The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 100

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Chapter 100: I Ask For A Fight

A boy with a white face appeared in the drawing out of nowhere. He carried his hands behind his back and looked at Wan HongBo.

And as he appeared, the original shocked and almost collapsed world suddenly calmed down, even the numerous cracks caused by Wan HongBo were slowly healing.

The boy, of course, was Gu BuLao!

The domineering words hit everyone's heart hard. But for Jiang Yun, it made his heart warm. Although Gu BuLao had not accepted him as a formal disciple, he was always considered as family in Hidden Peak!

After these words, Gu BuLao unexpectedly did not take a look at Wan HongBo, but reached out his hand with a wave. While the mutant monster's egg immediately flew to his hand, and after checking it a while, Gu BuLao coldly say with smile: 'This is a thing without an owner, everyone can take it.'

'Jiang Yun, there are rewards after you have successfully rushed through each peak. I remember that you have not yet taken the rewards on Fence Peak and Rune Peak. While today, I can make that decision that as long as you rush through Beasts Peak, it will be yours!'


Although Wan HongBo was furious to the extreme, he had no courage to attack Gu BuLao whose strength was unfathomable.

As for the crowd of disciples, they were all deeply convinced by the words of Gu BuLao!

Although this mutant monster's egg belonged to no one, while it must be hidden in this world by Wan HongBo. Now Gu BuLao actually regarded it as the prize for Jiang Yun.

It should be known that although Jiang Yun was really injured now, the number of fierce animals gathered around him was overwhelming, it was easy to combine the transmission and leave this illusory world.

Therefore, this egg was almost in Jiang Yun's pocket.

Jiang Yun made a deep bow to Gu BuLao and said, 'Master, I have a request.'

Gu BuLao picked his eyebrow slightly and said: 'Say it!'

'I, want to fight with lord Wan in here!'

This speech shocked all the disciples in whole Seeking-Tao Sect, and no matter the disciples, or the lords and elders in each peak, even Dao TianYou showed shock on his face at the moment.

While, Jiang Yun had already shaken the public deeply by the fight with Zheng Yuan. No one dared to imagine that he wanted to fight with Wan Hong Bo, whose strength was in Sky Reaching Realm!

There was a whole big realm between Meridians Unclogged Realm and Sky Reaching Realm, and the gap even can said to be described by the difference between heaven and earth.

As for Wan HongBo, his eyes flashed a cold light when he heard Jiang Yun's words. He was challenged by a cultivator who was in Meridians Unclogged Realm. This was not only no honor for him, but also a great shame.

If it were not for the fact that Gu BuLao was still standing in front of him, he would definitely kill Jiang Yun without hesitation now.

Gu BuLao's face also showed a trace of surprise, while he obviously did not expect that Jiang Yun would make such a request.

After a moment of reflection, however, Gu BuLao said with a slight smile: 'Well, no matter whether you win or lose, you can be regarded as a half of disciple of mine. I will protect you in the fight!'

After the voice down, he flashed and appeared in the sky out of the illusory world, standing on the air, then sat down cross-legged.

As he sat down, a powerful vibe suddenly erupted from his body. It was like a storm and instantly swept over the whole illusory world, instantly disabling everyone's eyes and spiritual sense, which means no one could see what would happen inside.

'What's the matter? Why can't I see anything?'

'Yes, my spiritual sense has been forced out!'

They all very much wanted to see how Jiang Yun fought against Wan HongBo. However, Gu BuLao completely blocked off the whole drawing from them.

In the face of the complaints from the people, Gu BuLao simply ignored them, and he even closed his eyes and went into a meditation.

Fortunately, Dao TianYou stood out at this time and said, 'Everyone, please don't be impatient. Because of some reasons, the fight between Jiang Yun and lord Wan can't be made public, but I guarantee as the master, there will never be a third person in this war except them.

Although all of the people were still a little discontent in the bottom of their heart, while in the face of the master and Gu BuLao, they didn't dare to say anything. So they could do nothing but wait.

Dao TianYou looked deeply at Gu BuLao, said in secret way: 'You also want to see the real strength of Jiang Yun now, right?'

Gu BuLao secretly nodded, this was exactly what he want.

Jiang Yun was now in eleven-level of Meridians Unclooged Realm. Although Gu BuLao did not even know whether he had cultivated the Tao physique or not, it was of great benefit for Jiang Yun to fight with a cultivator like Wan HongBo.

What's more, after rushing through the peaks, he had to let Jiang Yun leave Seeking-Tao Sect. The external environment was crueler than here and there were many masters. To be strong and live then, Jiang Yun had to have this fight, so he agreed to Jiang Yun's request.

The reason why it cannot be seen by the public was that he didn’t want to expose Jiang Yun's real strength.

Inside the drawing, although Gu BuLao left, Wan HongBo could clearly feel that his strength was bounded again and the limit was more firm than before, which means his strength now was in first-level in Blessing Land Realm.

Apparently, this was caused by Gu BuLao!

However, Wan HongBo did not care. Even if he was suppressed, but his strength was beyond the normal cultivator in Blessing Land Realm like Zheng Yuan.

After all, he was a cultivator in Sky Reaching Realm!

Although he hated Jiang Yun terribly, Wan HongBo stopped worrying and looked at Jiang Yun with a playful look on his face now, 'Do you think that I have been suppressed and you are qualified to challenge me with the help of the beasts?'

'Perhaps you think that Gu BuLao can save your life, even if I beat you, but at least dare not kill you. Then I will tell you that I have countless ways to make it worse than death!'

Wan HongBo's eyes slowly exposed killing intent. He slowly raised his hand and the frozen centipede in the air regained its freedom. It was writhing its huge body.

Jiang Yun's face also became solemn, just as Gu BuLao guessed, he was fighting this battle to prove his strength.

This battle was the real first step on his road to greatness.

After taking a deep breath, Jiang Yun's numerous physical and thunderous forces suddenly accelerated the operation, and his breath began to climb at this moment.

At the same time, Jiang Yun put out his hand to his eyebrows and showed a strange mark. There were numerous gases like smoke and fog rushing out of it. Gradually, a huge burly figure of thirty-meter tall was condensed and stood quietly behind Jiang Yun.

The Physical Tao Doppelganger!