The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 51

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Chapter 51: I Am Not A Man

Old Hei deliberately did not call out the name of the pill in his hand, because he wanted to test Jiang Yun and see if he was lying.

Jiang Yun also did not think much about it and he stretched out his hand and took the pills, after checking it carefully, he then put it under his nose, smelling it for a moment, he said, "Rou LingZhi, QingSi Lu, and some powder from LanYing butterfly, is all that I can tell, and if you want to know all the specific ingredients, I will have to taste it, but since it contains powder of LanYing butterfly, the pill must be toxic."

After saying these, Jiang Yun handed the medicine back to the Old Hei who was stupefied.

Holding the pill, Old Hei’s body could not help but tremble, at this moment, Jiang Yun in his eyes, was not a human, but a conglomerate of a myriad of medicinal knowledge together!

Now, he is absolutely convinced of what Jiang Yun said. Although he did not say all the materials contained in the pill, he was right about all of which he said.

"Little brother, no no no, brother Jiang!" Old Hei excitedly cried out, and then hurriedly changed the address to say, "As your elder brother, can I ask you something?"

Jiang Yun said seriously, "Brother Hei has done me a favor, if there is something I can do for you, just say it."

Old Hei nodded and said in excitement, "Great, great, you are an honorable man who returns the favor on being helped, then I will go straight to the point. Can you make some pills for me? Rest assured, all the materials required for it will be provided by me!"

Jiang Yun did not answer instead he closed his eyes to meditate.

Old Hei looking at the face of Jiang Yun nervously, seeing Jiang Yun did not speak, he hurriedly continued, "Additional, you want to make the Inhalation Pills, I guess it is for your meridians, in fact, since you can make medicine, it means that you can make some advanced pills than this kind of rubbish, for example, the Unclogged-Meridians Pills! Of course, I also can provide you the materials!"

It was known that, whether one is a human or a demon, it would take a considerable price to make a pharmacist help in the refining of Dan medicine. Additionally, the materials required are to be provided by one’s self.

The higher the grade of the refined Dan medicine, the greater the cost.

It also depends on the mood of the pharmacist, so Old Hei was also afraid that Jiang Yun would refuse, so he had no choice but to increase the price.

Jiang Yun pondered for a while before saying, "It is not a problem to help you refine the Dan medicine, but if it is the Dan medicine that I have not made in the past and there is no note of it, then I may have to try it many times, and the success rate is not guaranteed. As for Unclogged-Meridians Pills, I would like to refine it, but I have never seen this Dan medicine before, and I don’t know the materials required for making it."

After Old Hei heard that, he patted his chest and said, "These are not a problem, the two kinds of pills I want, although I have no finished product, I have a note, I can give it to you directly, as for the success rate, you need not worry about it, I will not blame you for it in the failure."

"The note!" Jiang Yun’s eyes also shone for a moment, "That is great, I can give it a try!"

Seeing that Jiang Yun agreed, Old Hei excited said, "As long as you can refine these Dan medicines for me which I need, and if you have any trouble, just talk to me!"

Jiang Yun scratched his head and said, "Emmmm, I really need the help of brother Hei."

Old Hei said proudly, "Say it!"

"I need a lot of Monsdans."

"Monsdans? Old Hei’s hand suddenly frozen in the air, blinking his eyes and said, "You mean a lot of?"

"The more, the better!"


Old Hei’s face showed an embarrassing expression, he generally has no need of them, but each Monsdan means he has to kill a fierce beast, at the least, and Jiang Yun needs a great number of it, that meant he has to kill all the beasts above seven-level in the forest!

No way!

Jiang Yun saw the embarrassment on Old Hei’s face, and this was actually the place where he was struggling all this time.

He came from the Mang Mountains, and he naturally knew that he couldn’t kill all the beasts, so he went on, "It doesn’t really have to be Monsdans. Other things which contain meaning of Tao can also be manageable."

"You sure?"


"That’s easy!" The embarrassment on his face immediately faded, waving his hand, a heap of glittering stones impressively appeared in the front of Jiang Yun. There were at least hundreds of them.

"Spiritual stone?" Jiang Yun asked uncertainty.

The so-called "Spiritual stone" is the stone containing spiritual power, which is created naturally in nature. The Spiritual stones contain spiritual power which is purer than the floating spiritual power in the air. According to the purity of the Spiritual stones, they can be further categorized into nine grades.

The exchange ratio between each grade is one to ten, a grade-two stone can be exchanged for ten grade-one stones, and so on.

These stones can be used to absorb spiritual power and are the most common currency traded among the cultivators.

Although Jiang Yun had heard of it before, he had never seen them. After all, he was only a servant disciple inside the sect, but only when he would become an outer disciple, would he be given several few spiritual stones a month.

"Yes, these are spiritual stones, each stone contains fragments of the meaning of Tao."

Although Old Hei did not know what Jiang Yun was going to do with something containing Meaning of Tao, because the meaning of Tao was of little use, he did not care to ask, and magnanimously said, "These spiritual stones are for you to use, dude."

Jiang Yun felt embarrassed and said, "There are too many of them!"

Old Hei intentionally said in a serious way, "Don’t be so polite. Just take them!"

In fact, Jiang Yun did not know that the stone seemed to be many, but they were only of lowest grade and are not worth a few coins, and if one was a cultivator above BLR, he would even look down upon them.

In addition, if Jiang Yun can help Old Hei to make the Tao medicine, each medicine can be worth thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of grade-one Spiritual stones.

Old Hei saw how innocent Jiang Yun was and deliberately took out these Spiritual stones to fool him.

Seeing Jiang Yun was pleased to have all the stones in the storage ring, Old Hei was also pleased to say, "So, when do you want to start, dude?"

"If there were materials, I could try refining now!"

"Well, come with me!"

With the flick of Old Hei’s big sleeve, Jiang Yun felt a cyclone to wrap himself up, and then he felt his body weight lighten up, and the scenery around him changed as fast as clouds and fog. In an instant, he had left the place and came to an underground cave.

The cave was vast, least enough to accommodate tens of thousands of people, and Old Hei smilingly said, "This is my residence, you can refine the medicine here, dude!"

Jiang Yun looked at him curiously and said, "Is this still deep in the forest? You live in the forest?"

Hearing this, Old Hei suddenly gave a smile and said, "Do you know my identity?”

"Identity?" Jiang Yun replied, "Aren’t you a friend of my elder brother?"

As the voice of Jiang Yun vanished, the thin body of Old Hei suddenly burst open in front of him, turning into a black fog, rising and falling, while the temperature of the whole underground cave dropped, just like an ice cave.

Out of the mist came the grim, cold voice of Old Hei, "I am your brother’s friend! But actually, I am not a person, I am, a DEMON!"