The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: I'm Looking For The Pot

As for the identity of Old Hei, actually Jiang Yun had also thought about it, but he hardly had any contact with outsiders except for the people in Jiang village since he was born.

Although now he had left the Mang Mountain, and had come to Seeking-Tao Sect, he was only familiar with DongFang Bo and elder sister and Lu XiaoYu.

DongFang Bo was a talker. Everything he said had to do with cultivation. Second elder sister kept quiet all day, Jiang Yun had only seen her twice in total; As for Lu XiaoYu, she was even younger than him. As a result, Jiang Yun didn't know anything about the world and human beings.

As Old Hei had said, Jiang Yun was really very innocent. Therefore, he had not thought deeply about Old Hei's identity but just thought that the other side had no malice towards him, which was enough.

Now seeing Old Hei turning into a black mist, and saying that he was a demon, it was a small shock to Jiang Yun, but that was all.

Jiang Yun's face became calm and he nodded, “So you are a demon, brother Hei!”

Seeing Jiang Yun's calm, Old Hei was surprised again. Although he had seen that Jiang Yun had a simple personality, he had not expected it to be so simple. After knowing his real identity and even after seeing his real status, Jiang Yun was not afraid.

Old Hei didn't know that towards the demon clan, Jiang Yun's attitude was not like the other humans, which took any demon as their enemy.

Moreover, he had already understood that all the people in the Jiang village were in fact also belonged to the demon clan. After having lived with the demon clan for 16 years, he certainly did not reject and fear the demon clan.

The fog had ceased to rise and fall, and Old Hei's voice was again heard from the fog “What's the true status of your elder brother?”

“My brother? My elder brother is a human, not a demon!”

Although Jiang Yun did not know how to distinguish people from demons, his elder brother would never be in Seeking-Tao Sect if he was a demon.

The answer of Jiang Yun let Old Hei be dazed for a moment, but immediately he understood, and secretly said, “It seems that that guy let this kid think he was also a human all the time, great!”

Thinking of this, Old Hei was even more impressed by Jiang Yun's “Big brother'. In the midst of the rolling fog, he recovered to being a thin old man again.

He smilingly said, “Dude, you have been in Seeking-Tao Sect for a while, but there is something that you don't know yet, so I must tell you about it.”

“What is it?”

Old Hei was walking in front of Jiang Yun, as he opened his mouth and said, “This so-called Trap-Beasts forest, was actually originally called Trap-Demon forest, I am the one they want to trap! Only the word “Trap-Demon” is too obvious, so Seeking-Tao Sect just renamed it as Trap-Beasts!”

Old Hei's words finally gave Jiang Yun a surprise, which he did not think of. But let him up alone, apart from a few of the elders in Seeking-Tao Sect who knew this matter, it was a secret of Seeking-Tao Sect.

“Why have they trapped you here?”

Old Hei's face showed a wry smile, shook his head and said, “You are the only one who dares to ask such a question. It's obvious because I'm a demon!”

Jiang Yun did not ask again. To tell the truth, with his current experience and knowledge, he still could not understand the relationship between the human race and the demon race.

“They can't kill me,” he continued, “But they don't want to let me go, for the fear that I may be a harm for the world, and thus I should be trapped in this forest, which enables them to make a bargain with me that they won't come to trouble me if I supply them with a constant stream of fierce beasts.”

“Even if some disciples walk into the forbidden area by mistake and die in the area, as long as I do not kill him, they would not show up.”

“Of course, I also made the condition that I need the assurance from the sect that the cultivators above SRR shall never come here, or I will kill them all!”

Hearing this, several doubts in Jiang Yun's mind were finally answered.

Why didn't the number of fierce beasts trapped in the forest continue to decrease, why Sha JingShan dare not to come to the forest to search for Lu XiaoYu, why Sha JingShan had told him to be careful about the beasts in the forest, all of the reasons pointed to one thing -- the existence of the demon, Old Hei!

