The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 106

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Chapter 106: The Human Tao

By this time, the pavilion had flown into the air, and naturally all the people looked attentively, counting to and fro, still only seven stories.

Among the doubts of many disciples, the four Lords of the Peak have stood up one after another, and a scroll appeared in the hands of Dao TianYou, which was the Map of Phantom Beasts.

Next, the five men raised hands and threw the five magic tools, which belonged to the five peaks, over the seventh floor of the pavilion in the air.


Five magic tools, radiating lights, were arranged in a row from top to bottom. Looking from afar, they were like five more steps at the top of the pavilion.

Step by step, extending to the sky!

With the appearance of this magic step, a circle of ripples suddenly appeared in the empty space above the Five-Element Coffin, and spread around at a very fast speed until a moment later, in the ripple, the eighth floor suddenly appeared!

This floor was exactly the same as every floor of the pavilion below, except that it was located in the air, not connected to the sky, not touching the ground!

This was the eighth floor of the pavilion, which could only be opened by the Sky-Ladder with the help of five magic tools.

And at this moment, most people finally understood why Jiang Yun's rush to the peak was not a peak, but five peaks!

The disciples thought that Gu BuLao's ceremony was a small rain with big thunder lights. It was too simple. Originally, it wasn't the apprenticeship, but the eighth floor of the Book Storage Pavilion.

"Jiang Yun, don't be stunned, step up on the stairs, into the eighth floor, and take your gift!"

The sleeves of Gu rolled up again, and a breeze immediately wrapped the startled Jiang Yun, sweeping over the seven-storey pavilion, falling on the first step - Chopping-Sky Sword!

Although up to now, Jiang Yun still did not know what the gift was for him, but the steps formed by these five magic weapons were enough to make him realize that this was absolutely extraordinary!

When Jiang Yun stepped onto the steps formed by these five magic weapons step by step and felt a kind of emotion similar to identification from each magic tool, he finally understood why Master needed him to break through the five peaks.

Although the five magic tools could open the eighth floor, only getting the approval of the five magic tools by his own strength, one could be qualified to walk on the steps they formed.

Otherwise, even if the eighth floor of the pavilion could be opened, it would still be unable to enter it.

Finally, after walking five steps one by one, Jiang Yun stood by the gate in the sky, lowered his head, he found that all the people on the top of the Hidden Peak who were looking up to himself were like ants.

Taking back his eyes, Jiang Yun slowly closed his eyes, took a deep breath, opened it again, put his hands out, gently put them on the door, and pushed it hard.

In front of Jiang Yun's eyes was an ordinary room, except for the larger area, there was no surprise.

In the empty room, only in the middle of the room, there was a white finger-sized jade floating in the air quietly.

Jiang Yun already knew that although most of the characters were recorded on the paper, in the world of cultivators, jade was more practical and convenient.

The gift of worship ceremony of his own must be this seemingly insignificant jade.

Jiang Yun stepped into the room with his feet up. He never stopped walking until he came near the jade. Instead of rushing to pick it up, he looked carefully at it for a few minutes before reaching out and holding the jade slip.


With a roar coming to his ear, Jiang Yun's ear was followed by numerous noisy voices, while in front of his eyes, there were scenes.

Whether it was voice or sight, there were too many, they gathered into countless channels, whether Jiang Yun would like to listen and see or not, all of them flew by his ears and eyes.

For Jiang Yun, most of the sounds and scenes were very strange, only a few would make him feel familiar.

For example, the trees sway and rustle; the innumerable beasts, the long roar and hoarse sound; the river rushing, roaring and so on.

As for those strange voices and scenes, Jiang Yun had never seen them before, but he could also distinguish some.

For example, in a simple wooden house, an old man was telling a story to a child with loving face; on a tall building, there are dozens of young men in long gowns and holding glasses, talking and laughing; beside a grave, a group of filial people were mourning and weeping.

Jiang Yun was totally immersed in these sounds and scenes. He heard and saw them one by one, without knowing the passage of time.

He didn't know how long, all the voices began to converge gradually, and all the images began to merge...

Up to the end, in front of Jiang Yun, three ancient characters appeared.

Above these three words, there were incomparable vibe of vicissitudes, as if they existed in the distant past, and now come through tens of millions of years of time and space.

Although Jiang Yun didn't know these three characters at all, when he saw the last old one, his eyes suddenly flashed a trace of shock.

Because of this character, he had seen it!

Those things that were taken out of the water made of stone would have a mark on their bodies. The character in the mark was exactly the same as the character in front of him.

At that moment, all the voices also converged into three words, ringing in Jiang Yun's ear.

"Human, Being, Tao!"

The Human Tao!

This was not only a method of cultivation, but also a type of grand Tao.

Then, these three ancient words suddenly burst open and turned into countless small words, like spring rain, one after another falling into Jiang Yun's mind.

At the same time, Dao TianYou, who was above the Hidden Peak, slowly retracted his eyes and transmitted the message to Gu BuLao: "I still feel that The Human Tao is not suitable for Jiang Yun!"

Gu BuLao said as smiling: "I used to have this feeling, but now I feel that it is the most suitable for his cultivation."


"Although he cannot be said to be innocent, but compared with the secular survival of human beings, he is more pure, with this pure heart as the root, he may be able to perceive a different way of life!"

Dao TianYou closed his mouth, seemingly reflecting on the meaning of Gu BuLao's saying, until a moment later he continued: "What about the back? Aren't you going to tell him that this Human Being Tao is not the end?”

"There is no need to tell him that when one day he can really understand his own Tao of life, then he will naturally understand that there are more advanced skills beyond The Human Tao, and I believe that his strength at that time is fully qualified to compete!"

Gu BuLao raised his head, and his eyes seemed to penetrate the floor in the sky, looking at Jiang Yun, who was sitting cross-legged at the moment, his eyes closed, and his face was constantly changing.


A moment later, Gu BuLao took back his eyes and suddenly coughed lightly for two times. He turned to the cultivators around him and said, "As elders, you should not come empty-handed to observe the ceremony!"