The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 102

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Chapter 102: The Beasts Were Worshipping

"Spiritual Beasts, also known as Spiritual Demonic Beasts, because it has more complete intelligence, higher than Demonic Beasts in cultivation realm, comparable to the cultivators in Sky Reaching Realm! But now it is also suppressed to be in one-level."

At the same time, Bai Ze's reminder sounded in Jiang Yun's mind.

Although Jiang Yun also realized how strong this centipede was, he did not stop rushing at all. He slowly raised his right hand with a strong determination in his eyes.

"Go ahead!"

Obeying the command of Wan HongBo, the spiritual beast--centipede swayed its thousand feet and slowly climbed towards Jiang Yun.

Obviously, like its owner, the centipede did not take Jiang Yun seriously.

However, although its speed seemed not fast, there was green mist in the air between walking, which is its own poison. With the shaking of its body, it constantly filled the world, and even gradually submerged its shape.

It has to be said that this centipede is really powerful. It emits a poisonous fog first when encountering an enemy. In this way, anyone who wants to attack it will be lost in the mist.

As a pharmacist, Jiang Yun knew the severity of the poisonous fog in front of him, but he was not willing to let it go, so he clenched his teeth, his figure did not retreat, and the whole body was instantly submerged in the poisonous mist.


With a loud roar coming out of the poisonous fog, Jiang Yun's right five fingers quickly hit a mark of the devil, flying to the centipede's head.

Although centipede is a spiritual beast, when it perceives a hint of genie in the impression of the Fu demon, fear suddenly appears in the eyes with banter, and the body slows down and seems to be retreating.

But the spirit of the heavenly demon made it dare not retreat at all. It could only stay where it was, let the stigma hit its head, and let its body slightly stiff, completely stagnate in the air.

At the same time, Jiang Yun's left hand suddenly touched his eyebrows, and a vague mark appeared on his eyebrows. Then, a golden thunderbolt shot out from his eyebrows, all of which condensed in the palm of Jiang Yun's left hand, forming a thunderbolt with the size of a palm.

This was Jiang Yun's thunderstorm power from getting through the eleventh meridian. Although he had not yet fully developed Tao Illusion, he could borrow a little of this thunderstorm power.

Lift up the thunderbolt ball in his hand, Jiang Yun ruthlessly patted the centipede's head, which had stopped moving.

Looking at the thunderbolt, the centipede's eyes were more fearful, with much more acute sense than human beings, it was very clear to tell it that this seemingly insignificant light ball, its inherent power can absolutely kill itself.

But under the control of the Tame Stigma, it couldn't escape at all but only let the thunder ball smash it in its eyebrows.


The thunderbolt exploded and turned into numerous golden lights. In a moment, it covered all over the centipedes' long body.

With the black smoke rising from there, the centipede suddenly sounded a sad hoarse in the air, trembling down from heavily toward the ground.


Just as the centipede was shot down, Wan HongBo was coughing blood, and his body was trembling violently. The whole person was instantly depressed for a bit, and his looked like more in shocked.

As the cultivator who practiced the Tao of beasts, Wan had already had connection with his own pet beast, so he could feel the same for centipedes wrapped in thunder.

"It's your turn, Lord Wan!"

At this moment, Jiang Yun, because he inhaled some poisonous fog, his face became blue and his five senses were bleeding, but he suddenly turned around and rushed to Wan HongBo again.

Behind him, dozens feet of the Tao Illusion, winged bats, and even all the animals in the Illusory Map, all rose to the sky and rushed to Wan HongBo.


For those who waiting outside, because they can't see Jiang Yun and Wan HongBo's fight in the map, they could only focus their eyes on Gu BuLao and Dao TianYou, trying to guess the battle situation from their faces.

Watching the time pass for nearly a quarter of an hour or so, Gu BuLao who was sitting cross-leg on the top of the Illusory Map suddenly stood up, which also caught of the people's spirits. Obviously, the battle inside had finished.

"It must have been Jiang Yun who lost the game so soon!"

"Yes, although Jiang Yun's strength is really strong, but in the face of cultivator in Sky Reaching Realm how could he win!"

"Nevertheless, it is extremely rare to persist for such a long time!"

From voice of the public, the Illusory Map suddenly emitted countless rays of light, forming a sparkling door in the air.

Everyone knew this well and knew that this was the start of the transmission in its.

In people's expectations and waiting, from the light door came out a figure, although there was blood dripping which made him look extremely battered, but looking at this figure, everyone felt that their breathing had stopped.

It's Jiang Yun!

This meant that he won the battle with Wan HongBo.

This result, even if DongFang Bo and Lan HuaZhao and others who were always optimistic to Jiang Yun, was unacceptable and unbelievable. But at this time.


The myriad beasts in the Illusory Map, led by the Cold-Winged bat, suddenly roared at the same time. The sound rang through the sky and penetrated the map.

All Beasts were worshipping, representing Jiang Yun's success in breaking through the Beast Peak!

Jiang Yun, who emerged from the map, bowed to Gu BuLao: "Thank you, Lord Gu!"


In the laughter, Gu BuLao's figure appeared beside Jiang Yun, and directly gave Jiang Yun the mutant beast egg in his hand. Then he waved his big sleeve around Jiang Yun and turned to the Hidden Peak in an instant.

Then, Dao TianYou appeared at the top of the Illusory Map. Similarly, a figure was rolled out from it. A disciple with sharp eyes recognized the figure at a glance as Wan HongBo, the Lord of Beasts Peak.

At the moment, he was covered with bruises. Even there were clear punch marks around his eyes. His eyes were closed and nobody knew whether he had really passed out or he had no face to see people so deliberately pretended to faint.

Until now, people had to believe that Jiang Yun really beat Wan HongBo!

Meridians Unclogged Realm fought Sky Reaching Realm, which was just like a fantastic dream, and the cultivator in Meridians Unclogged Realm could even defeat the other side, which made everyone's mind blank, there was no language or idea at all could describe their feelings at this moment.

Dao TianYou coughed softly and said, "I will personally send Wan HongBo to the Enforcement Hall to make it clear what has happened today! You disciples could also rest assured that the Lord will surely give you a satisfactory answer of the event of rush through the Five Peaks!"