The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 105

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Chapter 105: An Differ Tao Disciple

Although Hidden Peak had long existed in the sect, most of the disciples were unaware of the four people.

There were Five Peaks in Seeking-Tao Sect, few people mentioned the Sixth Peak, so among the disciples, there was nothing special about the Hidden Peak except its mystery.

However, since Jiang Yun came to Seeking-Tao Sect and was brought into Hidden Peak by DongFang Bo, the reputation of Hidden Peak had been rising with Jiang Yun's amazing performance.

In particular, the strong and mysterious Gu BuLao, even the Master and Lords of the peaks were apparently quite afraid of him, all of these completely reversed the public's view of Hidden peak.

Even so, people were still shocked to hear the words of Dao TianYou.

The other five peaks had never made such a big movement in accepting disciples, at most a small celebration within the peaks. Now Gu BuLao unexpectedly asked all the disciples to go to the ceremony.

However, even being shocked, people naturally were willing to go, because everyone knew that the disciple Gu BuLao would accept was Jiang Yun!

This made the other cultivators who wanted to take Jiang Yun as their disciples dropped their idea completely, and it also made many disciples expecting more to know how far Jiang Yun would grow under Gu BuLao's teaching and instructions!

The next day, just before dawn, all the disciples rushed to the Hidden peak, which they could never enter at all in the past.

But the area of the Hidden Peak was too small. So many disciples poured in, causing the whole Hidden Peak to be almost crowded out of water. Except the mountaintop of the Hidden Peak, no one dared to enter.

In the middle of the top of the peak, DongFang Bo and the three seniors were sitting behind Gu BuLao. On the both sides, there were Master Dao TianYou and other cultivators in Sky Reaching Realm except Wan HongBo.

Even Wei ZhengYang had to come, only there was no expression on his face.

In front of Gu BuLao, Jiang Yun stood there with a somewhat nervous look. He never thought that his master would make it so solemn.

At this moment, looking at Jiang Yun in front of him, the immature child's face of Gu BuLao showed a rare trace of satisfaction, as for the three seniors and DongFang Bo behind him, they also looked excited.

Although they had long regarded Jiang Yun as their brother under the same master, after all, he had not received permission from Gu BuLao. After today, Jiang Yun would really become their younger brother and the master's fourth disciple.

Seeing that almost all the people were here, Dao TianYou stood up and smiled and said, "Today is the apprenticeship ceremony of the Lord of Hidden Peak: Gu BuLao. You are invited to come and watch the ceremony. It is time now. Let's start immediately!"

After that, all eyes looked at Jiang Yun. At the moment, Jiang Yun was so nervous that he couldn't do nothing but standing there, DongFang Bo transmitted a message to him: "What are you doing? Kneel down and kowtow!"

"Oh, oh, right!"

After Jiang Yun was stunned, he came back to his senses and fell down on his knees in front of Gu BuLao with a rush of "plop" and bowed three consecutive respectful kowtows.

"Disciple Jiang Yun, greet Master!"

Gu BuLao also restrained his smile, sat upright and accepted Jiang Yun's worship ceremony.

As Jiang Yun raised his head, Gu BuLao's face again showed a smile and said, "From today, you are the fourth disciple of me. But as your Tao does not match to my Tao, so I can only accept you as a disciple outside my Tao for the time being!"

A Differ Tao Disciple!

Hearing these four words, even the three seniors and DongFang Bo were a little stunned, others were confused. Only Dao TianYou took a deep look at Gu BuLao, but did not speak.

Although Jiang Yun was also confused, but he did not think much, because whether outside or inside master’s Tao, these were not important to himself, what was important was he finally became master’s disciple.

"Yes, Master!"

"Get up!"

With a wave of his sleeve, he lifted up Jiang Yun's body and said, "Since you have worshipped me as a Master, then naturally I have to give you a gift as your Master!"

The voice fell, and Gu BuLao's eyes suddenly looked at Dao TianYou.

The latter obviously knew that he had taken a step forward, looked solemnly at Jiang Yun and said, "Jiang Yun, although this gift was given to you by your Master, it is also one of the greatest basics of Seeking-Tao Sect!"

"So once you accept it, no matter where you go in the future, no matter how powerful you become in the future, you must always remember that you, Jiang Yun, are one of our Seeking-Tao Sect; you, Jiang Yun, are one of the disciples from Seeking-Tao Sect!"

"When you are in danger, the sect will shelter you at all costs, but when the sect is in trouble, even if you are thousands of mountains and rivers apart, you must rush back to rescue!"

"From now on, the sect exists, you will exist too; the sect die, you die too!"

"Jiang Yun, can you do it?!"

Dao TianYou's voice was getting louder and louder, especially this last sentence, which sounded like a thunderstorm, not only in Jiang Yun's heart, but also in the hearts of all people of Seeking-Tao Sect.

These words made Jiang Yun's heart surge with a deep burden and responsibility, so that he did not immediately open his mouth to answer, but was thinking seriously.

But for other disciples, although these words also shocked them, they were far less intense than Jiang Yun felt.

And when they calmed down and reflected on these words, they were even more puzzled.

Because Gu BuLao was one of Seeking-Tao Sect, so since Jiang Yun worshiped Gu BuLao as the teacher, naturally he was one of the Seeking-Tao Sect, but why did Dao TianYou specified that, and again emphasized it?

Only a few cultivators in Sky Reaching Realm, especially Wei ZhengYang's face, showed a meaningful expression, and only they knew what kind of gift Jiang Yun would accept.

Once he accepted, it represented Jiang Yun's identity within the Seeking-Tao Sect was changed. It was neither a handyman nor a disciple of both internal and external, but - an inherited disciple!

Inheriting the essence of the sect, inheriting the Tao of the sect, vow to guard the sect, and even qualify to become the Master of the sect!

Finally, Jiang Yun raised his head, put his right fist in another palm, and bowed Dao TianYou deeply. "Disciple Jiang Yun complies with the Master’s word. From now on, I belong to Seeking-Tao Sect, even if I die, my soul will also be!"

Dao TianYou suddenly burst out laughing and said, "Hahaha, good, open the Book Storage Pavilion, the eighth floor!"

From the laughter of Dao TianYou, the seven-storey pavilion under Fence Peak suddenly shook violently, and under everyone's attention, rose suddenly and flew slowly into the air!

In this scene, all of the disciples were startled and shocked, even the inner disciples.

Obviously, this was the first time they had seen such a magical sight.

This pavilion was standing under the Fence Peak, every disciple could enter the pavilion. Now, it could unexpectedly fly into the air.

As for the Sky Reaching Realm cultivators who knew the secret clearly, there were solemn looks on their faces at the moment.

However, after the shock, many disciples fell into great confusion, because they remembered the words of Dao TianYou.

Pavilion, the eighth floor!

The pavilion collected all the secret books of cultivation in whole sect, and opened them to all disciples according to their identities. Therefore, every disciple knew that there were only seven floors there.

But now, Dao TianYou even said he wanted to open the eighth floor.

Where was the eighth floor, what was inside it?