The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: Four Levels In Nine Grades

In fact, speaking strictly, for nearly half a year, Jiang Yun only improved two levels, from five to seven.

On the one hand, he did need to make the realm solid; on the other hand, he finally realized that after the opening of the sixth meridian, although the impurities in his seventh meridian had become extremely small, while it was much more difficult to get through.

To put it simply, the achievement of the previous six meridians, Jiang Yun could be formed in a short time, but the cleaning of the seventh meridian took him a whole half month.

Although this speed is impossible for any other cultivators to imagine, it is normal for them to spend months and years to cross this divide even if they are extremely talented. But Jiang Yun felt it was too slow.

He was not surprised, however, that since all cultivators used the sixth meridian as a watershed, there must have been a point.

In particular, he found that it was not easy to consolidate this realm after entering the seven-level of MCR. Therefore, he did not continue to open up meridians.

Fortunately, no matter fighting with Fang YuXuan in the retest, or killed nearly 30 fierce beasts by his own efforts in the forest, finally let him stabilize the realm thoroughly.

Now he would naturally start to strike the eighth meridian and make himself more powerful!


Three days later, Jiang Yun looked into his body. The eighth meridians had only been opened a quarter of the time, and the effect of the two Inhalation Pills had disappeared.

As he withdrew his sight from his body, Jiang Yun frowned, stared at the air and muttered, "Even though the effect of the Inhalation Pills has been increased by three times, the amount of spiritual power is still too small!"

"If only I could make it affect more times better!"

This idea, which made Jiang Yun shake his head self-deprecatingly, it has been extremely rare that the black stone could improve three times for the effect of Dan medicine. Even so, he was not satisfied, it was too greedy.

However, all of a sudden, an idea hit him, also let his eyes shine at the moment, "Although the stone water could only increase three times for the effect of Dan medicine, but the Inhalation Pills was original just dust-level in one-grade, even tripled, it could only up to reach the men-level, so if it was the heaven-level in one-grade, after tripled, could it meet the requirements of me?"

Among the Mang Mountains, although Jiang Yun was well versed in alchemy, his grandpa did not tell him about the grades of Dan medicine until he came to Seeking-Tao Sect.

Nine grades, that is, according to the type of Dan medicine divided into corresponding grades; the four levels is the same kind of Dan after refining, according to the different effect, then divided into heaven, earth, men, dust four small levels.

Like Inhalation Pills, belongs to one-grade in Dan medicine, while the effect of Inhalation Pills which were given to Jiang Yun by Sha JingShan was extremely poor, belonging to the worst dust-level.

"But where to get the Dan medicines of heaven-level in one-grade?" Jiang Yun tapped his head softly. While a moment later, a happy expression appeared on his face, "It is better to ask myself than others. Once I get the materials, I can make it by myself. While the materials are also easy to get, there must be some in the Trap-Beasts forest!"

Thinking of this, Jiang Yun immediately jumped to his feet, opened the door, and went to the room of DongFang Bo and the elder sister first. When he found that they were still not back, he quietly turned around and went down the Hidden Peak with a little disappointment, ready to go to the forest again.


At the top of Fence Peak, the Peak Lord Wei ZhengYang looked at Fang YuXuan with animosity, who stood on his bow in front of him.

Who He hated was not Fang YuXuan, but Jiang Yun!

Even though Fang YuXuan looked perfectly innocent at the moment, Wei ZhengYang knew better than anyone that he had a knot in his heart that was hard to untie.

This knot was the fuzzy figure from the talisman that Jiang Yun burned up; and to make it more clearly, his knot was the casual attack of the fuzzy figure.

Fang YuXuan, though not amazing, but was quite good at sword arts, and his prospect was beyond measure.

However, both being fence practitioners, the attack of the blurred figure actually scared Fang YuXuan. It gave him a sense of fear, and even made him waver in his pursuit on the Tao of sword.

It was known that, as a swordsman, to be formidable is to be indomitable. Once you had the fear in your heart, it was hard to go forward farther!

What’s more, for cultivators, no matter what kind of Tao they pursued, once they had the knot in heart, the knot will have a great possibility to turn into an inner demon when they break through to a higher Tao level. This would not only obstruct them to break through successfully, but was even a threat to life.

Therefore, Wei ZhengYang hated Jiang Yun more than Fang YuXuan did. He was very anxious and wanted to help Fang YuXuan to untie his heart knot.

Gently rubbing his own eyebrow, Wei ZhengYang restrained the hate on his face, and said softly, "YuXuan, don’t think of that thing anymore. Put down all the burden, just pursue your own Tao of sword intently!"

"I know!"

Although saying yes, Fang YuXuan’s handsome face did not show any easy expression, obviously, he could not really put it down.

After a while, Wei ZhengYang opened his mouth again and said, "From today, you will go to the Sword Cave and immersing in the Tao of sword. As for other things, I will take care of them for you."

Hearing the words "the Sword Cave", Fang YuXuan"s body cannot help but slightly shiver, the face also finally showed some positive, hurriedly bowed, "Thanks, master!"

Then, Wei ZhengYang threw a jade bottle to Fang YuXuan, "Your sword, now there is a shape, you also groped the threshold of the meaning of sword, there are a few Pills of Sword-Meaning inside, I hope that you can truly understand the meaning of sword this time! Once you succeed, then after you leave the cave, I will tell the master, let you become the inheritance disciple!"

Fang YuXuan, holding the jade bottle, suddenly looked up, the joy has expanded to the whole face!

"Son, you must remember, you are the first among the inner disciples in Seeking-Tao Sect now, and you may become the lord of Fence Peak, even become the master of the whole sect in the future, wait until that time, those worms are still only worms!"

Although Fang YuXuan still had an irreconcilable hatred in his eyes, now from his master’s words, made his face radiated shining as reborn!

"I shall never forget what master has said! However, I have a request!"

"Tell me!"

"I shall kill Jiang Yun by myself!"

"Ha ha ha!" Hearing Fang YuXuan’s request, Wei ZhengYang burst out laughing and said, "Fine, fine! You are sure enough my disciple, relax, I’ll keep the wild man’s life for you!"

"Then I shall leave!"

Looking at the departure of his disciple, Wei ZhengYang nodded and said, "The heart knot of YuXuan, in the final analysis, comes from Jiang Yun. If he kills Jiang Yun with his own hands, he may be able to untie the knot. In this case, I will let Jiang Yun live for a little longer. But I shall at least teach him a lesson and let him remember!"

"Zheng Yuan!"

With the words of Wei ZhengYang, a man in green clothes who looked about the same age as Fang YuXuan appeared in front of Wei ZhengYang. Although he had an average appearance, there was a killing meaning between his eyebrows which could not be covered.

Although Zheng Yuan was an inner disciple of Fence Peak, he was not a disciple of Wei ZhengYang, so he bowed to Wei ZhengYang, "My lord!"

Wei ZhengYang nodded and said, "I have something to do for you. If you do it well, I will accept you as my disciple!"

Zheng Yuan"s eyes immediately lit up and said, "Then the disciple should do his best!"

"You go to Hidden Peak and give Jiang Yun a lesson for your brother. Remember, you can’t kill him!"

Zheng Yuan dazed for a moment, "Lord, it’s easy to do something for my brother, but Hidden Peak..."

Before Zheng Yuan could finish his words, Wei ZhengYang interrupted with a wave of his hand. "DongFang Bo and SiTu Jing left a few days ago, and now there is only Jiang Yun on Hidden Peak. This is a chance!"

The cold light in Zheng Yuan’s eyes flashed, "The disciple understood!"