The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: What Should Be Simplified Is Complex

It would be a great surprise to anyone else to see the note, for it was the note of the cultivators in BLR, strictly, the special medicine of the cultivators of level-nine of BLR.

Reaching-Sky Pills play only one role, which is to open up the cave-sky, and to increase the ratio for cultivators in BLR to break through into the SRR.

It was known that as you get higher and higher, it becomes more and more difficult to break through even a smaller realm, not to mention a bigger one, it was truly more difficult than reaching the sky.

It could be seen by the composition of the members in Seeking-Tao Sect.

There were tens of thousands of disciples in MCR, but only dozens of people in the BLR, while only the elders among the five peaks reached the SRR.

Therefore, to break through into the bigger realm, even if with only a little bit more possibility of success, for cultivators, was already a matter of chance.

In addition, Reaching-Sky Pill was a three-grade Dan medicine, which only a pharmacist above level-three could refine.

There was also a hierarchy of pharmacists, and the criteria for classification were very simple.

It was just that the improvement of the level of the pharmacist was much more difficult than the improvement of the realm in strength.

There was only one pharmacist in whole Seeking-Tao Sect, who was only level-two, but even so, his position in the whole sect was so important that he was even on a par with the lords of the five peaks.

As for the level-three pharmacists, even the master of Seeking-Tao Sect must be respectful when meeting them, who may not even care.

The great value of this Reaching-Sky Pill was conceivable, it was extremely rare in the market, and once it appeared, it would inevitably cause numerous cultivators in BLR to compete.

Seeing Jiang Yun put down the jade slip and still remain calm, Old Hei immediately asked, “Dude, are you sure you can refine these pills?”

“The ratio of materials recorded in the note is very detailed, and it can be refined theoretically, but I have never tried it before, so I definitely need to try some more times,” he mused.

In fact, although Old Hei had asked Jiang Yun to help with the pills, actually did not hold too much hope. After all, Jiang Yun's age and realm were still too young.

Furthermore, even a true level-three pharmacist does not have the full confidence to successfully refine the pills.

But now hearing Jiang Yun clearly show confidence in his words, naturally, Old Hei could not help but starting to wonder whether this boy just bragging?

“Dude, although I do not know how to refine the medicine, I have heard that the higher the quality of the medicine, the more complicated the refining process, and I have also seen the note of Reaching-Sky Pills, the number of steps alone is more than 30, and even if there is one little failure, it could lead to a full failure finally.”

Hearing this, Jiang Yun could not understand Old Hei's doubt in him, and he did not get angry. He said with a smile, “Brother Hei, you are right, but actually, no matter how advanced the pills are, or how complicated the steps are, the essence is the same, and there is no difference between them.”

Old Hei's heart moved a little faster, for it made him seem to understand something, but he could not grasp it instantly, and a confused look came over his face.

Looking at Old Hei's expression, Jiang Yun knew that he still did not believe his words. After thinking about it, he suddenly pulled out two branches from the pile of materials in front of him.

One branch had a single leaf, and the other had dozens of leaves.

“You see, brother Hei, this branch with only one leaf is like a pill of level-one, and the other is like a pill of level-three. It looks luxuriant and complicated, but the essence of these two is the same.”

“All leaves grow on branches, and all branches grow on trunks, and all trunks grow from roots.”

“It is the same in refining medicine. A very complicated procedure is also formed step by step from the most basic steps. Once you have mastered the basics, it was not a problem to do the complex anymore.”

“In short, it's just eight words -- go back to the roots, simplify the complex!”

As he spoke, with a slight twitch of his wrist, the leaves fell off from the two branches, leaving only two bare branches in his hand.

Looking at this scene, Old Hei's eyes suddenly lit up, and then he actually stood up and gave a salute to Jiang Yun. “I have benefited a lot from what you said today, thank you!”

“Brother, what are you doing? These words are not what I said, it's from my grandpa. If you have to thank someone, then it should be my grandpa.”

Old Hei nodded seriously, “Fine, if I have the opportunity someday, I must to visit your grandpa by myself!”

Jiang Yun smiled and said, “Ok, as long as brother Hei is willing, I will lead you later!”

In Jiang Yun's opinion, this was just a joke of Old Hei, but in his heart, he was really extremely respectful to Jiang Yun's grandpa.

Not to mention the fact that the other side could cultivate the young Jiang Yun into a pharmacist, just the truth of simplifying what was complex seemed extremely simple but in fact, however, there were very few people who could achieve it.

Jiang Yun had clearly done it, at least in the case of refining medicine, in his mind, it was nothing complicated.

As he had said, the most complex refining techniques and procedures were also formed by the simplest steps.

“Brother Hei, it has been a long period since I refined medicine last time, and there are enough materials, I’d like to warm up by refining a TianJing Pill first, then I’ll do the Reaching-Sky Pills, is that ok?”

“You’re the boss, dude!”

After that, Jiang Yun stopped talking. With a raised wrist, a fireball flew to the bottom of the stone pot and lit a branch.

Old Hei also closed his mouth, but his eyes were always on Jiang Yun's body.

The more he saw, the more he admired Jiang Yun and his grandfather.

“The grandpa of his must be a superior man. It seems that what he gave to the younger ones were the most basic things, but the most useful things, which laid a very solid foundation for him on the road of refining medicine.”

“One day, with his increasing strength and with a full array of the Dan furnace or a magic tool, there would be no medicine in the world that he couldn't make!”

Every movement Jiang Yun made and every step he took was like flowing water, without any stagnation, even giving people a kind of visual enjoyment.

Obviously, he had repeated this process many times. Even if his eyes were closed, he could finish the whole process easily.

At this moment Old Hei really wanted the arrogant pharmacists he knew to witness this scene personally.

A child of 16 or 17 years of age, who had just reached the MCR, can refine the pills that every cultivator dream of, with a simple stone pot!

If this was to spread out, he did not know how many pharmacists would be ashamed.