The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 165

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Chapter 165: Protect Jiang Yun

At this moment, Feng QiShan's face was extremely gloomy. He was now like a volcano with an impending eruption.

As a cultivator in the Fifth Level of Blessing Land Realm, he took eight cultivators in the Blessing Land Realm with him to chase and kill Jiang Yun.

However, up to now, they only killed one pharmacist from the Grand Medicine Sect; on the contrary, there were already eight people dead on his side, leaving only himself alive! And Jiang Yun was still not killed!

With such a result, even if he killed Jiang Yun, it was a shame for him to ask for reward from the supreme elder of Hundred Herbs Valley.

However, he was really surprised by Jiang Yun. What kind of means had he, an only Tenth Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm guy, used to kill so many cultivators in the Blessing Land Realm one by one?


Suddenly, a word came into his mind.

He remembered the bodies of his people. There was a wound in their chests, which seemed to be the same size as the one-horned python.

After a moment of thinking, Feng QiShan’s hand appeared a stone, and he said to it with a deep voice, “I am Feng Qishan, a junior cultivator of Hundred Herbs Valley. I have something unclear and want to consult with the Luo family’s Big Forefather!”

After speaking, he crushed the stone. At the same time, Luo Qing suddenly opened his eyes with an incredible look.

He knew that Feng QiShan had brought people to kill Jiang Yun. As Jiang Yun had speculated, he had not paid attention to what had been happening here because he needed to concentrate on opening the Demon-Refining World.

Moreover, since the Hundred Herbs Valley had dispatched nine cultivators in the Blessing Land Realm, in addition to six Demonic Beasts controlled by Luo LingXiao, it should be very easy to deal with Jiang Yun and three pharmacists.

He had believed that now they should have completed their tasks successfully.

He didn’t expect that Feng QiShan would still have troubles now!

In an instant, Luo Qing’s Divine Sense immediately shrouded the entire forest and his reply came into Feng QiShan’s ear at the same time. "What is your question?"

Before Feng QiShan speaking, Luo Qing had already seen the bodies of the cultivators and Demonic Beasts in the forests. This made his face gloomier.

"Why is Jiang Yun still alive? Where are the people of the Grand Medicine Sect? Feng QiShan, are your people of the Hundred Herbs Valley just wastes? And where is Little Lord Luo?"

At this moment, Luo Qing was really angry!

It was fine though Jiang Yun was not dead now and people of Grand Medicine Sect had fled. After all, it was people of Hundred Herbs Valley who had attacked them. If Grand Medicine Sect knew this incident, they would not get even with the Luo family.

However, now Luo LingXiao had disappeared. He was unable to accept this fact anyway.

Feng QiShan was angry with Luo Qing’s scolding. However, he did not dare to show even a little dissatisfaction. He answered respectfully, “Don’t be angry, Big Forefather. Little Lord Luo seems to have been taken away by Jiang Yun. But his life should not be in danger. What caused such a situation is exactly what I want to ask you, because I suspect that Jiang Yun is a Demon Forgemaster."

"What, a Demon Forgemaster?"

Luo Qing was surprised. He could easily find Jiang Yun who was sitting in meditation in the forests, but he did not feel any Demonic Energy from Jiang Yun

However, he believed that Feng QiShan should be telling the truth. Because the few Demonic Beasts that had died in the forest were temporarily controlled by Luo LingXiao in his command.

It was not difficult to find from the scars on their bodies that they were killed by cultivators from Hundred Herbs Valley.

Luo LingXiao would never ask these Demonic Beasts to attack them. Therefore, it could only be done by Jiang Yun!

At this moment, Luo Qing couldn't help but think of that Jiang Yun had previously survived from the Against-Demon Bridge even after being devoured by a Taoist Demon Demonic Energy!

Luo Qing became serious. He murmured, "Is Jiang Yun really a Demon Forgemaster?

"If this is the case, then he must not die in the hands of Hundred Herbs Valley.

"However, it starts to dawn. I need to open the Demon-Refining World soon. I can't be distracted. then... Luo BaiChuan!"

Luo BaiChuan suddenly heard Luo Qing’s voice. He replied in respect, “Yes, my Big Forefather!”

"Go to the opposite forests right now. Secretly watch Jiang Yun and Feng QiShan. Remember, Jiang Yun cannot be killed anyway. And if necessary, you can even kill Feng QiShan!"


Luo BaiChuan suddenly looked up and wondered if his ear had a problem. How the Big Forefather could let him to protect Jiang Yun, even at a cost of killing Feng QiShan?!

Luo Qing quickly gave an explanation, "Jiang Yun is probably a Demon Forgemaster!"

This sentence really shocked Luo BaiChuan. His old face showed an amaze color. Because he really could not believe that Jiang Yun would actually be a Demon Forgemaster.

In fact, although the Luo family was known as following the demon refining footsteps, only the Big Forefather could be regarded as a Demon Forgemaster. To be honest, even the Big Forefather was a sciolist.

How could a disciple of the Seeking-Tao Sect, a young man in the Meridian Unclogged Realm, be a Demon Forgemaster!

"Now you see! In a word, watch them secretly. If you really confirm that Jiang Yun is a Demon Forgemaster, then kill Feng QiShan and send Jiang Yun into the Demon-Refining World directly!"

Luo BaiChuan hurriedly asked, "If I kill Feng QiShan, how should we stand to face the Hundred Herbs Valley?"

"Don't worry about the Hundred Herbs Valley. They will soon be greeted with the crazy revenge of the Grand Medicine Sect!"

"Got it! My Big Forefather!"

At the same time, Feng QiShan also heard Luo Qing’s voice, “I am not sure whether Jiang Yun is a Demon Forgemaster. Whereas, I can tell you the specific position of Jiang Yun. Just rest assured. I will personally guard you this time!"

Feng QiShan bowed to the direction of Luo family and said, "Thank you, Big Forefather!"


The footsteps were clearly heard by Jiang Yun. Once he opened his eyes, he saw Feng QiShan, who was slowly coming to him with a murderous look!

Jiang Yun did not feel surprised for the emergence of Feng QiShan. In fact, he was even vaguely aware of Luo Qing’s Divine Sense before.

Deeply taking a breath, braving the pains, Jiang Yun slowly stood up, with his eyes coldly watching Feng QiShan.

"Jiang Yun, I will cut you into a thousand pieces!"

As Feng QiShan was speaking in cold and anger, Jiang Yun was reaching his finger out, then a huge thunderbolt appeared above Feng QiShan.


The golden thunderbolt broke out, but Feng QiShan just taken one step to walk out of it. He was unharmed. Watching Jiang Yun coldly, he said, "Come on, make all you means out. Show me how strong you are!"

Though his sneak attack did not have any effect, Jiang Yun was still calm. Saying nothing, he just made some gestures. Then, the Golden Demonic Ape, the one-horned python and the red wolf immediately appeared beside him.

Although each of them had a lot of scars on their bodies, they look at Feng QiShan's gaze fiercely.