Jiang Yun had no idea about how strong Old Hei was, but since even the whole Seeking-Tao Sect could not kill him, then he certainly would not be lower than SRR.

Of course, that the strength of the lords and elders must be only equal to him, or else he would not have been trapped in the forest and be unable to leave.

Old Hei put his face in front of Jiang Yun and grinned. “Do you know why I tell you these?”

Jiang Yun shook his head and said, “I don't know.”

“It's for your own safety! If you want to live, do not tell anyone you have seen me, do not say that your big brother and I were friends, and you cannot tell others you helped me refine the medicine, otherwise, I promise, you and your big brother, would die very, very miserable.”

To tell the truth, despite Old Hei's words, Jiang Yun was still a little bit unable to understand, but since it was related to the matter of elder brother's safety, he naturally did not neglect. He forcefully nodded his head and said, “Rest assured, I certainly will not tell anyone!”

Old Hei nodded with equal satisfaction, and a pile of materials appeared on the ground, with a piece of jade slip.”

“The materials are all here, and the note is in the jade slip!”

As for the materials and the jade slip, Jiang Yun only glanced at them, and then looked around, constantly scanning them, as if looking for something.

Looking at Jiang Yun's action, he asked, “What are you looking for, dude? Anything else you need, just say it!”

“I'm looking for a pot!”

“Pot?” Old Hei immediately stunned, back to his mind before a long while, “Why?”


“Kicking!!!” Old Hei staggered at his feet, only to stand still after a few steps backward. His eyes were fixed on Jiang Yun, and his dry face changed several expressions in a moment.

If it was not for the fact that Jiang Yun had told the material of the blue pill before, if it was not for the fact that Jiang Yun had a simple personality, Old Hei could not have helped wondering if Jiang Yun was making a joke on him.

Although Old Hei did not know how to make medicine, as he had said; he was still an old demon, and even if he had never eaten pork, he had seen some pig!

Wasn't it right to use a tripod or a furnace?

He had never heard of anyone using pots to make medicine.

“You, refine, pills, by, pots???”

Old Hei asked this sentence almost word by word, while Jiang Yun nodded definitely and said, “Right, pot! A stone pot, or an iron pot, all will be fine.”

Taking in a deep breath, Old Hei let himself calm down and then said, “Dude, I have another question, where did you learn the skill for making pills? Have you been always using a pot before?”

“I learned from grandpa that we always use a pot to refine our medicine. Besides, if we don't use a pot, what kind of tools should we use?”

“Well, I’ll make you a pot then!”

Old Hei did not ask more but waved his hand, and a huge stone rose up in front of him, and then he opened his mouth and shot out a jet of black fog. Under the fog, it could be seen clearly that the stone transformed into water-like substance, melted quickly until it formed a simple pot.

“Is this ok?”


Although Jiang Yun was shocked by Old Hei's ability, he immediately began to be busy after taking the pot. However, Old Hei stood aside and watched his every movement with an uncertain face.

He first dug a hole in the ground with his hands, then put the stone pot on top of the hole, and placed some dry branches under the pot...

Old Hei almost couldn't help asking Jiang Yun several times, but he did not. Was he sure he wanted to make medicine instead of cooking?

Finally, having finished all the preparations, Jiang Yun sat down on his knees before the stone pot. He held the jade slip in his hand and looked at Old Hei, “Brother Hei, how to use this stuff?”

The jade slip was a kind of tool unique to cultivators, which could be used to record things and transmit information. It was very common, but Jiang Yun had not seen it either.

Old Hei said weakly, “Like the way you use storage ring.”

Jiang Yun poured spiritual power into the jade slip, and lines of words immediately appeared in his mind, giving him a sudden inspiration and he watched more carefully.

These words were the two kinds of notes, besides Unclogged-Meridians Pills, the other was the pill that Old Hei wanted--Reaching-Sky Pills!