The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 101

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Chapter 101: The Appearance Of Tao Doppelganger

At this moment, only three people could see the blurred figure of up to ten feet behind him, which made their faces show different reactions.

Gu BuLao was gratified, Dao TianYou was surprised, as for Wan HongBo, he was shocked!

This was the first time that Jiang Yun had exposed his Tao Doppelganger!

"Doppelganger!" Wan HongBo stared at the huge figure, and even he could not help but gasped, "You have already unblocked the tenth meridian, like Feng WuJi, stepping into the tenth-level in Meridians Unclogged Realm!"

Now, Wan HongBo finally understood why Jiang Yun had the courage to challenge him, but after the shock, he quickly recovered his calm, his face also showed a contemptuous meaning: "Even if you have stepped into tenth-level, it's still useless!"

When the voice fell down, Wan HongBo reached out his hand and the centipede in the sky suddenly gave out a sharp hoarse sound and then rushed towards Jiang Yun.

Faced with Wan HongBo, Jiang Yun dared not despise the enemy in the slightest way, so he went up to show his Doppelganger and looked at the centipede flying in front of him. The vague figure of dozen meters behind him also raised his feet and took a heavy step towards the ground.


In the violent roar of the earth, numerous ripples emerged, and all the beasts gathered around were shaken.

The Doppelganger, however, suddenly rushed to the sky with that step, and the hand became its fist, facing the centipede.


Another loud noise came. The centipede was like a stone. It was smashed to the ground by that punch and made a huge crack in the ground.

The Doppelganger also fell from the air and continued to clench his fists, one punch after another continuously hit on the centipede's body.

Every punch would shake the earth and made air roar!

The centipede had no power to fight back at all but only sent out the sad howl one after another!

Originally Wan HongBo did not know what strength Jiang Yun's Tao Doppelganger had, but at the moment his pupils contracted slightly, and he uttered few words which he could not believe: "Physical strength?"

But unblocking the 10th meridian by physical strength, even Dao TianYou could not understand, let alone Wan HongBo. But he didn't care about that, and again raised his hand, to show the emergence of an illusory mountain above him, which loomed around trees, covered in caves densely.


Seeing this illusory mountain, Jiang Yun's eyes were also slightly contracted. He knew that this was the foundation of a cultivator in Sky Reaching Realm, there was a special world within one's body.

Obviously, this mountain was that world of Wan HongBo, or to say, Wan HongBo’s Sky-Reaching.

Although Wan HongBo's strength had been suppressed at first-level in Blessing Land Realm, it was impossible to suppress his inner world strength. Even Gu BuLao couldn’t do it. Therefore, at this moment, what he showed was his Sky-Reaching.

With the appearance of this mountain, from every cave which was densely covered on the mountain, Spiritual Energy rushed out, and the Spiritual Energy rolled and converged, then turned into five centipedes with a length of 300 meters in the air.

These five centipedes rushed to Jiang Yun again with an earth-shaking sound.

Nearly ten thousand beasts all around the drawing, except a few higher-level monsters who could barely keep calm, huddled and trembled on the ground. As for the cold-wings bat that had always followed Jiang Yun, a strong fighting spirit broke out in its eyes.

Although it was also suppressed by the power of the Illusory Beast Map into a first-level monster, but it was actually in the ninth level; it was the lord of monsters in this world. The pressures from the emergence of these five centipedes was equivalent to the provocation of the lord.

Therefore, under Jiang Yun's slight nod, the cold-winged bat's mouth also emitted a sharp howl, the palm-sized body suddenly exploded into a full tens of meters, four pairs of flesh wings flapping crazily, facing a centipede.


Jiang Yun also spoke loudly, lifting his hands with rolling mist in the sky, mixed with innumerable animal roars, it condensed into a huge mist palm, grabbed another centipede.


Two of the five centipedes condensed by Wan HongBo crashed into the fogged-palm and the bat, making a thunderous sound, shocking the whole map, and even spreading to the ears of the outside world.

At the same time, the last three centipedes finally came to Jiang Yun's front. With the hoarse voice, the huge figures completely swallowed Jiang Yun up in an instant, setting off layers of waves, sweeping in all directions, even the space was twisted.

Wan HongBo's face showed a sneer and said, "You will die!"

These five centipedes all come from the Sky-Reaching in his body. Although they were not the embodiment of his strongest strength, it seemed to him that such an attack should be more than enough to kill Jiang Yun.

However, just as his voice had fallen, the waves that drowned Jiang Yun suddenly burst open, revealing the golden Jiang Yun in it.

Although Jiang Yun's face was covered with wounds and blood, he looked like a thunder god, surrounded by thunderstorms.

This scene, let the smile on Wan HongBo's face freeze instantly. This was an attack that he seriously prepared, let alone the Meridians Unclogged Realm, even a cultivator below third-level in Blessing Land Realm cannot bear it.

But Jiang Yun did not rely on any external force at all, just simply by the strength of his own cultivation to face it!

Unfortunately, this scene had not been seen by too many people, otherwise, it would definitely cause a big disturbance!


Suddenly, there were several loud sounds. According to that, Jiang Yun's Tao Doppelganger and the bat had completely killed the centipede they were facing.

Although Jiang Yun's fogged-palm was destroyed by another centipede, the centipede's body was only half left, shaking in the air.

At this time, Jiang Yun, who was surrounded by golden thunders, pushed his feet, and the whole man shot towards Wan HongBo in the distance like a sharp arrow.

Looking at Jiang Yun rushing toward him, Wan HongBo's face showed a fierce smile and said, "Although you did surprise me many times, you are not enough to defeat me, and you've already had your fun. It's time to end this meaningless battle. Come out!"


The illusory mountain above the head of Wan HongBo suddenly began to vibrate violently. It exploded in an instant and a centipede flew out of it.

This centipede was not illusory but real. Although only three meters long, there were thousands of feet and each sharp like a blade.

While that pliers under its head were shining lightly with an incomparably strong vibe.

But the most conspicuous was its huge compound eyes. At this moment, Jiang Yun could clearly see from them the same banter and contempt as Wan HongBo's eyes, just like the human beings!

With the emergence of this centipede, all the animals in the map were silent, even their shaking was completely forgotten, motionless. Even the winged bat, its eyes were also showing a trace of fear.

Obviously, this centipede was the pet beast of Wan HongBo, and it absolutely pressured the bat whether in level or strength.