The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 168

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Chapter 168: Good At Treating

Previously, it took Jiang Yun a month to reach South Star city from the Seeking-Tao Sect before getting to Luo's house through the Teleportation Array.

However, once Gu BuLao disappeared from the Hidden Peak, his figure appeared over the Luo’s castle. But no one could see him.

Looking down at Luo’s castle, Gu BuLao coldly spoke, "Luo Qing, get out!"

Gu BuLao’s voice was not audible to others as well. Only Luo Qing, who was in the left eye of the statue, suddenly felt cold. He slightly trembled and opened his eyes.

Although Luo Qing tried hard to keep himself calm, his eyes reflected his inner fear.

Although he knew why Gu BuLao was coming, Luo Qing deliberately pretended to know nothing, "Gu BuLao, what do you want to do?!"

"You don’t know why?" Gu Bu Lao sneered coldly, "Don’t pretend to be confused! I kindly sent my disciple to celebrate your birthday. Not only did you make troubles on him, but you dared to send him into the Demon-Refining World."

Stop speaking, Gu BuLao stared at the left hand of the statue, which was already empty, "Huh, I see. You want to use the life of my disciple as a sacrifice to the Taoist Demon Spirituality!"

Although Gu BuLuo was telling the truth, Luo Qing would certainly not admit it. He clenched his teeth and said, “He entered the Demon-Refining World by his own willing. It has nothing to do with me!"

"It has nothing to do with you? This is your home. Only you can open up the Demon-Refining World. As the lord of the Luo family, you can’t even protect my disciple here. What a shame for you to be alive?

"Send my disciple right away now! Otherwise, the Luo family has no necessary to exist in the Mountain-Sea Continent any longer!"

Hearing this, Luo Qing suddenly looked up. His face twisted. He said fiercely, "Gu BuLao, don't bully us too much!"

"I'll just bully you, what can you do? I'll give you ten seconds. After ten seconds, if I still can't see Jiang Yun, then the whole Luo family will disappear!"

After saying this, the body of Gu BuLao suddenly swelled, then his body changed from a boy to a young man. A powerful mental aura broke out above his body, which turned into invisible force, falling from the sky and completely covered the entire Luo’s castle.

"Wait, wait!" Luo Qing hurriedly yelled, "You know that once the Demon-Refining World is closed, it can't be reopened if it’s not time yet. No one can enter, not even me! I really have no way to bring him out. But I can guarantee you with the lives of everyone in my Luo family, he is absolutely fine!"

Being afraid that Gu BuLao didn’t believe him, Luo Qing hurriedly explained, "Moreover, entering the Demon-Refining World may be a good thing to him, because he is a Demon Forgemaster!"

"A Demon Forgemaster?"

Hearing these, Gu BuLao's face flashed with a surprise. He muttered, "How can this boy become a Demon Forgemaster? Well, it should be possible. After all, I can feel some mental aura of a Heavenly Demon from him. Also, he seems to have a good relationship with Old Hei.

"If he is really a Demon Forgemaster, then he is really possible to get a good fortune in the Demon-Refining World."

Thinking for a while, Gu BuLao converged his mental aura and turned into a boy-like appearance again. "Okay, then I'll wait at your house. If my disciple come out with even a minor scratch, I will take away a life of your people! "

Leaving this sentence, Gu BuLao sat cross-legged over the Luo’s castle directly and closed his eyes.

Luo Qing took a breath in secret, the hatred on his face was getting stronger and stronger.

Luo Qing had originally thought that the matter about Jiang Yun could come to an end for the time being.

However, three days after Jiang Yun had entered the Demon-Refining World, a space wrap suddenly happened above the Luo’s castle, which was near the place where Gu BuLao sat.

Looking at the space wrap, Gu BuLao frowned and murmured, "Why are they coming here too? Are they coming here for my fourth disciple? I don’t want to say hello to them. I should hide myself temporarily."

As soon as he finished his words, his figure faded, and finally disappeared.

Then, one after another, the silhouettes stepped out from the wrapping space, a total of ten people!

Everybody exuded a strong mental aura.

Especially the last old lady whose hair was grey, she came out with a walking stick in her hand; she tapped it lightly on the ground, and the whole world shuddered for it.

The appearance of Gu BuLao was unknown to anyone except Luo Qing, but the appearance of these ten people shocked everyone in the Luo’s castle. The mental aura that emanated from them was really very powerful.

Countless people rushed out of their rooms. They looked up at the group of people in the sky. Suddenly someone pointed out and said, "Hey, isn't that master Xiao?"

Then everyone found that behind the old lady stood Xiao Zheng.

At this moment, everyone naturally understood that these people were from the Grand Medicine Sect!

Ten masters from Grand Medicine Sect came to the Luo family in an aggressive way. This made many cultivators who did not belong to the Luo family a little embarrassed. They had no idea what had happened, and they didn’t know what to do.

Then, the old woman suddenly spoke. "Luo Qing, is this the way of Luo's hospitality?"

Luo Qing naturally saw this group of people. Although he was a little stressed in his heart, he had no fear. He smiled and said, "Oh, master Hui! It’s my honor to see you here. I felt a little uncomfortable. So I didn’t notice you coming in time."

"You feel uncomfortable?" Master Hui said faintly, "Then you are lucky. Everyone knows that the Grand Medicine Sect is very good at treating people! I am just wondering if your physical discomfort is the same as that of your little lord Luo LingXiao. "

Hearing this, Luo Qing's face suddenly became gloomy. Because one of his most worried things finally happened!

Biting his teeth, Luo Qing planned to pretend to know nothing, "Just some problems in my cultivation. No necessary to bother you, master Hui. By the way, may I know why master Hui came here?"

"I want a man and an explanation!"

"Who, and what explanation?"

"You know who it is. As for the explanation!" Two cold light suddenly flashed in the eyes of master Hui: "Three nights ago, someone was sent to block my disciples, causing my disciple Liu Hao to be killed by Hundred Herbs Valley. This incidence, I need you to give me an explanation!"

Master Hui's words shocked everyone. They didn't know what had happened three days ago.

But Liu Hao was dead. No wonder the Grand Medicine Sect would send so many people to Luo's house!

Luo Qing was silent for a moment. Then he said, "This matter is related to some old scores between me and the Hundred Herbs Valley. I'm sorry but I can’t explain it. But the Luo family does have an unshirkable responsibility for the death of your disciple. Well, the Luo family is willing to send five hundred disciples to go to Hundred Herbs Valley with your sect to avenge for master Liu Hao! "

The crowd couldn't help but take a long breath. The Luo family sent five hundred people to join forces with the Grand Medicine Sect. This clearly meant to wipe out the Hundred Herbs Valley!

Master Hui smiled coldly, "Our sect never need to borrow the hands of foreigners to revenge! Not to mention, the Hundred Herbs Valley should no longer exist now!"