The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 47

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Chapter 47: Far From Enough

The "master" from Lu XiaoYu’s words made Jiang Yun shocked at first, and then understood that the elder named Sha JingShan must have been here during the period when he was asleep. And as he promised himself, as long as he brought back Lu XiaoYu alive, he would accept her as his disciple.

Which meant, Lu XiaoYu was an inner disciple whose master was Sha JingShan now.

As a matter of fact, as soon as Jiang Yun fell asleep, Sha JingShan came to Hidden Peak and told Lu XiaoYu anything that had happened.

Understandably, after knowing everything, Lu XiaoYu was full of gratitude to Jiang Yun, so she did not immediately go to Beasts Peak, and insisted on staying here until Jiang Yun woke up.

Of course, Sha JingShan did not dispute this, because he was also very appreciative of Jiang Yun, especially did not expect that Jiang Yun actually could bring back Lu XiaoYu safely.

Even more, if Jiang Yun"s talent were not too general, he would like to accept Jiang Yun as his own disciple.

Lu XiaoYu sobbed said, "Brother Yun, thank you!"

Jiang Yun could not help smiling and said, "Silly girl, do you really want to say those words to your brother?"

As for how Lu XiaoYu could cross the forbidden zone and appear in the tree hole, Jiang Yun also asked her about it. But Lu XiaoYu did not know about it exactly, even she could not remember the experience after entering the forest. It was like a dream.

Although Jiang Yun also felt strange by this since Lu XiaoYu had returned safely, he naturally did not any longer go into the details. He smiled and said, "Fine, I will be ok. You should return to Beasts Peak as soon as possible."

"I don't want to go. Your brother hasn’t come back yet. I’ll stay here with brother Yun for a few more days."

"No, silly girl, now the most important for you is to improve your strength, don’t leave Beasts Peak unless it’s necessary."

After this incident, Lu XiaoYu knew that all these things would never happen if she was not too weak. Therefore, she stopped insisting and left Hidden Peak reluctantly.

Before leaving, Lu XiaoYu took out a jade bottle, which contained some medicine, which was what Sha JingShan had especially left for Jiang Yun.

Jiang Yun did not decline. Although he had some prejudices on Sha JingShan before, now that he really accepted Lu XiaoYu as a disciple, those were also gone.

Standing on the top of Hidden Peak, looking the gradual disappearance of the figure of Lu XiaoYu, and the smile on Jiang Yun"s face also converged. A cold light came over his eyes, and he slowly turned his head and looked at the main peak of five peaks -- Fence Peak!

Although Lu XiaoYu"s encounter was a crisis without true danger, and also a blessing in disguise, Jiang Yun was very clear that this matter was not over!

No matter Fang RuoLin, or Fang YuXuan, will never let it go!

Fang YuXuan in particular, with his proud character, faced with such a servant disciple, but the last moment was swept away by a blurred figure. It was a real shame for him, and the only answer for the humiliation was to kill Jiang Yun.

But now with his own strength, it was far from enough to compare with Fang YuXuan, and if Fang YuXuan really wanted some troubles on him, he had nothing to deal with it.

What’s more, even if they are willing to let it go, Jiang Yun would not!

As grandpa said, the world was a jungle. The strong ate the weak, and being kindness to enemy was a cruelty to oneself.

Rather than waiting to be attacked by the enemy, he should kill the enemy first.

Jiang Yun’s clenched fist slowly released, and withdrew his gaze, while looking toward the cabin at the top of the waterfall, the cold light of his eyes was replaced by worry.

"Elder brother and second elder sister have not come back so far, did something happen?"

"But even if they do have an accident, I can’t help them at all, because I’m not strong enough, far from enough!"

"I want to study from my second elder sister, close the door and practice alone for a while. I need to recuperate my own body first, and then think of ways to improve myself as soon as possible!"

Jiang Yun turned around and strode back to his cabin, closed the door and immersed himself into the world of cultivation.


When Jiang Yun was closed, there was another surprising piece of news in Seeking-Tao Sect.

This message was brought back by an inner disciple.

This inner disciple had to go beyond one hundred kilometers in the jungle to search for an herb, because he was doing the mission of sect. In the area which was considered forbidden by all the disciples, he saw a surprising scene.

There were nearly 30 bodies of fierce beasts beside a swamp, each nearly disemboweled. The scene was extremely bloody.

This inner disciple freaked out at such a terrible scene, because these dead animals were all above the seven-level, and even several eight and nine-level.

Panicked, the inner disciple rushed back to the sect and spread the news.

As one can imagine, the news caused a great sensation in Seeking-Tao Sect, and the focus of attention was, of course, who did it.

Some speculated that it should be done by a group of inner disciples, but this speculation was quickly rejected, because of there was no text inside the sect recently, and that inner disciple recalled that he checked the wounds of the bodies of several fierce beasts, and it seemed to be killed by one!

All the speculation focused on one of the elders or the lord of Peak, but the speculation was quickly overthrown by a secret that had been circulating in the sect.

It was said that there was an unwritten rule in the sect, namely, the elders and other cultivators in SRR cannot step into the Trap-Beasts forest, although no one knew the reason, those killings could not be done by them naturally.

Of course, some people doubted Jiang Yun, but this doubt was rejected as soon as it appeared. As for the reason, everyone knew it.

In the end, a reasonable candidate has emerged--Fang YuXuan!

For one hand, only Fang YuXuan, an inner disciple, has such strength; Secondly, some people made a solid statement, saying that Fang YuXuan suddenly disappeared in the forest after the retest and killed so many fierce beasts!


As for the news from the sect, Jiang Yun had no idea at all. After three days of meditation, he finally recovered to the top of his body, and his injuries were completely healed.

Now he was looking at the thirteen pills before him.

These were all given by Sha JingShan. There were 18 of them before, and five were used up by Jiang Yun. Now the rest were here.

As for becoming stronger, Jiang Yun had a shortcut that no one else had--black stone--in addition to his step-by-step training.

But before that, he had to get a handle on the effect and the way how to use the black stone.

At first, he had no material to test, but now he was given a few more attempts.

As for these pills, to be honest, although they were given by Sha JingShan who was a cultivator in SRR, Jiang Yun didn’t really care about them after carefully looking at them, so he didn’t think it a pity to waste them all.

Out of the small compass, Jiang Yun began to test each of these pills.

Soon came the result, but Jiang Yun was really not satisfied with it, because there were only two drugs containing the meaning of Tao.

"The likelihood that these Dan medicines contain the meaning of Tao can be so low, I need at least one of them to turn the stone into water."

Jiang Yun frowned tightly and wasn’t willing to give them all up just like that. But he could no longer to ask more pills from Sha JingShan.

After a moment of reflection, Jiang Yun"s eyes suddenly lit up, his wrist raised, in front of him, there were 13 pills in front of him--the Monsdans!