The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 166

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Chapter 166: Open The Demon-Refining World

Being confined by Jiang Yun was just like getting a new life for these three Demonic Beasts.

Because they were no longer tortured by the Demon-Refining Seal or to be a Medicinal Puppet. Hence, they were sincerely willing to regard Jiang Yun as their new master and willing to work themselves to death for him.

Just as the three Demonic Beasts appeared, Luo BaiChuan, who had already arrived and was hiding in the dark, finally showed a shocked color on his face.

Even if Luo Qing had told him that Jiang Yun might be a Demon Forgemaster, it was far less shocking than what he saw with his own eyes.

From the clear eyes of the three Demonic Beasts, he could clearly judge that they had not been tortured at all; they were willingly driven by Jiang Yun.

Even his Big Forefather was unable to make it!

Looking at these three Demonic Beasts, Feng QiShan showed a scornful face. He reached his hand out, then a big man with a burly naked body appeared in front of him, with only a piece of animal skin at his waist.

His bare body was filled with silver needles!

A Medicinal Puppet!

The appearance of this Medicinal Puppet made Jiang Yun's pupil shrink slightly.

Although he knew that people from Hundred Herbs Valley should have Medicinal Puppet with them, he did not expect that Feng QiShan would call a Medicinal Puppet out. After all, no matter himself or these Demonic Beasts were severely hurt.

The strength of this Medicinal Puppet should be stronger than that of Du GuiRong's.

Fortunately, he had a special solution in dealing with Medicinal Puppets.

"Go, kill these animals!"

Feng QiShan slapped hard on the Medicinal Puppet’s top of the skull, making a silver needle deep into its body.

With a scream, it rushed to the three Demonic Beasts.

The three Demonic Beasts naturally felt the power of this Medicinal Puppet, but they had no fear. Gnashing their teeth, they prepared to fight with this Medicinal Puppet. However, there was a figure that rushed out faster than them.

This figure was naturally Jiang Yun!

Looking at its eyes full of pain, Jiang Yun reminded of the Medicinal Puppet that he had killed previously. At the same time, he remembered the Eight-Pains Technique!

"Let me help you out of pains!"

At the fingertips of Jiang Yun, there was a slap-sized whirlpool. Among the whirlpool, there were flashes of people, images, and vocal music.

Looking at this whirlpool, even if Feng QiShan’s eyes are inexplicably revealing a craving. He had an eager to step into it.

However, he can't get in!

However, when the Medicinal Puppet saw this whirlpool, its painful eyes showed a hint of clarity and excitement. He even did not wait for Jiang Yun to throw the whirlpool out, but had already rushed straight toward it.

The Suffering of Not-Getting!"

The whirlpool flew from the palm of Jiang Yun, and gently hit the body of the oncoming Medicinal Puppet. Then, it instantly inflated and wrapped it up.

"All of you from Hundred Herbs Valley deserve death!" At the same time, in an indifferent voice, Jiang Yun and his three Demonic Beasts all rushed to Feng QiShan who was still in shock!

"You are looking for death!"

Although Feng QiShan’s gaze remained on the whirlpool, his reaction was really fast. When Jiang Yun and the three Demonic Beasts rushed over, he raised his hand and a huge illusory palm appeared in the sky. It then pressed down towards them.

"Bang bang bang!"

With several loud sounds, they flew out at a faster speed. All of them were bloody in their mouths, especially the three Demonic Beasts, which had fallen into a coma.

Obviously, these Demonic Beasts couldn’t bear the blow of Feng QiShan.

Feng QiShan was complacent about his attack. However, he didn’t notice that a huge figure of six meters high was behind him. It raised its giant palms and slammed into the head of Feng QiShan.

"Get away!"

Feng QiShan shouted, and a five-petal flower appeared on the top of his head. It seemed to be weak and delicate, but when the giant palms touched the petals, the huge figure was pushed far away.

This flower was the Blessing Land of Feng QiShan!

And the huge figure was the Third-Level white bear.

Jiang Yun had tried to use his Demon-Vanquishing Seal to make it submit itself. It was really a powerful Demonic Beast, so he hadn’t made it until he had been trying for a whole night. It regarded Jiang Yun as its master just now. Thus, Jiang Yun made a frontal attack with the other three Demonic Beasts, to create a chance for it to give a sneak attack.

Unfortunately, Feng QiShan was too strong. They still could not hurt him with such a chance.

Looking at the four Demonic Beasts and Jiang Yun who fell to the ground, and giving a glance at the place where the whirlpool and Medicinal Puppet had disappeared, Feng QiShan was totally rest assured. Although he was still confused. He had no idea about Jiang Yun’s previous technique.

"Hey, Jiang Yun, is there anything else? If no other means, then it’s my turn!"

Jiang Yun clenched his teeth and slowly climbed up from the ground. He did not pay attention to Feng QiShan, but went to the side of the four Demonic Beasts. One by one, he put them back to his Demon-Storing Bags.

During this process, Feng Qishan just watched and did not interfere. Because he believed that Jiang Yun had no other means to resist.

After doing all this, Jiang Yun looked up. Seeing the eastern sky was becoming lightening, he muttered to himself, "The sky is bright. I was wondering whether someone can see the sun today!"

"May I notice you?! Your last hour has come! No matter if others can see the sun, you can't!"

Feng QiShan realized that Jiang Yun was cursing at him, so he shouted in a cold voice. At the same time, he slowly lifted his palm. However, he did not find that another figure was behind him now.

Jiang Yun certainly had seen it. Actually, this was exactly why he had ridiculed Feng QiShan!

After Feng Qishan fell heavily in front of himself, Jiang Yun spoke faintly, "Lord Luo, I did not expect that you will save me! However, you should not have a good intention, should you?"

Seeing that Jiang Yun had even brought the Third-Level white bear under his controlled, Luo BaiChuan had no doubt about Jiang Yun’s identity as a Demon Forgemaster. Therefore, he finally made his decision.

Luo BaiChuan smiled and was about to speak. But at this moment, Luo Qing’s voice suddenly came from the sky, “The Demon-Refining World is now open. Everyone should enter it within thirty seconds!”

"Damn it!"

Hearing the voice of Luo Qing, Luo BaiChuan realized that the voice was deliberately warning him to hurry up.

With no time to waste, Luo BaiChuan didn’t speak anymore. He grabbed Jiang Yun and stunned him. Then he rushed to the Luo’s castle bringing the unconscious Jiang Yun with him.


Now the Luo’s castle was crowded. Everyone was gathering next to the statue.

For Jiang Yun, who had been chased overnight, this night was thrilling and dangerous; and for them, this night was equally exciting.

Everyone's face was full of excitement and expectation. They whispered to each other about the situations that might be encountered in the Demon-Refining World.

They were too excited to notice that Jiang Yun did not show up.

Right now, on the left hand of the statue, the Demon’s Tao Conferment Bamboo Slips once again emerged, exuding nine colorful lights.

Following Luo Qing’s words, the nine colors of light slowly fell on the ground, and turned into a nine-color light door in front of everyone.

"Enter it. It’s the door to the Demon-Refining World. I wish you good luck!"

Hearing this, these cultivators had already swarmed into the light gate!

A thirty-second time passed quickly. As the light door was about to dissipate, Luo BaiChuan finally appeared above the statue.

"Oh sh**t!"

Luo BaiChuan had originally wanted to find out all the good things on Jiang Yun's body, especially Demon-Storing Bags. However, since the light door was about to dissipate, he had no time. He could only throw Jiang Yun into the light door.