The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: Three Meanings of Tao

These Monsdans were naturally what Jiang Yun had gotten from the forest, which was by killing nearly 30 ferocious animals by himself.

The purpose of taking these Monsdans was for it to be used for pill refining later, but now, there were no objects else related to Tao in his body, so he wanted to try these Monsdans.

After all, everyone could cultivate Tao, and that includes beasts.

After a short while, Jiang Yun dazed, staring blankly at the thirteen Monsdans in front of him, motionless.

Because, these 13 Monsdans, unexpectedly all of it contains the meaning of Tao!

This result was so unexpected that he could hardly believe it for a moment.

"What’s this? Why does each Monsdan contains the meaning of Tao, while the few pills and magic tools also contain it?"

Of course, Jiang Yun could not find the answer to that question, so he quickly put it behind him.

And at last, he had enough meanings of Tao to test the black stone.

Fifteen meanings of Tao, if the previous inference was correct, that meant he could try it five times.

The question now is, which one should be tested first, and it confused Jiang for a while.

To be honest, the pills that Sha JingShan sent the second time were all Improvement and Inhalation Pills.

As for the Dan medicine that treated his injury he received before, but Jiang Yun was not ready to do experiments with them too, after all, his injury had almost recovered, even if it can increase the Dan effect, it will be of little use for improving his realm.

After pondering for a long time, Jiang Yun finally chose two Improvement pills, and two Inhalation Pills.

Although now he could actively absorb the spiritual power through his body, the Inhalation Pills could increase the amount and speed of the intake for him, now it was naturally the most useful thing to improve the realm.

As for the triple increase effect on these Improvement pills, Jiang Yun is still not sure of it. The only reason that he still chose the Improvement pills was that his elder brother wasn’t here now. Although he could find food by himself, he did not want to do so.

And also he is at seven-level of MCR now, the time of hunger was lengthened, and two tripling Improvement pills were just enough to keep him from eating nor drinking for a month.

"I still need one more thing, but there’s nothing else in me."

Jiang Yun looked for a long time and couldn’t find anything to use until he stopped his eyes on the ring.

"I don’t know if this ring can be put into the black stone water. Well, it’s worth to try it!"

At last, all the preparations were finished. Under Jiang Yun’s thoughts, the black stone appeared in his hands.

Having settled down, Jiang Yun began to point the black stone at the three Monsdans.

"Boom, boom, boom!"

Three brittle sounds were heard, and the three Monsdans were blown out of them, into the black stone.


The black stone was suddenly very bright and turned into a whirlpool!


This scene proved that Jiang Yun’s previous guess about three meanings of Tao could transform the stone into the water was correct.

Although this was the second time to see the water, Jiang Yun still can clearly feel its surging wave and unfathomable.

Without any hesitation, Jiang Yun put a Fasting Pill into the water. And when he took out the pill, he saw again that the surface of the pill had become extremely smooth, and there was a brand of a square that was disappearing rapidly.

Without consuming it, Jiang Yun knew that the effect was tripled.

The water returned back into the black stone, with the result that only one thing could be put into the water one at a time.

Then, Jiang Yun began to test again. After blowing up eight Monsdans and one pill, he also succeeded in tripling the effect of both Inhalation Pills and Improvement pills.

"One last time!"

However, when Jiang Yun pointed the black stone at the next Monsdan, another scene that shocked him, unexpectedly appeared!

When the Monsdan suddenly exploded, three lights shot out of it - Three Meanings of Tao!

With the Three Meanings of Tao, the black stone directly turned into water.

"What???" Jiang Yun’s face turned suddenly in confusion. “It turned out that there was not only one meaning of Tao contained in the objects."

He was naturally excited by this new discovery, then he threw the ring into the water.

When the ring was taken out of the water, Jiang Yun’s mood went ecstatic.

The ring, which was originally only one-meter square, now had a space of three meters.

"That is to say, this water is not only effective for pills, but also effective for magic tools!"

After checking the new storage ring for a while, Jiang Yun suddenly wondered, "Can I put the items into the water again?"

"Or is it possible that the meaning of the Tao on items can be trebled in water?"

Unfortunately, there were only two Monsdans left, and unless there were three meanings of Tao in each, he would not be able to test his ideas today.

But even if it couldn’t be verified, Jiang Yun was already satisfied.

Most of all, he finally found the things that could provide the meaning of Tao for the black stone -Monsdans.

Beyond the hundred li of the Trap-Beasts forest, all beasts were on seven-level or more. Though he couldn’t collect Monsdans on each one, while even a third or even a quarter probability was enough for him to collect a large number of Monsdans.

The other disciples were afraid to go deeper into the forest, but it was not a problem at all for Jiang Yun.

"I shall run out of the both Monsdans first."

It had to be said that Jiang Yun was seemed very lucky, and one of the two remaining Monsdan contained two meanings, and the two Monsdans again let the stone into water.

Looking at the whirlpool emerging in front of him, Jiang Yun put the storage ring into the water again in order to verify his idea. However, when he took out the ring, he found that there was no change in the ring and the space inside was not increased.

This meant that if he put something in the water once, it won’t work if he put it in again.

More to Jiang’s regret, although the ring was not marked again, the swirl turned back to stone as the ring was removed.

He wasted an opportunity!

But Jiang Yun was not in a hurry. Anyway, he did not have anything suitable to put into the water.

After putting everything away, Jiang Yun picked up an Inhalation Pill and swallowed it.


After consuming the pill, it turned into a torrent in an instant, like a surging wave, forming a whirlpool. Under the violent rotation, it released great attraction, attracting a large number of spiritual power in all directions.

With the crazy surging of these spiritual power, the spiritual power in Jiang Yun’s body, which had already reached saturation state, immediately stirred up, gradually gathered together and rushed to the eighth meridian!