The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 50

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Chapter 50: Calm Down

When Jiang Yun left Hidden Peak and came to the gate, two disciples who were responsible for guarding the gate were naturally ready to stop him. However, it was unexpected that another voice sounded in their ears, which made their face showed the expression of shock, and at the same time, they allowed Jiang Yun to walk out of the gate again unhindered.

Until Jiang Yun’s figure disappeared, one of the disciples murmured, "What is the background of this boy? The last time he went out of the gate, the elder Sha ordered me not to stop, but this time it was from the master of the sect, and he was allowed to come in and out at will in the future!"

Another disciple shook his head and said, "Who knows! But this guy is a little bit special. He doesn’t even wear the clothes handed out by the door."

Jiang Yun’s grey menswear was almost burnt into cloth pieces when he was fighting with Fang RuoLin. Originally, he should have gone to the deacon pavilion to get another set. However, he did not think of it at all.

Under the familiar road, Jiang Yun didn’t take much time to come to the red line in the forest. He took a step without hesitation and entered the forbidden land again.

The purpose of Jiang Yun this time was to search the materials for refining Inhalation Pills, so he did not actively release blood to attract fierce beasts as he did last time. However, if he encountered fierce beasts along the way, he would not let them go. So he walked, gradually entering the depths of the forest.

But behind Jiang Yun, there was a dark mist, which none had an idea when it was going to appear. Naturally, in the fog, there was also an old dark voice, which said, "Why is this wild boy coming again? Although I do your big brother’s favor, you can’t take this as your home, come and leave by your willing! And what’s he looking for? Well, maybe it’s..."


Hearing the cough, Jiang Yun immediately turned around and saw the brother Hei standing behind him.

He did not answer the question, but pointed to some weeds in Jiang Yun’s hand and said, "What do you want with these weeds?"


"You can make Dan medicine?" The Old Hei’s eyes suddenly grew to the extreme, and his dry face, like the bark of a tree, showed a shudder, "You are a pharmacist? How many Dan medicines can you refine?"

Faced with this series of questions from Old Hei, Jiang Yun replied one by one, "I can refine medicine, but I am not a pharmacist yet. As for the ability to refine several kinds of Dan medicine, it’s hard to count, because I have only refined several kinds."

"What pills have you refined?" Said Old Hei.

"TianJing Dan, YueMeng Liquid, ZiLuo Powder, Poison-preventing Dan, and some which I do not know the name of Dan medicine."

Every time Jiang Yun gave the name of a kind of Dan medicine, the Old Hei’s mouth would open a little bit with it. When Jiang Yun’s voice vanished, the Old Hei’s mouth had opened to the extent that it could not be closed, and even the saliva was about to flow out.

And he roared in his heart, "Oh my god, these Dan medicine, are extremely suitable for our demon race! I see! This boy certainly is raised out by him, to refine the Dan medicines for us demons clan!"

When Old Hei came back to his mind, he swallowed the saliva in a hurry and squeezed a smile from his face. "You are too modest, brother, the Dan medicines that you can refine, could let you be a qualified pharmacist in demons" clan and you will be famous for that." He said.

Old Hei’s words were really not kissing Jiang Yun’s ass, but the fact.

There are so many kinds of species and the strong among the whole the world, but there are several special professions, but really not many. For example, the pharmacists, the alchemists and the formationist (who specially doing formation) and so on.

For these professions, put the talent aside, it takes a lot of time first, and effort and persistence second.

Jiang Yun, for example, spent nearly 16 years in the Mang Mountains to get familiar with the characteristics of various plants and animals. This period was boring and even faced with the danger of life at any time. Few people could do such a thing!

For cultivators, most of their cultivation is in pursuit of great power, long life, they will never waste their time on these things.

What’s more, even if you can do it, it doesn’t mean you can definitely become a pharmacist or someone.

Because to become a chemist, also must have another very important feature-- wealth!

Refining the medicine, it sounds simple, you can try refining with the materials, but the materials are not readily available everywhere.

In particular, the refining of high-grade Dan medicine, the need for materials is extremely rare, often difficult to find.

Moreover, it is impossible to make every piece of medicine successfully every time, once it fails, all the materials will be wasted. However, most of the pharmacists, even including Jiang Yun, have to experience many times of failure to make a new type of pills, and a large number of materials will be consumed.

Jiang Yun was in the vast natural treasure house--The Mang Mountains, which can provide him with sufficient materials, so he had never been short of materials, but for others, they need to be purchased in addition to collecting by himself.

After years of accumulation, the money spent on materials is absolutely astronomical, which is far beyond the ordinary people can afford.

Therefore, even in the big sects, pharmacists were very precious and rare, like the Seeking-Tao Sect as a big one, only own one pharmacist.

Naturally, all these kind of things also created dignity for special professions like pharmacists.

Any pharmacist was highly respected and treated in any region, even in any ethnic group.

Understandably, how Old Hei was shocked when he knew that Jiang Yun was so young that he could make so many pills.

Jiang Yun did not think much of himself. After all, he did not have much experience in the world. After he came to Seeking-Tao Sect, although he had read some books related to the refining of medicines, while he did not stop there.

At this moment, old black was looking at Jiang Yun, and there was an obvious eagerness, "Little brother, what kind of medicine are you going to make? What materials do you need?"

"I want to refine the Inhalation Pills. As for the materials, I’m not so sure, but based on the smell and taste of the Inhalation Pills, I guess it should be three materials--QianCeng Hua, FuRong Qiu, and DiChen Cao."

Jiang Yun’s words, let Old Hei opened his mouth again after the difficulty to shut.

Without the instruction of the pill and just by smell and taste, he can distinguish the ingredients of Dan medicine. He had not ever heard of such an ability, even the senior pharmacist may not be able to make it.

Forcibly swallowed spittle, Old Hei said to himself under his heart, "Calm down, calm down, perhaps this kid is spouting bullshit, Old Hei, you are an old demon, cannot freak out by a human boy’s words! I shall test him!"

Thought of here, Old Hei suddenly spread out his palm, there was a blue pill in his palm, “Little brother, can you distinguish what kinds of materials that refined this pill?”