The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 93

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Chapter 93: Heavenly Demon--Bai Ze

After Jiang Yun completing the test with less than ten seconds, the public basically had no interest about the performances of the other disciples.

While as a result, only Jiang Yun passed.

This naturally made Jiang Yun's already popular reputation completely spread around the entire Seeking-Tao Sect, even though Fang YuXuan cannot match in the past.

As for the fame, Jiang Yun did not care about it at all. He had already returned to his cabin and prepared for the test tomorrow.

Tomorrow, he would rush through Beasts Peak, which also let Jiang Yun can't help to think about Lu XiaoYu.

'XiaoYu has been away for more than half a year, and I don't know how she is now.'

As murmuring, Jiang Yun suddenly thought of the pen that Lu XiaoYu had entrusted to him to keep when she left. Then, he took it out.

Because of the grief and anger, Jiang Yun had not looked at it carefully at all. Now as he inspected it, he felt the pen extremely heavy which made him view it further.

And he frowned.

Although this is a normal writing brush, it was not made of wood, but from some animal bone. And the tip of the writing brush was made with only eight hairs!

What's more, these eight hairs were not of the same color, but each had a different color.

He put the pen to his nose and sniffed it carefully for a moment. Then he said to himself, 'What is this? Although I don't know what kind of materials the pen body and the pen tip are made of, it's not hard to guess that they are made from nine different kinds of beasts.'

Jiang Yun also used this kind of writing brush when he was in the Mang Mountains, which were basically made of wood and wolf hair, or rabbit hair and other animal hair. He had never seen a brush like this before.

Although he felt strange, while he did not think much about it. After all, it was something belonged to Lu XiaoYu. Just as he stirred a little spiritual power and poured it into the pen.

At the same time, the hundreds of wounds on Jiang Yun's body suddenly took a slight tremor.


Accompanied by an earth-shaking sound, Jiang Yun was dazzled for a moment, and he realized he had appeared in a strange place.

This place had no sky, no ground. It seemed that there was nothing but a very tall black shadow in front of Jiang Yun!

Before this shadow, Jiang Yun was as small as an ant, so small that he could not see the full picture of the shadow, let alone know what it was.

'Is this the inside of the pen here?'

Jiang Yun had seen a bit of the world at present. He knew that some of the magic tools contain a whole world inside, such as the storage ring. But the space inside the storage ring like the difference between heaven and earth compared to the place in front of him.

When Jiang Yun was confused, two lights suddenly appeared on the huge black shadow in front of him. Then, a burning breath came to him.

Jiang Yun's strong body, under the impact of this breath, felt like a small stone, and he kept going backwards until he was hundreds of meters away.

Then a hoarse but thunderous voice suddenly burst over the sky: 'Human smell!'

At last Jiang Yun understood that the sound came from the huge black shadow, and the two glows were the eyes of the black shadow.

He took in a deep breath and asked, 'Who are you?'

'Your vibe is so weak. Though you are not a demon refiner, but still you can enter this Demon Refining Pen...' The two lights suddenly shot up, like two small suns, onto Jiang Yun: 'The demon who had felt Tao, no wonder!'

Demon Refining Pen, demon refiner!

These two strange words made Jiang Yun vaguely understand that this writing brush should be Demon Refining Pen, while the demon refiner should be someone whose focus was on refining demons, like those that focus on refining medicine.

Just how should the demons be refined? What is the use of refining demons?

'Are XiaoYu and her grandpa demon refiners? And is this shadow in front of me some kind of demon that XiaoYu's grandfather had sealed into this pen? But what is the demon who have felt Tao?"

Several questions flashed in Jiang's mind. He looked at the shadow and asked again, 'Are you a demon?'

The shadow did not answer immediately, but looked at him with its huge eyes. A moment later he spoke again, 'I am a demon. My name is Bai Ze, human boy. How about you make a deal with me?'

'What deal?' Jiang Yun's eyes narrowed slightly and said, 'If you want me to let you out of this pen, I can't promise.'

Now that Jiang Yun had speculated that the demon, named Bai Ze, had been sealed in the pen, with the purpose was nothing more than to break away from here and gain freedom.

To the demon, Jiang Yun did not reject. And if the pen belonged to him, then he might have agreed. While the owner of the pen was Lu XiaoYu, he had no right to decide.

Bai Ze shook his huge body for a while then said: 'I don't want you to help me get released, let alone with your little strength you cannot release me at all. I want you to help me finding out the demon who have felt Tao! In return, I can give you a wish.'

Jiang Yun shook his head and said, 'I don't know what the demon who have felt Tao is!'

Again Bai Ze fell into a deep meditation, and after a long time he continued, 'Who is it that is closest to you, or that has lived with you for the longest time?'

'Grandpa!' Without even thinking about it, Jiang Yun blurted out at once.

'Then help me find your grandfather!'

Hearing this, Jiang Yun's mind suddenly moved. He already knew that his grandfather was a demon. Is the demon who have felt Tao, in Bai Ze's mouth, his own grandfather?

If the other side just wanted to see grandpa, he can say yes, so Jiang Yun mused, 'Yes, but not now. Besides, I don't need you to help me achieve anything!'

Although Jiang Yun knew that the wish in Bai Ze's mouth might be his own opportunity, but this pen belonged to Lu XiaoYu, so this opportunity should also belong to Lu XiaoYu. He couldn't take it no matter what.

'Oh?' Bai Ze was also apparently a little surprised: 'Do you really have no desire?'


Bai Ze blinked his eyes and said, 'Then what if I can help you get through the twelfth meridian?'


This sentence made Jiang Yun's mind in dazed.

Only Gu BuLao and Dao TianYou knew the fact that he had broken through to eleven meridians, even the three of DongFang Bo didn't know. While this Bai Ze unexpectedly said it, even he can help himself to get through the last one.

'You don't believe me? I forgot to tell you just now. My name is Bai Ze, I am a heavenly demon! The realm I live in is not belong to this world, and therefore my strength is not equivalent to that of this realm!'

Although Bai Ze's words were full of temptation and Jiang Yun really wanted to get through the final meridians and he even believed that Bai Ze could do it, he finally shook his head with his teeth clenched and said, 'No!'

Bai Ze also didn't insist, took a strange smile and said: 'All right, since I am already awake, and I have time, I will wait for you when you want it, you can come here at any time!'

When the strange laughter of Bai Ze was heard, Jiang Yun's consciousness gradually became blurred until he completely disappeared. When he woke up, he found himself still in the hut, holding the pen.

But there was a faint light in the white hair of one of the eight.

Jiang Yun did not pour spiritual power to probe this pen any more, and hurriedly brought it into the storage ring. Because he was afraid that he could not resist the temptation to get through his twelfth meridian.

At the same time, Gu BuLao who was at the top of the Hidden Peak suddenly opened his eyes, which flashed with suspicion. He looked at Jiang Yun's hut, but soon closed his eyes again, saying softly: 'The vibe of heavenly demon...'