The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 169

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Chapter 169: The Taoist Beasts and Taoist Demons

This understatement shocked everyone, like a thunderbolt making everyone's head buzzed.

Obviously, the Grand Medicine Sect was divided into two groups. One group came to the Luo family; the other one went to the Hundred Herbs Valley to avenge his disciple!

And it was clear to guess from master Hui’s words that the Hundred Herbs Valley should have been completely wiped out within three days!

Compared with the shock of the crowd, Luo Qing seemed much calmer. Because he had long guessed that there would be such a result. He deliberately smiled bitterly and said, "Then I don't know what else master Hui wants. As long as the thing you ask is what the Luo family can afford, we must do our best!"

When Master Hui just wanted to speak, Xiao Zheng beside her gently pulled her sleeves. She then nodded and changed the topic, "Okay, just put it aside temporarily. Now I want you to hand over a man! "


“Jiang Yun from the Seeking-Tao Sect!"

"Uh ..." Luo Qing glanced at the place where Gu BuLao had been, and sighed, "Master Hui is one step late. Everyone in my Luo’s house can prove that Jiang Yun has already entered the Demon-Refining World three days ago!

"And the Demon-Refining World will re-open in at least three months. If master Hui agreed, you can live in our house temporarily and wait for some time."

Master Hui knew that Luo Qing was telling the truth, but it was impossible for her and other people from Grand Medicine Sect to stay in the Luo’s house.

Thinking for a while, master Hui said, "No. If we stay here, we need to be always cautious about the Luo family, in case getting any harm! Just remember, send Jiang Yun to Grand Medicine Sect once he comes out. By the way, take back your little lord at that time. Also, remember, you still owe me a thing!"

Finishing her words, master Hui turned around and was about to leave. But she stopped halfway and said, "Oh, right. If Jiang Yun get any harm, then Luo LingXiao will probably stay in our sect forever. There are several masters in our sect who are very interested in Luo LingXiao’s physical discomfort!"

Seeing the people from Grand Medicine Sect off, Luo Qing felt bitter in his heart. However, he could do nothing now.

No matter whether it was Gu BuLao or Grand Medicine Sect’s people, they all came for Jiang Yun.

Now, though he was angry with Hundred Herbs Valley being unfavorable, he really regretted throwing Jiang Yun into the Demon-Refining World far more.

However, it was useless to regret. He could only hope that Luo Xu, who had entered the Demon-Refining World, could never find Jiang Yun!

"Gu BuLao, the Grand Medicine Sect! We will see! As long as my plan can succeed, I will wipe up your sects one day!"


Jiang Yun knew nothing about what happened outside. Three days had passed, he finally opened his eyes.

He should have continued absorbing the Demonic Energy, but he stopped because he sensed that there was a demon who was approaching his position.

After three days of rest, although his injury had not been completely cured, he felt better now. Moreover, his Physique Strength had completely recovered. Now, he at least could protect himself.

He stood up, but he didn't walk towards the shore. Instead, he stepped back and walked into the flowing river.

He had already glanced around, and knew the surrounding environment well. The river behind him was the best place to hide himself.

Because he was in a valley now. It was extremely open and unobstructed.

When coming to an unfamiliar place, finding a hiding place first was an instinctive habit for Jiang Yun due to a long time living in the Mang Mountains.

Although the river was not too deep, it was deep enough for Jiang Yun to hide himself. In addition, he had completely converged his mental aura. Therefore, unless someone also went into the water, it was difficult to find him.

On the contrary, he could clearly see what happened outside through the river.

A strong man came from the sky, and landed exactly where Jiang Yun was sitting. Looking around, he was confused.

Jiang Yun was confused as well. Because all the people who entered this world were cultivators. Where did this demon come?

Did it mean that, just like the Unreal-Beast Map, there were demons in this world?

"It's better to catch this demon and ask it directly instead of guessing the truth. I can find out something about the world from it."

Just when Jiang Yun was about to act, his pupils suddenly contracted.

Because more than a dozen figures appeared in the sky, but all of them exuded a strong Demonic Energy.

Naturally, they were all demons!

Jiang Yun secretly took a breath. Fortunately, they showed up before he acted. Otherwise, he would be extremely dangerous in facing so many demons.

Demons that could fly in the sky should be Demonic Beasts who were at least comparable to cultivators in the Blessing Land Realm.

Facing so many Demonic Beasts alone, there was no chance of winning at all.

Suddenly, Bai Ze's voice sounded, "Not all the demons whose cultivation levels are comparable to the Blessing Land Realm are called Demonic Beasts! Beasts are just one kind of the demons!

"These demons you see now are not all beasts. They are called Dust Demons, and they are at the lowest level of the demon."

"Dust Demons?"

This new word made Jiang Yun slightly stunned, while Bai Ze continued, "Beasts have two paths to cultivation. One is to become a Taoist Beast, and the other is to become a Taoist Demon!

"The former one is to maintain dehumanization and keep its appearance as a beast, and ultimately achieves as a Taoist Beast; and the other one can both turn to human-like appearance and change to their original appearance as a beast, and finally achieve as a Taoist Demon, such as me!"

Jiang Yun frowned slightly, he knew a little about the Taoist Beasts. There were four statues of Taoist Beasts on the square of the Seeking-Tao Sect. however, it sounded like there was not much difference between the Taoist Beasts and the Taoist Demons.

"What's the difference between the two?"

There was a hint of pride in the voice of Bai Ze, "The Taoist Beasts are known as Tao-Protecting Beasts; but the Taoist Demons are called Tao-Getting Demons!"

There was obviously a difference in identity between the Tao protecting and the Tao getting.

Baize's explanation gave Jiang Yun a more detailed understanding of the demon's division. But Jiang Yun was still a little confused, "Why tell me this now?"

"Because you should be about to come into contact with the real demon world!"

"What do you mean?"

"When you entered this world, Cong Qin had sent you a message. You didn't hear it, but I heard it. He said, ‘The Demon-Refining World is connected with the Ten Thousand Demons Cave!’ "

"Even though I don't know much about your world, I can guess that the Ten Thousand Demons Cave must belong to the demon world.

"If you return to the Luo family again, the Luo family will still not let you go, so if you want to survive, the only hope is to go to the Ten Thousand Demons Cave!"

"The Ten Thousand Demons Cave!"

Jiang Yun's pupils contracted again.

He now had a general understanding of the Mountain-Sea Continent. He knew that there were countless powerful families and sects in each mountain of the Five-Mountain Island. And each mountain had one strongest sect.

East Mountain had the sect called SenLuo; West Mountain had the strongest sect the Samsara Sect; the Seeking-Tao Sect was the most powerful one in South Mountain; the Ten Thousand Demons Cave was the strongest in North Mountain; and in Middle Mountain it was the Grand Medicine Sect!

The Ten Thousand Demons Cave was the most powerful sect in North Mountain. To make it more exact, it can be said that the entire North Mountain was completely the world of demons.

Jiang Yun had never expected that the Demon-Refining World would actually cross through the Ten Thousand Demons Cave!

Now he understood why there were so many demons here. Obviously, these demons were from the Ten Thousand Demons Cave!

"Probably, this is the big change that Cong Qin had told me!" Jiang Yun thought. "However, this piece of Demon’s Tao Conferment Bamboo Slip is owned by the Luo family, but it can lead to the Ten Thousand Demons Cave. Does this mean that the Luo family and the Ten Thousand Demons Cave have reached an alliance? Then what is the purpose of the Luo family? "