The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 136

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Chapter 136: Luo Family's Heritage

As Bai Ze was worried and anxious for Jiang Yun, inside Jiang Yun’s body, the Demonic Life-Death Seal as powerful as that Jiang Yun could not resist finally arrived Jiang Yun’s Dantian.

In front of it, a black stone was suspended!

"You have enlightened yourself the meaning of Tao, hence you are allowed to enter the second stage. Whether you can finally reach the great Tao in the future also depends on yourself!"

At the last minute, an ancient and monotonous voice sounded, finally awakened Jiang Yun’s almost collapsed consciousness.

Once waking up, Jiang Yun naturally looked at his inner body.

Under the old voice, the Demonic Life-Death Seal, which previously entered Jiang Yun’s body such as entering the uninhabited territory, suddenly trembled slightly and then turned into a light and rushed directly into the black stone.

Jiang Yun had once seen such a scene. When he had broken through the Fence Tao Peak and walked through the Chop-Sky Sword, a human-figure like Sword Intent that almost killed him had been similarly absorbed into the black stone.

Unexpectedly, this last demon-refining seal could trigger the black stone and be sucked into it.

The black stone was turned into water again, hence Jiang Yun could clearly see that under the human-figure like Sword Intent, the Demonic Life-Death Seal were suspending.

This result naturally made Jiang Yun overjoyed!

Because he not only succeeded in getting rid of the threat of this last seal, but also obtained the Demonic Life-Death Seal which he could hardly bear in mind by now. What a blessing in disguise!

As long as the Demonic Life-Death Seal was in this black stone, then just like the golden Sword Intent, he could perceived it all the time until he finally fully comprehended it.

Although he still had no idea about how to touch the second layer of water, it would only be a matter of time, and there must be a solution.

With the Demonic Life-Death Seal entered the black stone, Jiang Yun’s body which had been reversed into a 99% demon naturally began to re-transfer to a human one.

This scene naturally made all the cultivators, Luo’s family, and even Bai Ze extremely shocked!

Although Bai Ze was very familiar with Jiang Yun, he did not know the black stone thing. It seemed that the black stone could automatically cover his Divine Sense.

Therefore, in everyone's opinion, Jiang Yun was relying on his own strength, successfully countering the last attack.

"This is impossible!"

Luo LingXiao gritted his teeth hard! He couldn’t believe it!

Seeing that Jiang Yun was almost turned into a demon, he could not help but snicker in his heart. However, just a moment, Jiang Yun resisted the last attack from the seal.

"In any case, I can't let you walk through the Against-Demon Bridge today!"

Luo LingXiao squeezed these words out. Then, he raised his hand, clenched, and crushed the jade card that he always held in his hand!

Seeing the jade card was broken, Luo BaiChuan and other high-ranking Luo’s people were stunned slightly. And the next second, they were shocked and rushed toward the bridge immediately.

They were surely clearer than anyone else, knowing the consequences of this jade card being broken.

However, Luo Qing, after looking up at Luo LingXiao’s direction, said faintly, “Although LingXiao’s behavior is a bit naughty, he is the little lord of our family. No need to stop him since he had done it. It is also time to let the world know some of my family's heritage!"

Luo Qing’s words made them immediately stopped rushing. They bowed and said, “Yes, my Big Forefather!”

At the same time when the jade card was broken, Jiang Yun was about to take the last step. Right at the moment, he suddenly heard the voice of Bai Ze, "Oh, no! No! Go, go!"

Jiang Yun did want to step out, but at this moment, the Against-Demon Bridge had been overturned, causing him to hang on the back of the bridge in an inverted position.

If it wasn't for Jiang Yun's quick response, using his Physical Strength to firmly stabilize himself, then this turnover would be enough for him to fall into the abyss below.

However, the turnover was only a beginning. Because while the bridge was turned over, streams of black mist suddenly emerged from the abyss under the bridge.

These fogs were extremely numerous, and had a strong smell of odor. Even those who stood at the gate of Luo’s castle felt like throwing up.

Jiang Yun closed his mouth and held his breath. Now, he kept still, like being fixed on the bridge. He couldn’t move at all, so he could only watch the countless fogs near him. These mists were rolling, just like something was hidden there.


When the fog gathered more and more, and almost completely filled with the abyss, a sudden scream sounded from the fog!

It couldn’t be told whether this roar was in a human voice or a beast’s. But it made everyone’s blood upwelling and brain buzzing.

For Jiang Yun who was much closer to the fog, the roaring immediately let his blood gushing from the seven orifices of his head. But what shocked him the most was Bai Ze’s extremely trembling voice.

"Taoi… the Taoist Demon!"

The mist was actually a Taoist Demon, the statue under the feet of the human statue standing in Luo’s castle, and also the one whose bone was made to be the Against-Demon Bridge!

In the rolling mist, a head full of scales like a dragon head came out. It opened its big mouth, and Jiang Yun was swallowed in just one bite.

Numerous cultivators were shocked by this scene. Who can guess the result?! Jiang Yun was about to finish walking the bridge, but there was still such a horrible demon waiting for him!

On the watchtower, even that arrogant man was shocked and asked, "This… is this also a magic arts on the Against-Demon Bridge?"

At this moment, Luo LingXiao’s face recovered an arrogant look, “This is one of our Luo’s heritages. It’s the soul of a Taoist Demon killed by our ancestor!”

As the demon with a dragon-like head devoured Jiang Yun, the thick mist between the two cliffs rushed toward the bottom of the abyss at a very fast speed, just like the receding tide.

At this moment, Luo BaiChuan appeared above the gate of the castle. He cupped his hands and said, "Well, everyone. Today's excitement ends here. Please go back to rest!

"Tomorrow morning, before the birthday of my Luo family’s Big Forefather, I will arrange a competition for cultivators in Meridian Unclogged Realm, just for have fun. I have also prepared a generous prize. I hope that everyone can participate in this event!"

Many of the people sympathized with Jiang Yun, but in the abyss, except the fog that was about to dissipate, nothing could be seen. Jiang Yun’s figure had long been lost.

Even the Against-Demon Bridge was turned over again, and restored as it was, as if nothing had happened.

"Really, is this over like this?"

"It’s really a pity for Jiang Yun and Seeking-Tao Sect. It’s only a little bit distance from being successful. However, the strength of Luo’s family is rather beyond my expectation!”

"Yes! After I go back, I need to tell my lord about it."

Though feeling sympathy, they were neither Jiang Yun’s friends nor relatives.

While at the moment, Gu BuLao sitting on the peak of the Hidden Peak of Seeking-Tao Sect suddenly opened his eyes. Since Jiang Yun left, he had been sitting here and closing his eyes all the time.

He muttered, with an excitement and happiness, "Little guy, finally, you decide to use my half Taoist breath! Well done! You have not lived up to this experience that I specially arranged for you. It seems that you have found the power to get through your twelfth meridian!"