The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 133

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Chapter 133: Demon-Refining Nine Seals

At this moment, Jiang Yun had been turned into a 90% demon. In addition to Luo LingXiao’s two attacks, he had reached the limit to resist.

Now hearing Bai Ze’s words, he was finally relieved, and the next moment, an extremely suction power suddenly came out of the Demon Refining Pen.

The almost endless Demonic Energy coming in his body before, suddenly like a tide, crazily poured into the Demon Refining Pen under the suction.

"You'd better take this opportunity to continue walking. Because there are too many Demonic Energy to be absorbed, which will take a long time. Besides, if you suddenly have no Demonic Energy in your body, it will definitely cause the Luo to doubt."

"Got it!"

Under the gaze of everyone, Jiang Yun’s body that had been demonized into 90% stopped changing, and he was slowly moving forward with his lower body that had already become a mist.

This scene naturally caused the shock of many onlookers.

"Uh… Is he moving on? Is it that he has succeeded in blocking the erosion of the Demonic Energy?"

"It should be. You see, his physical changes have stopped."

Even the arrogant man above the watchtower smiled and said, "So lucky he is! With 10% more, he will be completely turned into a demon!"

However, Luo LingXiao was sneered, "Even if being a 90% demon, he can't walk through the Against-Demon Bridge. Brother Liu, please look carefully. The Power of Refining Demons left by my ancestor will appear soon!"

Just when Jiang Yun had just passed a distance of 100 feet, the countless black runes on the Against-Demon Bridge that were always still previously suddenly swarmed up like being boiled, gathered and concrete into a weird seal in the air very quickly!

Once appearing, it immediately rushed to Jiang Yun’s eyebrows.

"The Demon-Vanquishing Seal!"

"The Demon-Vanquishing Seal!"

The voices of Jiang Yun and Bai Ze almost sounded at the same time. For this seal, Jiang Yun was too familiar, so he recognized it in the first glance.


At this moment, since Jiang Yun had been turned into a 90% demon, he had no resistance towards The Demon-Vanquishing Seal, and could only let it hit between his eyebrows then rushed into his inner body.

With its intrusion, Jiang Yun immediately felt a strong mental aura that seemed to make his soul sway, not to mention his body.

He even had a strong feeling to knee at his feet directly, to worship this mental aura.

However, even if his body had been trembling like the leaves in the wind and was almost uncontrollable by his consciousness, he still clenches his teeth and tried his best to force his Physique Strength and Thunderbolt Strength to prevent his body from kneeling.

Even that, he was still working hard to move slowly toward the end of the bridge, little by little.

Because he was very clear that once he kneeled down, he would be like the cold-winged bat that had submitted itself to him, completely losing his freedom. He would become a demon who surrendered to Luo’s family or become a person who fell out from the Against-Demon Bridge.

Fortunately, he was very familiar with the Demon-Vanquishing Seal. He knew that this seal was like his technique Evil spirit, focusing mainly on deterrence rather than causing any harm to his body. Therefore, he resisted the Demon-Vanquishing Seal with difficulty, and slowly went through another one-hundred foot.

When Jiang Yun finally crossed a total distance of two hundred feet, the Demon-Vanquishing Seal inside his body suddenly disappeared without a trace, and the degree of he being turned into a demon had changed from the original 90% to 80%!

However, the Against-Demon Bridge was shaken again, and much more fiercely.

Jiang Yun had to use all his Physique Strength to stabilize his body and avoid being directly shaken off the bridge.

In the midst of vibration, countless black runes again condensed into a huge seal.

"The Demon-Refining Seal!" Bai Ze's shouted.

Although this was the first time that Jiang Yun had seen the Demon-Refining Seal, he had already seen how the terror of Demon-Refining Seal was by that mantis’ reaction before.

As the Demon-Refining Seal entering his body, Jiang Yun couldn’t help but screaming again. He finally realized deeply about what the refinement was!

There was like a hot flame inside him, burning every part of his body. He felt the pain seeped deeply into his marrow and blood.

With the pain, his mind inexplicably came up with a thought, that as long as he obeyed, as long as he was willing to surrender to the master of this Demon-Refining Seal, then all the pain would vanish.

And this was the role of the Demon-Refining Seal, in the way of torture, forcing the demon to obey!

"Hehe, I have never been an obedient child!" Though Jiang Yun's face covered with scales now, he showed a sly smile, breathed heavily, and said, "Want to make me obedient, how it could be easy?!"

"Jiang Yun!" Suddenly, Bai Ze’s voice rang again, and there was a hint of excitement and trembling in the voice.

"This time you made a killing! If I didn't guess wrong, the first one hundred feet of the Against-Demon Bridge is serving as demonizing you, but after that, the rest nine hundred feet, every hundred feet will come up a demon-refining magic arts to make you surrender!"

Jiang Yun gritted his teeth and asked, "Why do you have such a guess?"

Bai Ze speeded up saying, “Because Demon Forgemasters have nine kinds of magic arts specifically for the demon. And these nine kinds of magic arts are actually nine kinds of seals. So they are also called Demon-Refining Nine Seals! And every latter one is more powerful than the previous one.

"The first technique is the Demon-Vanquishing Seal, the second technique is the Demon-Refining Seal, and the third is the Demon-Trapping Seal. If you don't believe, then let’s see whether the Demon-Trapping Seal will show up once you finish three-hundred feet walking.”

Jiang Yun frowned, "Even if your guess is right, then what does this have to do with me?"

"You can learn!" Bai Ze yelled, "The Against-Demon Bridge is a disaster for other human beings, but for you who wants to become a Demon Forgemaster, it is really a great chance! Because it has the Nine Seals in Demon Refining which is equivalent to completely inherit a Demon Forgemaster!"

"You know how to practice demon-refining magic arts, aren’t you?"

"Yes, I know... But not complete!" Bai Ze hurriedly changed the topic, "This is definitely a golden opportunity. In any case, starting from the Demon-Trapping Seal, you should try to remember every seals attacking you, even if you are still unable to cast it."

"I will try!"

Although Jiang Yun understood Bai Ze's words, and he admitted that if he could get the complete inheritance from a Demon Forgemaster, it was indeed a big opportunity, but it was really too difficult to do it.

After all, the first thing he had to do was not to bear the demon-refining magic arts in mind, but to resist the attack of it!

The only thing that made Jiang Yun feel a little hope was that as the Demonic Energy inside his body was reduced, the power from his Physique Strength and Thunderbolt Strength that he could use increased.

It turned out that Bai Ze’s speculation was correct.

When Jiang Yun finished walking three hundred feet and entered the fourth hundred feet, countless black runes condensed a seal, the Demon-Trapping Seal!

"Demon-Refining Nine Seals!" Looking at the Demon-Trapping Seal which was already like a spider web, making every part of his body densely entangled, Jiang Yun licked his lips, with his eyes shining fiercely, "Gonna fight!"

As the voice fell, Jiang Yun suddenly stretched one finger out and pointed to his eyebrows. Then, a golden thunderbolt was shot, condensing a golden figure behind Jiang Yun!

The Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger!