The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 132

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Chapter 132: Do A Big Deal

"Alright! Let’s do it!"

At the last moment, Bai Ze gritted his teeth and finally made his decision.

Indeed, if Jiang Yun died, Luo family will inevitably find the Demon Refining Pen. As an inherited family of refining demons, it would definitely not treat him, a Heavenly Demon, well.

If he fell into the hands of Luo family, let alone achieving Tao, his final ending would definitely be 10,000 times worse than the present.

"However, if you decided to fight, then let’s fight a big one!" Bai Ze gnashed his teeth and said, "Jiang Yun, I’m putting all my hopes on you.

"I will not only try my best to help you become a Demon Forgemaster, but you can also unblock your twelfth meridian through the usage of Demonic Energy of this Taoist Demon!"

Hearing this, Jiang Yun’s eyes suddenly brightened.

Since entering the eleventh level of Meridians Unclogged Realm, though Jiang Yun had been considering how to condense his Blessing Land, he actually hoped to unblock his twelfth meridian and achieve the Great Completeness in Meridians Unclogged Realm.

However, it was easy to say but extremely difficult to do it. The key was that the third kind of power that didn’t belong to the Mountain-Sea Continent was almost impossible to obtain.

However, now Bai Ze told him that this Taoist Demon’s Demonic Energy could help, which made him wonder, "Does this demon not belong to this world?"

"Of course not. If your world can bear a Taoist Demon, then this world will not be like this!"

Although Jiang Yun did not understand the meaning of this sentence, but for the meridian thingy, it did not need to be considered at all. He nodded immediately.

Anyway, he didn’t have any good feelings for Luo family, so why not seizing the chance and doing a big deal?!

"Now I will tell you how to become a Demon Forgemaster, you must listen carefully!"

The so-called Demon Forgemasters cultivated by absorbing Demonic Energy, and integrating those Demonic Energy and their own Spiritual Energy as much as possible, so as to be able to sense Demonic Energy, and thus cast demon-refining magic arts.

However, in the process of integrating the Demonic Energy and Spiritual Energy, there would be a great possibility that people will lose their humanity and human shape; but they would not become the real demons. Thus, in the end, they could only be no-beings-nor-demons guys.

Therefore, to become a Demon Forgemaster, in addition having a strong will, it also required a lot of luck.

It had to say that Jiang Yun really had very good luck. He was lucky enough to meet Bai Ze, a Heavenly Demon. Now he even encountered a Taoist Demon!

What's more, Jiang Yun had already unblocked the tenth and eleventh meridians, so he was no longer needed to integrate the Demonic Energy and Spiritual Energy, thus avoiding the most dangerous and difficult step for all the Demon Forgemasters.

Because he could first utilize the Taoist Demon’s Demonic Energy to get his twelfth meridian through, then deposit those Demonic Energy into this meridian!

In fact, Jiang Yun had already discovered that the last three meridians were equivalent to three Dantian, which could store three different powers.

And this was why, even if you only open one meridian of the three, you would be more powerful than other cultivators in the future!

"I can't directly lead these Demonic Energy to get through my twelfth meridian!" Although Jiang Yun understood Bai Ze's words, the timing was wrong.

If he really unblock his twelfth meridian here on the Against-Demon Bridge, he would still die in the end.

Not to mention Luo family, every person from the other sects would not allow Seeking-Tao Sect to have a cultivator in the twelfth level of Meridians Unclogged Realm!

"Of course I know. So I said that your luck is really good. This Demon Refining Pen and the Against-Demon Bridge are made from bones of the same Taoist Demon. Therefore, I will help you to lead these Demonic Energy into the Demon Refining Pen as much as possible, so that you can absorb them when you have time in the future."

Under the interpretation of Bai Ze, Jiang Yun’s eyes were getting brighter and brighter.

"However, now I need to make some preparations, and it will take some time. Hence, you must ensure that you won’t be completely turned into a demon. Once you become a demon completely, then even a Taoist Demon will not be able to save you!"

"I know, thanks!"

Then, under the gaze of nearly 10,000 people in Luo’s Castle, Jiang Yun, who had almost been turned into a 90% demon, closed his eyes.

Although his lower body had been turned into a mist, his actions showed that he was crossing legs and meditating.

"Uh, what is this guy doing? How does it look like he is cultivating?"

"Yeah, but there are full of Demonic Energy in this bridge, how can a human be cultivating in this environment!"

Seeing this, not only others, even people of Luo family cannot understand what Jiang Yun was about to do.

The arrogant man from the Grand Medicine Sect was confused as well. He asked Luo LingXiao, "Little Lord Luo, what is happening now?"

Luo LingXiao was actually not clear. He slightly frowned, "He should be trying to resist the invasion of the Demonic Energy!"

"Can he resist it successfully?"

It was the woman in blue skirt who was asking. She was different from most people who did not care about Jiang Yun. She looked at Jiang Yun, with clear concerns and pities.

"Can he?" Luo LingXiao smiled coldly, "Since he wants to resist it, then let me help him!"

Following his voice, Luo LingXiao’s turned his wrist over and a jade card appeared in his palm. His finger tapped twice on the jade card, then the Against-Demon Bridge suddenly shook crazily.

As the Little Lord who would be the next lord of Luo family, Luo LingXiao of course had the qualifications to control the Against-Demon Bridge.

Jiang Yun, who was resisting the invasion of Demonic Energy and keeping sober-minded, suddenly felt a cold mental aura rushing into his body.

This was neither Demonic Energy, nor the Power of Refining Demons, but a power from cultivators!

Although it was not strong, it was a power from the ninth level of Meridians Unclogged Realm. Someone was attacking him at this moment!

Jiang Yun’s body trembled, and he let out a groan. At the same time, he looked up and his cold eyes scanned to the numerous figures gathered outside a nine-hundred feet and finally stayed on Luo LingXiao.

Luo LingXiao apparently sensed Jiang Yun’s gaze. While smiling coldly, he raised his hand and gently stroked his neck.

Facing Luo Ling's provocation and assassination, Jiang Yun closed his eyes again and did not pay attention to it. He still concentrated all his energy in his own body.

It had to say that such a resistance was really a great pain.

Because there was no way nor external force can be used, he could only resist by his own will and the two powers in his body!

Fortunately, Jiang Yun’s will was extremely strong, so he could persist for a while.

Seeing that Jiang Yun ignored him, Luo LingXiao became more and more angry. He raised his hand, and once again he gently clicked on the jade card.


The Against-Demon Bridge once again trembled fiercely. And this time, Jiang Yun felt a clearer force which rushed into his body and made him spit out blood.

Jiang Yun’s eyes showed fierce, and he glared at Luo LingXiao.

Just as Luo LingXiao was preparing to attack Jiang Yun secretly again, the woman in blue skirt standing beside him suddenly asked, "Little Lord Luo, may I know if there is a time limit to go across the Against-Demon Bridge?"

The woman’s words naturally stopped Luo LingXiao’s movements. He smiled and said, “No, but in addition to those who successfully passed the bridge, the longest time period spent to cross the bridge has never been beyond twelve hours!

"What’s wrong? Are you feeling bored, my lady?"

"No, just a small question!"

Lady Xie gently smiled, which made the eyes of Luo LingXiao and the arrogant man shining.

At the same time, in the mind of Jiang Yun, the voice of Bai Ze finally sounded, "It’s time, Now!"