The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: It Is A Little Interesting


As expected, in the hole of a tree not far away, Jiang Yun saw Lu XiaoYu lying in there unconsciously. He rushed forward, holding her wrist.

After checking, Jiang Yun let out a sigh of relief. Lu XiaoYu was not badly hurt, not even a scratch. She was just too weak.

"Plop", Jiang Yun was so exhausted that he fell down to the side of Lu XiaoYu. He hadn’t relaxed for any moment until now, and the deep wariness came with it. He had no chance to close his eyes for the past four days.

At this time, the voice of Old Hei sounded behind him, "Your body is tough, and your sister’s intelligence is extremely outstanding, tut-tut, you two are really, really great."

Jiang Yun remembered that he had not thanked Old Hei yet. He turned around in a hurry and said sincerely, “Thank you!”

Old Hei shook his hand and said, "Don’t be so polite, I just did your big brother a favor. Now, you should hurriedly return to the sect, it’s not safe here!"


Since he found Lu XiaoYu, Jiang Yun didn't want to stay in the forest any longer. He took out the jade bottle from Sha JingShan and poured out a Dan medicine to supplement her spiritual power, put it in her mouth, then took another one for himself.

Jiang Yun did not notice that when he took out the medicine, Old Hei’s eyes not only stared at the medicine, but also could not help swallowing.

When he recovered a little, Jiang Yun stood up and faced to Old Hei, "Don’t you have to go, brother Hei?"

Old Hei shook his head and said, "I will not go!"

"Well, then we two will leave first, brother Hei. If there is anything I can do for you in the future, you can just talk to me on the Hidden Peak where I live."

Jiang Yun’s words made the muscles in Old Hei’s face twitch for the third time, but he didn't speak, just waved his hand, and stamped his feet with strength, then his body disappeared.

Looking at the huge gap because of the attack from Old Hei, this time it was Jiang Yun swallowed, then he quickly took Lu XiaoYu up, rushed forward to Seeking-Tao Sect.

While behind him, Old Hei appeared again in all of a sudden, watched the back of Jiang Yun, touching his chin, said to himself, "That guy is so smart, not only has two human beings as brother and sister, but also send them to that Seeking-Tao Sect, and with their talent, will be the inner disciples in the sect, even has the potential to be inheriting disciples!"

"As soon as they become the inheriting disciples successfully, all the secrets of Seeking-Tao Sect will be open to them, and at that time, I will be able to get away, at least."

"Hey hey, so from this point, it is really worth to do this favor!"

"But he looks so innocent, he doesn't seem to know who I really am, it is a little interesting."


While the voice fell, the Old Hei’s figure exploded again and turned into a black fog. However, in this fog this time, countless figures of different sizes were still wrapped around it, and it slowly drifted away towards the depths of the forest.


For Jiang Yun, who was trapped in the forest, the four days were just a flash away, but during the four days, several events happened in the sect.

First of all, at the end of the retest, not only did the master and the elders of the five peaks appeared, but even the master of the sect, who had almost no longer cared about the affairs, even made a voice and encouraged the disciples.

Secondly, the identity of several new disciples also took some changes, such as Wu Shang, was directly accepted as a disciple by the lord of Five Elements Peak.

Although he had been an inner disciple before, while he was accepted as a disciple by the lord of a peak means different. The disciple of the lord of a peak would probably become the next lord in the future.

Although the public envied his encounter, they recognized that he deserved it. His talent and attainments in the five elements were obvious to all.

Apart from Wu Shang, Tang Yi, as an outer disciple, was also favored by an elder who was also good at Physique-based cultivator. Although he was not accepted as a disciple directly, while everyone could see it that as long as his strength was improved a little, it would be possible to become an inner disciple.

Finally, the rewarded for the new disciples who participated in a small competition was extremely great, not only far more than before, but also a few of the things, even were admired by the inner disciples as Xiao YiShu.

However, all of these had nothing to do with Jiang Yun.

Even the elders did not mention him, whether about his strong physical strength, or the talisman that he lit at the last moment.

It seemed as if the conflict between him and the Fangs had never happened. It was as if he had never existed.

In this case, most people were not surprised, except for a few disciples who were indignant about Jiang Yun.

Especially when the news of Jiang Yun"s talent was normal and his meridian was smaller, people were suddenly enlightened. Even many people let go of their fear and anxiety for Jiang Yun"s strength.

No matter how powerful Jiang Yun was now, his road of cultivation will inevitably become more and more difficult due to his ordinary talent. As a result, the gap between him and the others would be increased gradually, and of course, he would no longer be valued by the sect.

After only four days, Jiang Yun actually began to fade out of public sight. Until the evening of that day, Jiang Yun, who covered in blood, appeared again at the gate of the sect with comatose Lu XiaoYu in his arms. While the whole of the sect was shocked by his appearance.

Although everyone knew that Jiang Yun had gone to Trap-Beasts forest, many people thought that he must have gone without returning, but never would have thought that not only did Jiang Yun return, but he actually brought back Lu XiaoYu.

There naturally was another discussion about Jiang Yun in the sect, but the final result was attributed to luck.

It seemed that this wild man, who should have been eliminated at the very beginning, had nothing better to do than luck.

These things, Jiang Yun did not pay any attention at all. After he returned to the sect, he did not even go to Beasts Peak, but rushed toward Hidden Peak first.

After all, he was too tired.

After he put Lu XiaoYu on his bed, he fell to the ground and fell asleep.

This sleep was two days of time, when he waked up, the first thing into his sight was that tears of big red eyes of Lu XiaoYu, which let him frighten a jump, hurriedly sit up and said, "XiaoYu, what happened, someone humiliated you?"

"No!" Lu XiaoYu shook her head hard, desperately trying to hold back tears, but the tears did not control the flow out, until finally she simply plunged into Jiang Yun"s arms, and into tears.

This actually let Jiang Yun dazed, although Jiang YueRou also cried in his bosom before, but had never cried so sad, so for a while he did not know what to do.

Fortunately, after about a long while, Lu XiaoYu finally gradually stopped, then she looked up, wiped away the tears on her face, a slightly embarrassed voice said, "Brother Yun, I knew the things from the master."