The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 99

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Chapter 99: Twinning Beasts-Jades

Jiang Yun was very clear that after today's event, he and Wan HongBo had hostile relations, not to mention this mutant monster egg had no master, plus it can make him stronger.

After he made up his mind, he did not need Bai Ze's emphasis. He immediately saw the whole map of the scene in his mind, which made him see a white ball buried deep in the earth.

That's it"

Then he gave an order to the bat, and a pangolin immediately went straight into the ground, hugged the egg, and then rushed towards Jiang Yun's position.

While at the same time, Wan HongBo, who was about to go out of the illusory world, suddenly turned around and glared at Jiang Yun: 'How dare you!'

As his voice fell, Wan HongBo raised his hand, pointed towards Jiang Yun.

Obviously, Wan HongBo sensed Jiang Yun’s purpose, and this also made him change his mind to kill Jiang Yun.

He can ignore the fact that Jiang Yun already killed Fang RuoLin, but now Jiang Yun even dared to take away his own mutant monster egg, this behaviour is nothing more than finding death.

While looking at the attack from Wan HongBo, his body was suddenly oppressed and unable to move. He couldn’t resist an attack from a cultivator in Sky Reaching Realm.

However, a cold light flashed in his eyes, the bat suddenly flapped its wings, which created ripples one by one, and they shook intensely.

Wan HongBo's face changed again, for he could clearly feel that the fluctuating power of this ripple, which all flocked towards him like undercurrents.

'Bang! '

Nevertheless, the attack was still successful. A crisp cracking sound was heard, and the whole world was suddenly covered with numerous broken cracks.


After a deep breath, Jiang Yun stood up again, he stared at Wan HongBo and said: 'Lord Wan, I have a few question!'

The face of Wan HongBo was also extremely gloomy, because that invisible ripples bound his body tightly. They impressively limited his strength in one-level of Blessing Land Realm.

Otherwise, this shot was enough to kill Jiang Yun easily.

He was naturally more aware than anyone that it was the bond from the drawing, and that was the way he had originally used to control the power of beasts and monsters here.

While now, unexpectedly, Jiang Yun used it to suppress him.

'Question? You have no need to understand!'

Wan HongBo didn't prepare to talk nonsense with Jiang Yun anymore, and he lift his hand again. A virtual shadow of centipede came out of his body with a sharp roar and it rushed towards Jiang Yun fiercely.

Because there were still numerous of fierce animals around Jiang Yun at this moment so Wan HongBo dared not attack directly except this kind of way.

Jiang Yun also held out a finger. Immediately there was tumbling mist, and a strong sense of cold was covered in it that might freeze everything.

'Bang! '

The two hit each other hard, and though Jiang Yun's fog crumbled immediately, the centipede was frozen in the air.

Naturally, this force of frost was from the bat.

Jiang Yun's body fell back and flew out again, with blood trickling from his mouth and nose. Even with the help of the bat, and the strength of Wan HongBo being suppressed in Blessing Land Realm, he still wasn’t his match.

Without enough time to wipe his blood, Jiang Yun got up from the ground again and said: 'Lord Wan, I'd like to ask you what it is!'

At the same time, Jiang Yun had stretched out two fingers and pointed to the bat.

Seeing Jiang Yun's fingers as if they were illusory, they immediately disappeared into the head of the bat, and then pulled out a small yellow bean-sized light with a small piece of white jade inside.

With this scene, Wan HongBo's face finally changed completely. Although he wanted to say that he doesn't know, while at this moment, the numerous elders and lords outside recognized this light immediately.

Lan HuaZhao frowned slightly and said: 'This is the twinning beasts-jades of brother Wan, it contains a main jade and a vice one. With this, anyone can control the beast much more powerful than his own strength.

While Lan HuaZhao said the words, Wei ZhengYang, who was still silent, shook his head and took a step backwards then disappeared.

Wei ZhengYang didn't leave while Fang RuoLin said the truth about Sha JingShan's leaving, but he knew that it was impossible for Wan HongBo to kill Jiang Yun today, and there was a great possibility that Jiang Yun would beat back, so he must go now.

Jiang Yun's voice sounded again: 'If I'm not wrong, there should be an identical piece of jade in Fang RuoLin, right? Lord Wan, can you give me an explanation for that?'

In fact, Jiang Yun had been aware of this thing in the brain of the bat, and he speculated that it should be the key to Fang RuoLin's control.

But Jiang Yun wasn’t sure whether this thing was the property of Fang RuoLin or Wan HongBo, so he didn't say that. While now that Wan HongBo wanted to kill him, he did not hesitate to take out the jade piece.

In combination with the words of Lan HuaZhan and Jiang Yun, the public were suddenly enlightened.

Although most of them were a little confused when they saw Fang RuoLin controlled the bat at first, while they didn't pay much attention to it due to Fang RuoLin is Fang YuXuan's sister.

However, Lan HuaZhao said personally that the piece of jade that controlled the bat belongs to Wan HongBo, then it was no doubt that it was given to Fang RuoLin by Wan in advance.

This kind of behavior is cheating!

And the crowd was immediately angry, numerous disciples yelled out, even to curse loudly.

'So dirty!'

'Too shameless, how you as a lord of peak could help Fang RuoLin to cheat!'

'Then what is the meaning of the existence of rushing through the peaks! You give us an opportunity on the surface while secretly decide who can get it. I doubt the other four peaks did such too. The sect must thoroughly investigate this issue!'

The fierce criticism not only let Wan HongBo into plight, but also made the other lords of peaks feel uncomfortable. They were looking at Wan HongBo unkindly.

No matter the scorn of the disciples or the look of other lords, Wan HongBo's eyes were filled with resentment. He sneered: 'Jiang Yun, you not only killed your fellow disciple in sect, but also show no respect to elders and superiors! How dare you to steal my things! You are truly a hick without parents' education! I shall give you a lesson today!'


As the sound of Wan HongBo, a strong vibe came out of his body. It was faintly visible and broke the limitation from the drawing.

'Go to hell!'

Wan HongBo, who had restored the strength of Sky Reaching Realm, suddenly stretched out his hands towards Jiang Yun.

At the very moment, an indifferent voice suddenly sounded: 'Who do you think you are? Even if my disciple do not know the rules, it is not your business!'