The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 98

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Chapter 98: Should I Kill Her Or Not

The ones who were inside the illusionary world might not be clear about this huge change, while the public in the outside world, looking at the rush of the beast in the flat world in front of them, were deeply shocked.

Jiang Yun and Wan HongBo were surrounded by thousands of beasts and monsters from the sky and the ground in a moment. Each one showed their teeth fiercely, staring at Wan HongBo, as if Wan HongBo was their death enemy.

Moreover, a large number of beasts and monsters still continued to converge towards this place from far away.

In this case, the palm of Wan HongBo that was originally intended to grab Jiang Yun, suddenly hung in the air. He had a strong feeling that as long as he dared to do something to Jiang Yun, then around, no, all the beasts in the entire inside world would attack him.

Although he was not afraid of that relying on his own strength, but under such a terrible number of attacks, he would not be able to control his strength. It was very likely that he would kill these beasts in large numbers, so he cannot make a move.


All the onlookers were dumbfounded. Just now, Wan HongBo had already appeared when Jiang Yun killed Fang RuoLin with a very tough attitude, but at the moment, even a cultivator in Sky Reaching Realm did not dare to make a move on him!

Although most people didn't know how Jiang Yun did it, and why he could control all the beasts in the entire illusionary world, while they had to admit that the style that Jiang Yun showed at the moment was really domineering.

The three of DongFang Bo understood that why Gu BuLao did not let them to help Jiang Yun, because it was useless.

'What, you want to kill me too?'

Wan HongBo’s pupils contracted slightly, staring at Jiang Yun coldly.

Jiang Yun looked at Wan HongBo indifferently. After guessing that this person secretly gave Fang RuoLin the benefits, Jiang Yun had no good feelings for him. Even, Jiang Yun has regarded him as his enemy.

However, the strength of Wan HongBo was too high. Jiang Yun knew that even if he could motivate all the beasts here, it was impossible to kill that guy.

'Lord Wan must to be joking. I'm just obeying the rules here, taming as many beasts as possible, so that they can combine the transmission then send me out.'

After leaving this sentence, Jiang Yun no longer looked at Wan HongBo, and turned his eyes to the beasts gathered around.

Looking at Jiang Yun, who completely ignored him, Wan HongBo’s eyes were murderous: 'Jiang Yun, haven’t you heard what I said? You are a factotum disciple, and you committed the crimes of killing fellow disciples in the sect, you violated the rules. I've said that you lost the qualifications to continue the test, now you get out of here and accept the punishment in Enforcement Hall!'

Jiang Yun suddenly smiled coldly, “Factotum disciple? Fellow Disciples?'

“Any wrong? You are wearing the factotum uniform. You are factotum disciple. Just now, everyone in the sect saw what you've done. You want to argue…?'

Without waiting for Wan HongBo to finish the words, a series of sounds suddenly sounded above the sky inside the illusionary world.

'Tell you, Liu Xin is killed by me...

'Sha JingShan and Lu XiaoYu were forced to leave by Peak Master Wei. While I have already commanded some among their group, they will do everything and take every opportunity to kill Lu XiaoYu......'

This voice was extremely clear. Crossing through the map, it was clearly introduced into the ears of everyone, and it made everyone's face change.

Because this was clearly the voice of Fang RuoLin, who had already died. Fang RuoLin said this in order to anger Jiang Yun.

Wan HongBo’s complexion changed. He looked at the cold-winged bat on the shoulder of Jiang Yun. He had intended to frame Jiang Yun, but couldn’t because of that bat, as this was all that monster’s doing.

It could reproduce things that have happened in the entire drawing for a certain period of time, including sound.

With the disappearance of Fang RuoLin’s voice, Jiang Yun’s voice followed: 'Yes, I am a factotum disciple. I killed Fang RuoLin, but can such kind of person be called a fellow disciple? If I don’t kill her, I don't know how many factotum disciples will be killed by her like Liu Xin!'

'Lord Wan, I ask you. As a factotum disciple, should I kill such a person or not!'

No matter inside or outside, everyone was caught in the silence because of Jiang Yun’s words.

In fact, although Fang RuoLin's action were hidden many people knew that. It was only because of Fang RuoLin's identity, and the victim being just a factotum disciple. So no one wanted to say anything.'

But now that Jiang Yun had made these things public, it was completely different.

'She should be killed!'

Suddenly, a voice full of anger came out of the crowd.

Looking at the sound, there was an inconspicuous factotum disciple, and his face was completely filled with anger at the moment.

After him, more and more voices began to sound one after another.

'Right! Are these factotum disciples not human? Fang RuoLin, such a person, should be killed!'

'I hate that I don't have that ability, or I would have killed her by myself!'

'Brother Jiang gave a good one!'

All the sounds were almost from factotum disciples.

As the group of people at the bottom of Seeking-Tao Sect, their words and deeds were cautious in the sect, for fear of offending the outer or inner disciples. While now the action of Jiang Yun, helped them to vent their anger, so they supported Jiang Yun at the moment!

Wan HongBo never thought that he was just trying to belittle Jiang Yun, and the words 'factotum disciple' would lead to such a big reaction.

In the face of the anger of so many factotum disciples, he knew that it is impossible to punish Jiang Yun anyway today, not even him, even Wei ZhengYang cannot do it.

'Huh!' Wan HongBo waved his sleeve: 'Rhetoric words, this is not within my jurisdiction, I don’t care anyway!'

Obviously, Wan HongBo had realized that if he stayed here again, he would be totally humiliated, so he simply wanted to leave.

Jiang Yun did not pay attention to Wan HongBo. He was just preparing to let the cold-winged bats combine the summoned beasts into a transmission. While at this moment, his ear suddenly sounded the sound of Bai Ze: 'Don't go, there is something good!'


'An egg of mutated monster, you must obtain it in any case!'

This requirement of Bai Ze made Jiang Yun frown, although he did not know what the mutant demonic monster egg was, since it was in this drawing, it should belong to Wan HongBo.

It was not a good action to rob it.

It seems that knowing Jiang Yun’s worry, Bai Ze continued to say: 'This egg is an unowned thing. If it is successfully hatched, it will not only help you become a demon forger in the future, but will definitely make you become stronger!'

The last four words of Bai Ze deeply touched Jiang Yun, and he looked at the back of Wan HongBo who was about to leave. Jiang Yun clenched his teeth: 'Well then, where is it?'