The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 167

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Chapter 167: Integrate The Demonic Energy

"Huh, that person seems to be master Jiang!"

"Yes, it is master Jiang!"

Among the crowd who were unqualified, someone recognized that the one who was thrown into the light gate by Luo BaiChuan at the last second was Jiang Yun.

They felt a little strange why Jiang Yun would be thrown into the Demon-Refining World, but they didn’t think it too much.

However, a tall middle-aged man standing on a tall building changed his face.

It was Cong Qin! He could vaguely tell that Jiang Yun should be caught by Luo BaiChuan and might not be voluntary to enter the Demon-Refining World.

However, at this moment, he did not have any way to rescue Jiang Yun. Glancing at the left eye of the statue, he finally made his voice into a straight line and sent it into the ears of Jiang Yun, "The Demon-Refining World is connected with the Ten Thousand Demons Cave!"

He did not know whether Jiang Yun had heard his words, because the light door had completely dissipated when Jiang Yun’s body had fallen into it.

At this moment, Luo Qing’s voice sounded again, “The Demon-Refining World will be re-opened in at least three months. Everyone is the honor guest to Luo family. Therefore, just feel free to stay in our house during this time."

The crowd agreed. They would wait for the re-opening of the Demon-Refining World.


In a daze, Jiang Yun felt that there seemed to be something cold, constantly impacting his body. He could not help but slowly open his eyes.

Then a river that was ten feet wide and watery came into sight. He was lying on the riverside, and over half of his body was soaking in the river.

"Where am I?"

Jiang Yun tried to sit up, but only a gentle movement made him felt like his body was torn apart.

Under the stimulation of pain, he was totally conscious though.

"Ah, I remembered, I was thrown into a light door by Luo BaiChuan. Then, it should be the Demon-Refining World here!"

Although the pain was almost unbearable, Jiang Yun struggled to sit up. He looked around and found himself in a valley, no one else except himself.

He looked up and found the sky was full of fog, and the end could not be seen.

No Spiritual Energy here but endless Demonic Energy.

At this moment, Bai Ze’s voice suddenly sounded, “The Demon’s Tao Conferment Bamboo Slips! You are now in the Demon’s Tao Conferment Bamboo Slips! The Demonic Energy! How rich the Demonic Energy here has! I have not felt this rich Demonic Energy for a long time. Oh, I really want to come out and take a big suck!"

Jiang Yun did not pay attention to Bai Ze, who was obviously in this excitement. Instead, he began to meditate and recover his injuries.

Although he had escaped the pursuit of nine cultivators of Hundred Herbs Valley, it did not mean that he was already safe. Jiang Yun knew this very clear.

Instead, his current situation was even more dangerous!

Although he had no idea why the Luo family forced him to enter the Demon-Refining World, they would certainly not be kind.

Especially as this place was completely strange to him, so if he wanted to live, he should recover his strength as soon as possible.

However, other cultivators might get mad without Spiritual Energy, but for Jiang Yun, it was not a problem.

Because he could also absorb Demonic Energy!

"I am wondering if brother Xiao and Ms. Xie have succeeded in escaping!"

Later, Jiang Yun began to madly absorb the surrounding Demonic Energy.

When the world's Demonic Energy came into his body, he immediately felt a desire and excitement.

To make it more accurate, it was the Demonic Energy in his twelfth meridian that felt a desire and excitement!

These Demonic Energy were like seeing a loved one. They immediately rushed to the twelfth meridian, instantly surrounded it and merged together.

With more and more Demonic Energy, a faint mark had emerged between Jiang Yun’s eyebrows.

It could vaguely be recognized that it was a cloud image.

If this cloud mark was fully formed, it meant that Jiang Yun would own his third Tao Doppelganger!

"Hahaha. I have guessed the truth! I know that the Luo family must utilize this Demon’s Tao Conferment Bamboo Slip to trap that Taoist Demon. Haha, you used that Taoist Demon’s Demonic Energy to unblock your meridian. Now, here is almost your home!

"How lucky for you to be tossed in! Otherwise, you will lose a lot from missing this opportunity!

"Cong Qin is really stupid. It is a big opportunity for you, and he still wants to stop you!

"Thanks to the Luo family for throwing you here."

While Jiang Yun was trying his best to absorb the Demonic Energy and restoring his strength, Bai Ze was keeping talking in his mind.

Although it was a bit chatty, but with the experiences of chatting with DongFang Bo, Jiang Yun could bear it.

Moreover, from the words of Bai Ze, Jiang Yun gradually knew a little about the Demon-Refining World.

The Demon-Refining World turned out to be a piece of the Demon’s Tao Conferment Bamboo Slips!

The Luo family really didn’t possess all the Demon’s Tao Conferment Bamboo Slip, but only one of them!

What a precious treasure the Demon’s Tao Conferment Bamboo Slips were. Every bamboo slip could write the name of a demon. And the demon would own an independent world within this bamboo slip.

In other words, each bamboo slip was equivalent to a world.

Obviously, now this world had belonged to that Taoist Demon that Jiang Yun had encountered on the Against-Demon Bridge and the abyss.

The reason why this demon could reach its Tao should not be due to its self-cultivation. It should be conferred Tao by an ancestor of the Luo family, a true Demon Forgemaster.

People who entered this world would be randomly dispersed.

As for Jiang Yun, as Bai Ze had said, he was just like going back home. The Demonic Energy here could be integrated with the Demonic Energy in his body, which could help him accelerate his third Tao Doppelganger cultivation.

However, Jiang Yun still had no idea why Luo Qing would send him here, and why he generously let so many cultivators enter here. What was his purpose?

However, no time to consider these questions, Jiang Yun need to seize the time, restore his strength, and strive to cultivate the third Tao Doppelganger.


At this moment, Luo Qing in the Luo’s statue was confused and anxious. Since Jiang Yun had entered the Demon-Refining World, he had completely disappeared without a trace, like a stone sinking into the sea.

However, although the Demon-Refining World didn’t belong to him, he could detect the situation inside.

He could know the general situation of everyone who was inside, but he couldn’t find Jiang Yun!

"What the hell is going on? How can I not sense his whereabouts? If I can't find him, how can I offer him up as a sacrifice to the Taoist Demon Spirituality?!

"Then I can only put my hopes in Luo Xu. If Luo Xu can't find him, then I must ask those demons for help. However, it’s better to do it in a secret way. I can't let them know about the existence of the Taoist Demon Spirituality or the sacrificial thing!"


At the same moment, on the top of Hidden Peak in the Seeking-Tao Sect, Gu BuLao who was sitting with eyes closed suddenly opened his eyes. His look showed that he was very angry.

"Jiang Yun's mental aura has disappeared! Luo Qing, who gives you the courage to harm my disciple?! It seems that the lesson given to you last time is not enough!"

Gu BuLao suddenly stood up and stepped out. Then he disappeared without a trace in a flash!