The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 96

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Chapter 96: Any Wish

The distance of a hundred miles was instantaneous for the present Jiang Yun and when he appeared in front of Fang RuoLin, Fang RuoLin's face was a little surprised, but it was quickly replaced by a sneer. She looked at him scornfully and said, 'What do you want to do?'

'Be careful!' Before Jiang Yun opened his mouth, Bai Ze's voice had sounded in his ear: 'That monster is hiding in the ground under her body at the moment. As long as you take a shot the monster will definitely appear, need my help?'


In fact, there was no need for Bai Ze to remind him. With Jiang Yun's keen senses, he had was vaguely aware of the existence of that monster, but he was not afraid.

As soon as he answered, Jiang Yun suddenly raised his foot and stomped on the ground.

Although now the location wasn’t a desert, the earth was still extremely dry and the lack of moisture had caused several huge cracks on the ground. Jiang Yun was stepping on one of these cracks.


In a fierce roar, the earth trembled slightly and the crack was as if it had been torn open by a hand and became wider, creating a burst of dust inside.


In this flying dust, there was a strange animal beast roaring, and suddenly a palm-sized cyan shadow rushed out of the crack like lightning, toward Jiang Yun.

Although Jiang Yun had not yet seen what the cyan shadow was, he could feel a sharp, knife-like chill clearly. Even he felt cold and body tingling from that beast's aura.

Even so, Jiang Yun did not dodge, but clenched his fist with one hand, and slammed into the blue shadow that rushed over.


With a dull crash, Jiang felt as if his fist had hit on a smashed leather. The blue shadow was unharmed and the anti-shock force on his fist was to shock himself.

After stabilizing his figure, Jiang Yun was able to see clearly the appearance of this monster in front of him. It turned out to be a blue bat with four pairs of meat wings. Its eyes with a light faintness were firmly staring at him.

About beasts, Jiang Yun can say that he knew them very well. But he had no knowledge about demonic beasts or say monsters. After all, when he was in the Mang Mountains, he never touched monster beasts. He asked subconsciously: 'What is this demonic beast!'

The answer to this was given by Bai Ze: 'The cold-winged bat! It is said to come from Jiu Ming's Prison, feeding on the cold and death. It is actually a ninth-level demonic beast, but it was suppressed into the first-level because of the Unreal-Beast Map. However, you still cannot win!'

With the appearance of this cold-winged bat, the scornful expression on Fang RuoLin's face was more evidently increased: 'Jiang Yun, did you come here to kill me?'

The current Fang RuoLin was completely fearless, because she cannot only control this cold-winged bat, but she was very clear that many eyes were watching this place.

Not to say whether Jiang Yun can kill her. Even if he could, those elders of the peaks will never turn a blind eye to it.

Although the disciples could die in this place, they can only be killed by the beasts, not other disciples.

But she can drive all the beasts here by the power of the bat and she could kill Jiang Yun unknowingly!

Indeed, at this moment, almost everyone's eyes outside were watching Jiang Yun and Fang RuoLin. They are still wondering why Jiang Yun would appear in front of Fang RuoLin, but when they heard Fang RuoLin’s words, they immediately realized why.

Jiang Yun was trying to take the opportunity to kill Fang RuoLin!

The hatred between Jiang Yun and Fang RuoLin was not too much of a secret. Therefore, it was widely spread in Seeking-Tao Sect. Therefore, everyone understood that Jiang Yun wanted to kill Fang RuoLin, but it was extremely unwise to choose this place. This kind of behavior was equivalent to openly provoking the rules.

Even if he was sheltered by the sect master and Gu BuLao, the punishment would never be a small one.

At this moment, Jiang Yun’s thoughts flew in his head. Although he was determined to kill Fang RuoLin, he was not willing to violate the rules of the sect and he did not want to cause trouble to Gu BuLao!

Suddenly, Fang RuoLin said in a voice that only Jiang Yun could hear: 'To tell you, Liu Xin was killed by me. You probably didn't knew. Before the poor little guy died, he still remembered Lu XiaoYu. Hnh, what an idiot!'

'By the way, there is still something I forgot to tell you. Although Sha JingXhan and Lu XiaoYu were forced to leave by lord Wei, I already said something to some of the people they took, they will do everything at every opportunity to kill Lu XiaoYu. Perhaps, now, they might have already succeeded!'


Fang RuoLin’s remarks made Jiang Yun’s mind scream loudly. Looking at the smug woman in front of him, he couldn’t imagine that how could anyone be so evil in this world?

'Are you very angry? But what can you do to me? You want to kill me as much as you can, but the premise is that you have to kill this cold-winged bat first. Unless it dies first, otherwise it will not let you do anything to me!'

Although Fang RuoLin did not fear Jiang Yun, she was also afraid of the public, so she did not dare to urge the bat to continue attacking. She could only continue to infuriate Jiang Yun with words, hoping that Jiang Yun could take the initiative under his anger and be killed by the bat.

'Can you achieve any of my wishes?'

At this moment, Bai Ze, who was always watching lively, suddenly heard the voice of Jiang Yun and said in a moment: 'Of course! Let me talk about it, help you get through the twelfth meridian, or kill this small bat, or to eat this little girl?

'None of them!' Jiang Yun shook his head and said one word at a time: 'I want to be a demon-forger, and it is best to refine the demon right away!'

This sentence made Bai Ze suddenly stunned. He never imagined that Jiang Yun’s wish would be to become a demon-forger.

'Can you help me achieve this with?'

Bai Ze did not answer, although he could help Jiang Yun achieve this wish, the demon-forgers and the demons were enemies. If he helped a human being to become a demon-forger, then he would have no reputation to be a demon in the future.

However, just as Bai Ze was preparing to refuse, a bold idea suddenly came out: 'If I can control this demon-forger and let him be used by me, isn't that very interesting?'

A demon-forger controlled by the demon!

Thinking of this, Bai Ze immediately said: 'Yes! Just, it cannot be done overnight, but if you just want to control the little demon in front of you, then I have an easy way.'

'Any solution!'

'You enter the pen!'

Seeing Jiang Yun’s hesitation, Bai Ze continued: 'Don’t worry, it’s just your soul that enters the pen. Not the body. No one can detect it. What's more, it only takes a moment!'

At this time, Jiang Yun naturally could not refuse, and the pen appeared quietly in his hand. With an influx of spiritual pen, he slowly closed his eyes.

It was really just a moment later, when Jiang Yun opened his eyes again, the bat that was originally watching him suddenly couldn’t help but tremble!