The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 97

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Chapter 97: Start From You

For Fang RuoLin, Jiang Yun just closed his eyes and then opened it. While for the cold-winged bat as a ninth-level demonic monster, it seemed that Jiang Yun become another person after that moment.

At this moment, in the eyes of this cold-winged bat, Jiang Yun was no longer a human being, but a demon, a demon that it did not dare to face at all - a heavenly demon!

At the same time, there was a strange voice in the surging black fog in Trap-Beasts Forest, 'Although it is weak, it is definitely the vibe of a heavenly demon. It comes from... Seeking-Tao Sect, how can there be a demon?'

There existed a hierarchy that was far stricter than human beings in demons’ world. Perhaps humans dare to offend the superior, but demons absolutely not dare.

What's more, although the cold-winged bat is already a demonic monster in ninth-level, it isn’t even a fart in front of a heavenly demon.

'Hey, Jiang Yun, aren't you very strong? How could you just stand there, you have the ability to kill me. Come on, take revenge for Lu XiaoYu and Liu Xin!'

Fang RuoLin still provoked Jiang Yun unscrupulously and did not notice the change of her cold-winged bat.

Looking at the cold-winged bat, which had clearly revealed strong fear in its eyes, Jiang Yun suddenly raised his hand and the five fingers were like a butterfly, stretching its wings graceful but fast.

With the flow of spiritual power, a strange mark was condensed in the air, and it was gently pointed to the eyebrows of the cold-winged bat.

The little body of the cold-winged bat stood in the same place, it did not hide or sneak; totally without resistance, it let the mark from Jiang Yun fall on its eyebrow and drill in.

'A Beast Seal!' Seeing that Jiang Yun took the initiative to take the shot, and even wanted to use a beast seal to control this cold-winged bat, Fang RuoLin felt joy under her heart, while she did not forget to openly swear: 'It’s really self-reliance.

You want to control the bat by yourself? You need a hundred years more!'

Even those who were not cultivating Tao of the beasts knew that the general Beast Seals can only control fierce beasts; it can never work for demonic beasts who were a whole realm higher than fierce beasts.

Therefore, let alone Fang RuoLin, even the people outside were shaking their heads again and again, thinking that Jiang Yun’s move was indeed a little naive.

Only Gu BuLao's eyes narrowed slightly after he saw the seal from Jiang Yun: 'This is not a beast seal. This is the demon seal! This child has the vibe of heavenly demon and can use demon-refining arts!'

When the seal sank inside the cold-winged bat, Jiang Yun's mind suddenly had a tiny ray of light, and under the illuminating light, his various senses instantly infinitely magnified.

He could see a thousands of miles away. He saw various beasts; saw the disciples who were rushing through the peak; saw the whole world inside the map.

He knew that this was not his vision, but that of the cold-winged bat.

As the most powerful demonic monster in this region, it was regarded as the king by all the beasts. Now, after being controlled by Jiang Yun, he can naturally use it to control the whole region inside the map.

If he wanted, all the beasts in this world would obey his commands.

'Is this the power of a demon-forger?'

With this feeling, Jiang Yun finally looked at Fang RuoLin, raised his foot and slowly walked towards her.

'I never knew that the human could be so obscene as you! For the identity of inner disciple, you can kill anyone who has no hatred with you.

'Fang RuoLin, your brother said some words to me on that day, I have always kept it in my mind. Today, I will tell you this, although you will have no chance to remember it!'

Looking at Jiang Yun, who was getting closer and closer to herself, especially when she heard Jiang’s indifferent words, a strong uneasiness suddenly burst into Fang RuoLin’s heart. She secretly drive the bat to be right in front of her to protect her from Jiang Yun.

However, just as Jiang Yun’s sentence was finished, he suddenly reached out his hand and crossed the cold-winged bat who did not dare to block him. He directly grabbed Fang RuoLin’s neck and lifted her body.

Fang RuoLin stunned, she did not know why the cold-winged bat would not respond, she hurriedly grabbed Jiang Yun's wrist with both hands, while constantly urging the cold-winged bat to kill Jiang Yun.

The scene that appeared in front of her eyes made her stunned again. The cold-winged bat fell lightly on the shoulders of Jiang Yun, lifted up its pair of gloomy eyes and stared coldly at her.

'The so-called rules are just for the cowards like you. As long as your strength is strong enough, you can completely step any rules! This is what your brother told me!'

Jiang Yun's eyes turned fierce and he increased the strength in his grip. But at this moment, a loud voice suddenly sounded: 'Stop!'

A figure appeared on the side of Jiang Yun and Fang RuoLin--the lord of Beasts Peak, Wan HongBo!

'Jiang Yun, you are so courageous, how dare you to kill your sister in same sect in public, don't think you can act recklessly rely on your poor little reputation! Now quickly put Fang RuoLin down, and then get out of here. You are not qualified to continue the test!'

With the sound of Wan HongBo, Fang RuoLin, who had already been desperate, finally found a glimmer of hope again.

While it seemed that Jiang Yun did not hear it at all. His eyes were still fixed on Fang RuoLin, who was being held in the air by himself: 'You are lucky than me. When your brother wanted to kill me, no one appeared to save me except elder Sha!'

'Public? How ridiculous! As long as I am strong enough, even if I kill you, no one will punish me, let alone killing me. You deserve it.'


Just as Jiang Yun’s voice fell, he grasped Fang RuoLin's neck violently and forcefully, then crushed her throat.

Looking at Fang RuoLin's face with an incredible expression and widely opening eyes, Jiang Yun said calmly: 'I have killed many beasts, but you are the first person I killed, my way of killing, shall start with you!'

This scene once again deeply shocked all the disciples in Seeking-Tao Sect at this moment, even Wan HongBo was stunned.

Under the circumstances that the lord of Beasts peak personally appeared to stop, Jiang Yun even dared to kill Fang RuoLin! This kind of behavior seemed to be impossible to describe with daring, but completely empty-minded!

'You wanna die!'

Wan HongBo finally recovered, his brow wrinkled and he reached out to grab Jiang Yun.

Seeing Wan HongBo was making a move on Jiang Yun, there was cold light flashing in eyes of the three brothers of Jiang Yun. They were about to enter the map as well. But in their ears sounded the voice of Gu BuLao: 'Stay here!'

At the same time, Jiang Yun turned around and looked at Wan HongBo. While the cold-winged bat, who was always standing on his shoulder, swung its four meat wings!


Wind rose!

Countless beasts screamed in this illusory world, and countless figures were rushing in the direction of Jiang Yun at a very fast speed.