The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 137

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Chapter 137: Three Pharmacists

Numerous cultivators gathered around were finally dispersed under the guidance. The gate of the castle was closed and everything was restored.

In order to entertain the guests from afar, Luo’s family naturally prepared a lavish banquet.

However, although everyone was spouting many topics, no one mentioned anything about Jiang Yun, or even about the Against-Demon Bridge.

Because they were in Luo’s house. In the face of the Luo family to discuss the disciple of Seeking-Tao Sect, it was a big insult to the Luo family.

What's more, after seeing the horrible demon that emerged from the abyss, they also had a new understanding of the strength of Luo.

As a cultivator family, the overall strength of Luo family may not be comparable to that of a sect; but as a demon-refining family, its strong heritage should not be underestimated.

Tonight, the happiest one must be Luo LingXiao.

Not only had he killed Jiang Yun who was in the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm, but he also learned that he would participate in the competition tomorrow, together with his Golden Demonic Ape.

Others might not know, but he knew very clear about the horrible strength of Golden Demonic Ape.

Although it was only a Primacy Demonic Beast, but its strength was strong enough to help him crush all the opponents, letting his name all-known by these guests spreading.

In other words, tomorrow, it would be his famous battle!

Though being very happy, he knew that the protagonist of this banquet tonight was not him, nor his Big Forefather Luo Qing, but three other people.

Three pharmacists from the Grand Medicine Sect!

In addition to the pair of young men and women who watched Jiang Yun walking the Against-Demon Bridge together with Luo LingXiao this afternoon, another from the Grand Medicine Sect was a Third Class Pharmacist, and also the leader of them.

Although it sounded like a Third Class Pharmacist was not so high, there were only a handful of sects that have Third Class Pharmacists in the Mountain-Sea Continent.

They were the Grand Medicine Sect, the Samsara Sect and the Ten Thousand Demons Cave.

More importantly, the reason why Grand Medicine Sect sent people to celebrate, one was to thank the Luo family for taking care of stores of Grand Medicine Sect in South Star city over the years.

And another purpose was to take this opportunity to see if there were cultivators talented on medicinal Tao.

In other words, Grand Medicine Sect was about to enroll new disciples!

To be honest, this was the true reason why so many cultivators came for Luo’s birthday celebration.

The Luo family were good at business, but its strength and power was not as good as those big sects. Therefore, normally only people who had a very good relationship with Luo’s family would come for Luo Qing’s birthday celebration, instead of coming so many cultivators this time.

Most of them actually came for the Grand Medicine Sect.

Grand Medicine Sect, the largest medicinal sect in the Mountain-Sea Continent, would basically not be involved in the disputes of sects and powers, and would always be in a prominent position. Even the Samsara Sect should treat them with much politeness as they could possibly can.

After all, pharmacists were really important for Tao cultivation.

Naturally, this had led to a strict rule of Grand Medicine Sect. Those who were not their disciples were not allowed to enter their sect, not to mention how strict its requirements for disciple recruitment were.

Therefore, after hearing about the news that Grand Medicine Sect was about to recruit disciples, each sect and every noble family had taken their excellent young people coming to Luo’s house. Taking advantage of Luo Family’s Big Forefather’s birthday celebration, they actually wanted to take this opportunity to get the attention of people of Grand Medicine Sect

If their people could be enrolled as disciples of Grand Medicine Sect, even they couldn’t be high-ranking pharmacists, they at least had a much closer relationship with Grand Medicine Sect. And in the future, if they had demand for Dan pills, they would get much more convenience than others. Hence, naturally nobody was willing to let go of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

Accompanied by Luo BaiChuan, the three people from Grand Medicine Sect finally appeared on the banquet, suddenly causing the cheers of everyone.

Among the three, except for the younger man and woman having appeared this afternoon, there was a man in his thirties who looked indifferent and seemed not to be a sociable person.

When Jiang Yun had walked through the Against-Demon Bridge this afternoon, Luo LingXiao naturally had invited him, but he had no interest.

Luo BaiChuan waved his hand and smiled, indicating everyone to be quiet. Then, he reached out to the middle-aged man, "May I introduce these three honored guests from Grand Medicine Sect. This was master Xiao Zheng, a Third Class Pharmacist."

Then, he pointed to the man and the woman, "These two are the younger Brother and Sister of master Xiao Zheng, master Liu Hao, and master Xie XiaoYong. Although these two masters are young, they have been a Second Class Pharmacist long time ago!"

Naturally, Liu Hao was the man who always looked arrogant.

Luo BaiChuan's introduction made him more arrogant. Although he tried to calm himself down, with so many eyes watching, it was hard to hide his smugness and excitement.

On the contrary, Xie XiaoYong was not only a pretty woman, but at the moment, facing so many people, she could still maintain a peaceful attitude, smiling and bowing to everyone politely.

After listening to Luo BaiChuan's introduction, everyone was envious and amazed.

Du GuiRong was quite old, but he was only a Second Class Pharmacist. While Liu Hao and Xie XiaoYong were at least in their early twenties, but they had already been Second Class Pharmacists.

It was not difficult to imagine that their talent on Medicinal Tao must be extremely high, and they must have unlimited future.

The appearance of these three pharmacists immediately pushed the atmosphere of the banquet to a climax. Everyone rushed to get to the three toast and draw their attentions.

However, Xiao Zheng in his cold face waved and said, "No drinking. I just came to say hello to everyone, then go back. Liu Hao, XiaoYong, if you want to stay just stay, but remember, don't drink too much!"

After that, he turned away. While Xie XiaoYong hesitated slightly, then smiled at the crowd, "I am a little uncomfortable. May I be back first, yourself enjoying!"

Following Xiao Zheng, she left as well, with only Liu Hao still left in the hall.

Looking at the circle of people with eager face, Liu Hao laughed and said, "Rest assured. Let’s enjoy drinking!"

With his words, everyone suddenly swarmed and surrounded him!

After Xiao Zheng and Xie XiaoYong returned to their residences, Xiao Zheng looked at Xie XiaoYong and asked, "Younger Sister, what’s the matter? You seem to worry about something."

Xie XiaoYong smiled and shook her head, "Nothing. I just thought of that disciple from Seeking-Tao Sect, Jiang Yun. He had walked through the Against-Demon Bridge this afternoon."

Xiao Zheng didn’t look serious in the face of his younger Sister. He smiled and said, "I heard of that. Jiang Yun was even a tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm. How pity he died. But he had no relationship with you. Or may you be interest on him?”

This words suddenly made Xie XiaoYong shy. She glanced at Xiao Zheng and said, "What are you talking about?! I just feel unworthy of him. Especially, Luo LingXiao had undermined him twice."

After a pause, Xie XiaoYong lowered her voice and continued saying, "Even, I guess that the last demon in the cloud may have nothing to do with the Against-Demon Bridge. It is very likely that Luo LingXiao deliberately made it out. Otherwise, Jiang Yun will definitely be able to pass the Against-Demon Bridge successfully."

Xiao Zheng stopped smiling and said seriously, “Younger Sister, you can only talk to me about this, not anyone else!

"Our sect has never been involved in any disputes. Since the Luo’s family and Seeking-Tao Sect have hatred, the death of Jiang Yun is their own business.

"Furthermore, cultivating is actually the thing going against the nature. Life or death has its own rule. So you must not put this matter in your heart, or it will be greatly unfavorable for your future cultivation!"

"I won't. My Brother, please be relieved."

Xie XiaoYong realized that she should stop talking about it, so she hurriedly shifted the topic, "Oh right my Brother, do you have any news of the master Gu Jiang in South Star city?"