The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: I Want To Kill Her

Under the boiling yellow sand, scorpions, the size of a human head kept coming out one after another.

In a twinkling, at least a thousand dense and daunting scorpions appeared around Jiang Yun.

“These are sand scorpions, although they are only fifth-level beasts, they are fierce and they always appear in large groups, and their bodies are highly toxic. So even for the cultivators at ninth-level of Meridians Unclogged Realm, they do not want to be entangled with them. Jiang Yun is in danger.”

Some of the disciples in the audience recognized these scorpions. Hearing this words, they nodded in agreement.

It is better if he can attack and kill them, but he could only tame them because of the rules. As he faced so many sand scorpions, the best way was escape.

Thousands of sand scorpions waved their pincers and raised their sharp tail hooks like blades, and climbed towards Jiang Yun.

But Jiang Yun was calm. When he saw the nearest sand poison scorpion almost crawled to his feet, his eyes suddenly erupted with violence and he pointed towards the blood dropping out of his arm. An extreme bloody smell burst out at the same time.



The blood on Jiang Yun's arm immediately exploded, turning into a mass of blood mist which quickly gathered into a huge red palm covering the sky and sun and pressed down on all the sand scorpions.

There was a time that Jiang Yun used this technique to shoot down Zheng Yuan in the air. But now as he stepped into the eleventh-level in Meridians Unclogged Realm and the power of this art had increased with his strength, instead of a finger, it formed a palm.


The yellow sand trembled. As for the sand scorpions, which were covered by the blood palm, they were as if struck by lightning. They all stood still, obviously shocked deeply.

In addition to wearing special sachets to guard against fierce beasts, disciples who cultivated beasts-training Tao would learn several beast seals once they were promoted and became outer disciples.

The function of the seal was to seal and penetrate the beast’s body with spiritual power, so as to enable disciples to tame it.

Although Jiang Yun did not know any beast seal, the bloody smelling from his body had the power of deterring fierce beasts. In addition, the art of fog was more important in deterrent. So he thought of using this method to deter fierce beasts!

Strictly speaking, this cannot be described as taming. But since Jiang Yun only wanted to leave, so he didn't bother.

Looking around at the motionless sand scorpions, Jiang Yun raised his feet and was prepared to leave. However, just as he raised his feet, the one nearest to him suddenly raised its tail hook and stabbed Jiang Yun hard in his lower leg.

The sound of 'clang' came out and not only was the tail hook broken, but its whole body flew away.

Jiang Yun's physical body was so strong that even a sharp blade cannot damage him at present, while it was impossible to be pierced by a fierce beast of fifth-level.

But as this scorpion was shaken to the ground, all the rest of the motionless scorpions moved again and rushed toward Jiang Yun, like a black sea.

This sudden scene made Jiang Yun frown, he was vaguely aware that something was not right. It was known that even ninth-level fierce beasts in the Mang Mountains did not dare to act rashly to his smelling. While now under the double shock from his mental aura and the art of fog, these scorpions were out of his control.

But he did not have time to think about the reason. Although he was not afraid of these scorpions, the rules here forbade him from killing a fierce beast!

Even if he did not attack, the scorpions might be shaken to death with his physical strength only.

Without any other means, Jiang Yun could only dodge!

Fortunately, Jiang Yun's speed and reaction were fast enough. He separated himself from the scorpion group in a moment.

Seeing those groups that were still surging nonstop, Jiang Yun gradually frowned from afar.

If he couldn't frighten these beasts, then he couldn’t find the outlet here. In that case, even if he survived for three hours, he would still fail in the end.

But Jiang Yun could do nothing besides running away. At that moment, the voice of Bai Ze sounded in his mind, “What are you doing?”

Jiang Yun simply told the situation, while Bai Ze after being silent for a moment said, “It's not that your shock and awe doesn't work, but all the fierce beasts in this space have been controlled by another monster. No, this monster is also temporarily controlled by a human!”


Hearing Bai Ze's words, Jiang Yun was shocked.

Because DongFang Bo had said it clearly that although the Unreal-Beast Map was kept by Wan HongBo, the fierce beasts and monsters here were masterless once it was opened. Otherwise, to tame them was completely a joke.

'Who controls that monster?'

'Interesting, a little girl!' She and the monster are not far from you and the little beasts are not drawn by your blood but driven by her!'

Fang RuoLin!

Hearing that it was a girl, Jiang Yun almost immediately thought of her. No one except Fang RuoLin would take the initiative to attack him in this map.

However, another question arose in Jiang Yun's mind. Why could Fang RuoLin control the monsters?

It was known that the monster beasts were equivalent to the cultivators in Blessing Land Realm. Even he might fail to control them, while Fang RuoLin actually did it!

What's more, how did she know his position? After all, the position of all people was completely random when they entered the drawing.

'Is the lord of Beast Peak secretly helping her?'

This idea was quickly rejected by Jiang Yun, because he knew that there must be lot of people watching the situation here at the moment. If Wan HongBo really dared to do something in secret, he could never hide it from Gu BuLao even if he could from others.

'It is only possible that before the map is opened, Wan HongBo gave Fang RuoLin some advantages, so that she could not only control the monster beast here, but also know my position.'

'The purpose of all this, of course, is to kill me!'

Although Jiang Yun did not know that Wei ZhengYang had visited Wan HongBo, he was almost right in his analysis. After he figured these things out, a cold light burst out of Jiang Yun's eyes, 'Can you tell me where she is?'

'What are you going to do?'

'I want to kill her!'

Since disciples could die here, and the situation will never end unless one died between him and Fang RuoLin, then he must take the second initiative as she had started first.

'Killing!' There was pleasure in Bai Ze's voice. 'I could have taken that as your wish! But I like killing most and I haven't done so for a long time, so I'll help you once. She's nearly a hundred miles to the west and the monster she controls is the most powerful in this space.'

Without waiting for Bai Ze to finish his words, Jiang Yun walked towards the west with a murderous look on his face.