The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 134

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Chapter 134: The Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger

After the rainy night which he had the battle with Du GuiRong and his people, Jiang Yun had greatly improved his cultivation of the Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger.

Therefore, he had taken advantage of his last three months in DuoYao Pharmacy and finally cultivated a complete Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger.

And this was why Jiang Yun dared to step on the Against-Demon Bridge; this was his greatest ace!

Because he had discovered that although his Physical Tao Doppelganger was very strong as well, compared to the Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger, it was still a little inferior.

Although he didn’t know why there was such a difference, he guessed that this should be related to the source of the golden thunder used when he was unblocked the eleventh meridians, the Thunderbolt World!

However, to be honest, Jiang Yun didn’t want to show his Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger so early. He had to because he was worried that if he would be found out by Du XinWu if he used his Physical Tao Doppelganger instead.

However, in order to catch the opportunity to learn the Demon-Refining Nine Seals, he would even fight by his life.

Therefore, even though other cultivators might know he had a Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger, which may lead him to death, Jiang Yun still wanted to have a try.

Wealth was always sought in danger!

If you didn’t take risks, how could you gain something!

In addition, Feng WuJi was in the tenth level of Meridians Unclogged Realm, and even Du XinWu and others knew him. Since Feng WuJi had no fear of telling the world his cultivation level, then there was nothing for him to fear as well.

What's more, he believed in Seeking-Tao Sect, and also believed what Dao TianYou had said when he formally became a disciple of Seeking-Tao Sect.

Being a disciple of Seeking-Tao Sect, if he was in danger, the sect would protect him at all costs.

With these various reasons, Jiang Yun finally showed his Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger. For the first time, he showed his cultivation level, at least at the tenth level of Meridians Unclogged Realm!

When seeing the golden figure that appeared behind Jiang Yun, most cultivators did not pay too much attention. They had thought that it was just a certain magic arts casted by Jiang Yun, or a kind of Magic Tools.

But soon some cultivators recognized it and said with a trembling voice, "Tao, Tao Doppelganger, that is a Tao Doppelganger!"

This sentence was like a huge stone dropping into the water, which immediately led to a big waves disturbing the minds of all the cultivators and made them all dumbfounded.

"Tao Doppelganger? The tenth level in Meridian Unclogged Realm? Has he unblocked his tenth meridian?"

"Feng WuJi of Samsara Sect, Jiang Yun of Seeking-Tao Sect. How can these two people have such a good luck? I am really envious!"

"Then even if Luo’s people are dissatisfied with this boy, they will never dare to kill him! After all, this boy is too important for Seeking-Tao Sect. Killing him will definitely cause Seeking-Tao Sect to carry out crazy and endless revenge!"

"No wonder that Seeking-Tao Sect asked him to come to Luo’s house. It’s not for birthday celebration. Instead, it is clearly a provocation!"

"No, this is not just a provocation to Luo’s family, but to all cultivators, sects and royal families in the Five-Mountain Island!"

Exclamatory or envious, people all around talked.

While Luo’s people’s faces were getting darker, especially Luo LingXiao who were staring at Jiang Yun with eyes being about to spurt fire!

Because as one had a Two-Free Tao Physique, all elders in his family had been optimistic about him since he was a child. Even if he was neither the eldest son nor the grandson, he had already been appointed as the next master of the Luo’s family. This made him always look down upon other cultivators in the Meridian Unclogged Realm.

At first, when he knew that Samsara Sect had a disciple called Feng WuJi who was in the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm, he felt angry but he could do nothing. Because Samsara Sect was definitely not what Luo family could provoke.

However, now, in front of him, another cultivator in the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm came into people’s sight; what’s more, this guy was from Seeking-Tao Sect. How could he take this fact!

Especially as he heard that people all around were discussing that Luo family would not dare to kill Jiang Yun, his eyes were showing his murderous thoughts. He coldly said, "Provocation? Dare not to kill this guy? What can Seeking-Tao Sect do to our Luo family if the guy dies on the Against-Demon Bridge?"

At this moment, Luo BaiChuan, the master of Luo family, and Luo Qing, Luo family’s Big Forefather, had also been attracted by Jiang Yun, and a trace of Divine Sense had fallen on Jiang Yun.

"The Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger! Not a Physical Tao Doppelganger!" Luo Qing frowned slightly, "If what Du XinWu said is true, then there are three people at the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm in the Mountain-Sea Continent now. Is it going to be a big storm in this world?"

Jiang Yun did not care about others’ thoughts and arguments.

With the appearance of his Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger, one after another golden thunderbolt suddenly covered all over him, making his resistance to the Demonic Energy and the Demon-Trapping Seal much easier.

Therefore, he was now fully capable of separating a trace of his Divine Sense to carefully examine the Demon-Trapping Seal inside his body.

However, the Demon-Trapping Seal was extremely complicated. To remember it should need a lot of time, so his speed to walk ahead naturally become slower.

There was a moment that he didn't even move, and this naturally made everyone think that he couldn’t continue sticking to it.

"I didn't expect the Against-Demon Bridge to be so strong that even if this person is at the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm and has summoned his Tao Doppelganger, he has reached his limit within four hundred feet!"

"Yes, the longer the distance to go through the Against-Demon Bridge, the harder can one insist. It is really very rare and courageous to be able to finish four hundred feet."

Being surrounded with such kinds of discussion, Jiang Yun slowly finished the distance of the fourth hundred feet!

At this moment, the degree of his body being changed to a demon had reduced to 60%!

His feet that had turned into mist before had already emerged again. After a moment of pause, Jiang Yun moved again and stepped into the fifth hundred feet of the bridge.

Naturally, four hundred feet would unlikely to be his limit.

The less degree he had been turned into a demon, the less Power of Refining Demons he had suffered; plus his Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger which was guarding him, although he was very slow in moving forward at this moment, he never stopped.

In this way, Jiang Yun slowly walked on the Against-Demon Bridge, suffering the attacks of the Power of Refining Demons while trying to remember the Demon-Refining Nine Seals!

When Jiang Yun finished five hundred feet, the degree of his body being turned into a demon was reduced to 50%; after walking through the sixth hundred feet, it had been reduced to 40%!

Now he was getting closer to Luo’s castle, where nearly 10,000 people were gathering. At the beginning, people talked loudly; but as Jiang Yun stepped forward, everyone closed their mouths in succession. Until now, all were in silence.

There were quite a few cultivators who initially had ridiculed or sympathized with Jiang Yun had now turned into admiration for Jiang Yun.

Although they had no idea about how Jiang Yun could do this, they knew very well that if they were in a similar situation, they would definitely suffer a defeat.

The arrogant man above the watchtower looked at Luo LingXiao and said, "Little lord Luo, it looks like this disciple of Seeking-Tao Sect can successfully walk through the Against-Demon Bridge!"

Luo LingXiao closed his lips and said nothing, but his heart was filled with endless anger.

Soon later, his face barely squeezed out a smile, "Actually, the last hundred feet is the most difficult to walk through. Because the strongest seal will show up there. And that is the seal with which my ancestor killed a Taoist demon. Hence, he could never walk through it."

The arrogant man raised his eyebrows and said, "Oh, really? Then I will wait and see!"