The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 104

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Chapter 104: The Only One

In Jiang Yun's mind, the Hidden Peak was already become his second home, and the people here were his own families, so since there was a chance to save XuanYuan, he would naturally not hesitate.

"I will!"

"Okay, but it's not in a hurry. You go back first and wait until the tests end in the next two days!"

Looking at Jiang Yun's leaving, DongFang Bo hastily said, "Master, the Grand Medicine Sect has strict rules. One could get in there only be recommended by their own clans. But brother Jiang can't enter!"

XuanYuan Xing also said: "Yes, let alone how to enter there, the journey is very long, it takes three or five months to fly and it is dangerous too. It is too risky for brother Jiang to go alone, it is better for me to accompany him, after all, this is my business!"

Simultaneously, SiTu Jing said, "Let me go with him!"

Gu BuLao waved his hand: "Do not worry about that, I will arrange it!"

Jiang Yun returned to his cabin. Although XuanYuan Xing's body worried him a little, since Gu BuLao say nothing about going to the Grand Medicine Sect for the antidotes, that he can be released for the time being.

Then, Jiang Yun took out the mutant egg and looked at it for a while, and Bai Ze's voice rang out: "Now of course you can't get something, even I don't know what beast is bred in it, only after hatching can you know it."

Jiang Yun frowned and said, "Then you still let me take it?"

"Of course, the mutant beast is equivalent to those of you human beings who are endowed with extraordinary talent, like Innate Tao Physique, or some other bullshit Tao Physique. It is extremely rare. If there is such a pet beast around, it will be benefit you."

This reminded Jiang Yun of Wan HongBo's centipede, which was comparable to the cultivators in Sky Reaching Realm. If he could own one himself, it would really help him a lot.

"How does it hatch then?"

"When you enter the Blessing Land Realm and there will be a Blessing Land in your body, put the egg into it and hatch it."

Jiang Yun nodded, it was better not to act in a hurry. He put the beast's egg back and asked again, "The evil spirit you spewed out before is still in my body, and it seems that there is not much consumption."

The reason why Jiang Yun was able to use the Tame Stigma and seize control of the bat in an instant was that Bai Ze gave him the evil spirit.

"Don't worry, it will disappear automatically in a short time, and if you want to become a Demon Forgemaster, it can provide you with a lot of convenience. Why don't I teach you the law of Demon Forgemaster now?"

"Wait till I rush through all the peaks."

"Whatever, I don't care!"

Jiang Yun already knew that to become a Demon Forgemaster, he needed to take the evil spirit as a guidance, or even took the initiative to absorb it and store it in his body. Only in this way could he better perceive the evil spirit, and then according to the law, cultivated a variety of stigmas.

However, Jiang Yun was not foolish. Everything he knew about the Demon Forgemaster was what Bai Ze said, and he could not believe all the words. So he decided to wait until the end of the tests to go to the Book Storage Pavilion first, or to ask DongFang Bo about the specific information of the Demon-Forge Instruction, then considering whether to cultivate it.

"I wonder where the Grand Medicine Sect is, and whether I will pass by the No-Returning Road."

Jiang Yun was very worried about Lu XiaoYu's safety. He believed what Fang RuoLin said should be the truth, which was the reason why he changed his mind and told Bai Ze his wish.

Although that pen belonged to Lu XiaoYu, so this wish should also belonged to Lu XiaoYu, now he had no idea of life or death about Lu XiaoYu, if he still sticked to this point, it was really meaningless, it was better to make himself strong, and then went to find Lu XiaoYu.

If Lu XiaoYu was okay, he could completely return all of these to her.

"XiaoYu shouldn't be all right. There is elder Sha, a cultivator in Sky Reaching Realm. Those disciples who were taken will certainly be safe even if someone wants to do something."

After comforting himself, Jiang Yun closed his eyes and waited for the sun to rise tomorrow.

As for killing Fang RuoLin and provoking Wan HongBo, he was too lazy to think about it. Anyway, he had no place to hide, and the water would always be covered by dirt.

On the fourth day, the Red Dust Peak, which is good at the Tao of music, was opened, and its secret magic tool was a fragmentary music score named "Red Dust".

Like the Illusory Map, there was a whole world in there, which was said to contain all the sounds of the world.

These voices form a maze of illusions in front of the people who hear them, and the rule of rushing through is to try to break the maze according to the voice.

Those who eventually break through one hundred mazes were counted as success in rushing through the peak.

Among all the disciples who wanted to rush through that peak, besides Jiang Yun, there were also two people who were highly anticipated candidates. One was Lu Yourong, who had a Bi-pass Dap Physique, and the other was Qiao Zhiyin, a disciple who stayed in the outer sect for a long time.

This was also one of the two disciples besides Wang Jian, who had been dormant for four years and looked forward to shock all in one shot.

Although this test was quite peaceful and there was no fighting, the result of it was exciting. Jiang Yun and Qiao Zhiyin were both successful.

While Jiang Yun's way to break the maze was very simple and crude, that was, to burst the thunder with his sword, and then with the roar of beasts in the fog, to break and destroy the maze by pure strength!

Comparing to Jiang Yun, the speed of Qiao was slower, but she broke the maze one by one with the real Tao of music. So after the end of the test, Qiao was directly accepted by the Lord of Red Dust Peak as her disciples.

Although Lu Yourong failed to rushing through the peak, the maze of 89 that be broken by her aroused the admiration of many disciples.

Even other Lords were quite envious of the Lord of Red Dust Peak who could have two outstanding disciples at the same time.

As for the last day of the Five Elements Peak, disciples expected this day the most. Because Five Elements Peak also had a new disciple who can be called a monster - Wu Shang!

The competition between Jiang Yun and Wu Shang must be excellent.

However, to everyone's surprise, Wu Shang did not participate in this test because of in seclusion.

Others didn't know the reason why he didn't participate, but Jiang Yun could guess that it was due to his failure in the fight with Feng WuJi, which greatly damaged the self-esteem of the genius, so he chose to cultivate in seclusion.

So, Jiang Yun, no matter whether there were other competitors or not, succeeded in breaking through the peak by virtue of his strong body and carrying the secret magic tool of the Five Elements Peak, the Five Elements Coffin, and withstanding the constant attack from different magic arts.

With the end of rushing through peaks, Jiang Yun had finally become the only person who had ever rushing through all the peaks in succession.

As people speculated about what kind of reward Jiang Yun would receive for his great achievements, the voice of Dao TianYou suddenly sounded.

"Tomorrow morning, all the disciples gathered at the Hidden Peak. The Lord of Hidden Peak, Gu BuLao, will accept Jiang Yun as his disciple!"