The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 94

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Chapter 94: The Boldness Of Execution Stems From Superb Skill

On the third day, there were hundreds and thousands of people standing at the foot of Beasts Peak. Even there were dozens that stood in the sky.

These figures were not only the lords of the peaks and elders, but also the inner disciples, which were rarely seen in daily life. At this moment, the eyes of disciples did not pay any attention to them, but looked in a neat uniform--Hidden Peak!

After the two days of tests, Jiang Yun had showed his extraordinary strength which not only aroused the interest of the masters and the disciples, but also made everyone realize that Jiang Yun might go to today's test as well.

Therefore, they would gather here and wait for the appearance of Jiang Yun.

The scene in front of him let Dao TianYou cannot help but sigh and say: 'How long I have not seen such a big show, just like the grand coronation ceremony of mine.'

After a while, in the anticipation of everyone, four figures appeared in their sight. It was Jiang Yun and the three of his senior brother.

With the appearance of Jiang Yun, many disciples gathered under the Beasts Peak got excited immediately and took the initiative to step back to make a way for the four to cross.

'Thanks a lot!'

Without any doubt, Jiang Yun did not forget the etiquette and thanked the disciples for their kindness. Then he walked along the road and came to the foot of Beasts Peak and went to the front of the crowd.

There were nearly 200 disciples here, although Jiang Yun did not deliberately look, while he can also feel a pair of hateful eyes was staring at himself--Fang RuoLin!

Fang RuoLin had been aware of Jiang Yun's performance in the past two days, which made her hate Jiang Yun even more.

In addition to the old scores, there was a new enmity because she believed that Jiang Yun had stolen the limelight and the fame that belong to her brother.

Seeing Fang RuoLin, Jiang Yun's eyes also flashed a fierce light. Whether it was Lu XiaoYu or a series of encounters of his own, it was all because of this woman!

Finding that Jiang Yun was looking at her, Fang RuoLin sneered and looked away, as if she didn't even bother to look at Jiang Yun.

Jiang Yun also stopped the fierce light in his eyes, and stood in the crowd peacefully. After a short while, the figure of Wan HongBo, the lord of Beasts Peak, appeared in the sky.

Wan HongBo greeted the elders and lords first, then directly said: 'Unreal-Beast Map!'


Beasts Peak was shaking fiercely. While the whole view of the mountain changed slowly under everyone's gaze.

It felt like Beasts Peak had become a picture, and an invisible hand was rapidly erasing the original picture and painting a new one.

Someone in the crowd said, 'What's going on? In the past, the drawing was presented in the form of shadow, just like Chop-Sky Sword and Celestial Rune. How did it change this time?"

'Don't be surprised,' Wan HongBo explained with a smile, 'We have so many people gathered on the Beasts Peak. The purpose of this gathering is known to all of us. Therefore, I dared to change a way to satisfy everyone's curiosity, so that everyone can clearly see the situation in the Unreal-Beast Map!'

Hearing this, everyone suddenly understood.

People who came are all here for the purpose of seeing Jiang Yun's performance. If they followed the usual practice, they could only see the position outside the drawing, but cannot see the real situation inside.

But now, Wan HongBo has actually presented the situation in the drawing, naturally it's convenient for everyone.

This move of Wan HongBo immediately caused the favor of many disciples even the other lords and elders also gave a smile: 'How thoughtful of Lord Wan!'

Only Wei ZhengYang sneered, secretly said: 'How smart! In this way, if Jiang Yun really died in the drawing, it would not be associated with him!'

Just a moment later, the original Beasts Peak seemed to have disappeared, while a new flat world presented to all. It surrounded by mountains, desert and swamps, and there was a vast area, and it was clearly saw that numerous beasts live inside.

'Now the Beasts Peak has been replaced by Unreal-Beast Map. Remember, within three hours, the one who comes out of it is the winner!'

'In addition, disciples should also be careful, there will be death crisis inside, so no flaunting your superiority. When you encounter the danger that you can't withstand, just break the jade pendant! All right, guys, go ahead.'

With his words down, he waved his big sleeve, there were numerous pieces of jade pendants in front of each disciple who wanted to go inside immediately. While after holding the jade pendants, all the disciples immediately stepped to the Unreal Beast Drawing without hesitation.

Although the world looked very real, it was actually a picture of another space. So, as soon as a person stepped on it, there would be an immediate flash of light, which seemed like a teleport which wrapped the person and sent him to some place in the picture.

Moments later, all disciples, including Jiang Yun, were already in the drawing.

Standing in a desert, Jiang Yun could see yellow sand everywhere.

From the three of DongFang Bo, Jiang Yun knew something about the rules here.

In the Unreal-Beast Map, one will encounter numerous fierce beasts, even some monster beasts. Although they will attack you, you must not kill these beasts, but tame them.

Once someone kills the beast, he will be sent out of the map directly, which means he failed.

This was also the reason why the disciples could be killed in the drawing. After all, beasts cannot be defeated and can only be tamed, which naturally caused the disciples to be restricted.

Although breaking a jade pendant can let you leave, it will take some time, and in this short period of time, you are very likely to be killed by a ferocious beast.

As for the outlet of the drawing, it is similar to a transfer formation, which is scattered into several parts and hidden in the bodies of some fierce animals, but they wouldn't know exactly.

Therefore, one has to tame as many ferocious beasts as possible to create a teleport formation that could help them leave the drawing.

Jiang Yun looked around for a while and mused: 'I don't know anything about the terrain here, but since I only have to tame as many beasts as possible, it's all right!'

As his words vanished, Jiang Yun drew a gash on his arm. Blood was dripping down onto the sand.

This scene made the onlookers immediately shocked, but very excited.

What they expected was Jiang Yun's performance, and he didn't disappoint them.

'This is indeed unique to Jiang Yun. Other people are as careful as possible to look for the savage beasts. He took the initiative to attract beasts by drawing blood.'

'That's what is called boldness of execution stems from superb skill!'

Listening to the comments of many disciples, an imperceptible sneer flashed in Wan HongBo's eyes, and he secretly said: 'You looked for death by yourself. It cannot blame me.'

When Jiang Yun's blood fell into the yellow sand, there was a sharp rustle all around.

Looking around, the desert within three hundred meters became like an ocean which was boiling up!