know your background when next time you meet me!”

Finishing his words, Jiang WanLi went towards a small bed and lay down with no more words.

While hearing this, Jiang Yun took a long breath. Grandpa was right, it was the question he wanted to ask but didn’t dare to.

Though he had already regarded himself as a Jiang People, the matter of who he was popped up and was never forgotten.

Putting that sheet of talisman away carefully, Jiang Yun glanced at grandpa gratefully. Then he turned around and went outside the room.

Jiang Yun didn’t go anywhere but stayed in Jiang village that day. He just helped some families to do chores like chopping wood and washing clothes and played with little kids.

He didn’t leave Jiang village till that midnight, alone and quietly, and came back in next midnight, with a large hide-wrapped parcel carried.

At the same time, his left hand held a horse-like Five-foot Rapid Beast. His right forefinger was twined around a piece of red string and the other end of the string tied a bird with markings in three colors.

Like a ghost, Jiang Yun walked through Jiang village without a sound. Everywhere in this village was familiar to him. Every time when he passed by a cottage, he would lay a thing down and mutter.

“Brother Lei, you always want to have a Five-foot Rapid Beast to be your mount. Now I catch one for you!

“Uncle Ming, last time when you went into Mang Mountains, you lost your dagger. I get a tiger-teeth dagger for you.”

However, Jiang Yun had no idea that Jiang WanLi and Jiang Mu were standing on a big tree trunk far away from him and watching him silently.

Finally, his parcel was empty, only the tricolored finch in his hand left. He walked into Jiang Yuerou’s room noiselessly.

“Um? Who is there?”

Unexpectedly, Jiang Yuerou mumbled a few words. She woke up with a start once Jiang Yun came in.

Jiang Yun answered in a low voice instantly, “Shh! It’s me!”

He walked quickly towards Jiang Yuerou who was still dazed, showed her the tricolored finch and said, “Look! What I bring to you!”

“Oh! The tricolored finch!” Jiang Yuerou became excited, with her eyes wide open. She was totally awake and caught the tricolored finch quickly.

Looking at Jiang Yuerou’s happy face, Jiang Yun pinched her cheeks softly and said, “Alright. Go to sleep now. You have a lot of time to play with it tomorrow!”

Jiang Yuerou nodded. Then a thing crossed her mind. She spoke in a low voice as well and said cryptically, “Brother Yun, I have one thing to give you as well.”

Jiang Yun smiled, “What?”

Jiang Yuerou took a black thing out from her pillow below and put it in Jiang Yun’s hand.

It was a triangular black stone in the size of half of his palm, freezing cold.

“Brother Yun, this is surely a treasure! Carry it and never lose it!”

Jiang Yun couldn’t help laughing. He had no idea where Jiang Yuerou found the stone and even regarded it as a treasure. But he still nodded and said, “OK, I will!”

At the same time, he put the stone into the pocket near his chest. While he didn’t notice that there was a soft light crossing on the surface of the stone.

Jiang Yuerou still worried. She urged again, “Do not lose it! Though I don’t know what it is, I know it’s a treasure!”

“Don’t worry, I will keep it carefully! Well, you need to sleep now!”

Jiang Yun tied the tricolored finch to the bedside. Then he covered Jiang Yuerou with a quilt and sat on the bedside, watching her quietly. He didn’t leave until she fell asleep. Then he walked towards the cottage that he has lived in for sixteen years, step by step.