The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 138

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Chapter 138: Blessed By Misfortune

Jiang Yun spent nearly half a year in DuoYoa Pharmacy treating and detoxifying the cultivators. It did not affect the pharmacies business of Grand Medicine Sect, his deeds had already been heard by Grand Medicine Sect.

Therefore, this time Xiao Zheng and another two wanted to take this opportunity to introduce themselves to Jiang Yun and to see whether Jiang Yun was really worthy of his fame!


Hearing Xie XiaoYong’s words, Xiao Zheng sighed heavily, and his face showed a look of regret, “We came one step later! A disciple in our shop went to DuoYao Pharmacy yesterday, and boss Xia said that Gu Jiang had left in early morning!"

"Ah?" Xie XiaoYong was stunned, "Would he come for Luo’s birthday celebration as well?"

"I heard that there was trouble between Gu Jiang and Luo LingXiao, he would definitely not come to Luo’s castle. Listening to boss Xia’s words, it seems that Gu Jiang will not return to DuoYao Pharmacy!"

Xiao Zheng sighed again, "But after the celebration, we should go to South Star city to get more news."

Xie Xiaoyong nodded, "Yes, It is necessary to go! A pharmacist who is able to refine Primary Heaven-Level Dan Pills and who is well versed in medical practice, if we could bring this guy into our sect and accept this guy as our master’s direct disciple, this guy would absolutely have an unlimited future! ”


The banquet arranged by Luo family was extremely enjoyable. While only after the banquet and back to their rooms did they discuss Jiang Yun!

A cultivator in the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm and who had finished walking through the nine hundred and ninety-nine feet of Against-Demon Bridge!

Actually, many people really felt sorry and worthless for Jiang Yun.

Although some people had guessed that the last horrible demon should not be owned by the Against-Demon Bridge, they didn’t dare to speak it out.

Because Jiang Yun died on the Against-Demon Bridge. Even if Seeking-Tao Sect got extremely angry, it couldn’t come to Luo family for revenge.

After all, the danger of the Against-Demon Bridge was well known. If one died on the Against-Demon Bridge, it could only mean that this guy was not strong enough.

However, once Seeking-Tao Sect knew that Jiang Yun was actually killed by the Luo family, then it would definitely not stop until taking revenge on Luo family successfully.

In short, although Jiang Yun brought great shock to these cultivators, in their minds, Jiang Yun was already a dead person, so they just took him as a topic to chat about.

The night is getting darker. When almost everyone in Luo’s castle was in a deep sleep, a flash of lightning suddenly torn the sky, with a huge thunder. It lightened the sky, as well as the deep abyss under the Against-Demon Bridge.

As everyone knew, there was a huge swamp in this abyss. While at this moment, in this inaccessible swamp, there was a figure sitting cross-legged!

However, even if Luo Qing detected the swamp by his Divine Sense, he would not find the existence of this figure.

This figure was Jiang Yun!

Beyond his body, he was shrouded by the half breath of Tao Energy previously given by his master Gu BuLao.

Gu BuLao’s breath of Tao Energy could even hide from the Sky-Tao of Mountain-Sea Continent, not to mention the little Luo family.

At the moment, Jiang Yun was not only alive, but was blessed by misfortune!

The one which swallowed him was actually not the soul of the Taoist Demon as Luo LingXiao had said, instead, it was still Demonic Energy.

The only difference was that it contained a stream of Tao Spirit of that Taoist Demon!

As this Demonic Energy was too powerful, so that it did not scatter. And Luo family hid it in this abyss with a certain method.

Over time, it turned into a swamp, and became one of inheritances of the Luo family.

Originally, as Jiang Yun was swallowed up by these Demonic Energies, he should be transformed into a demon in an instant. But right at this critical moment, he forcibly led these Demonic Energies to his twelfth meridian regardless!

Just like previously when he swallowed three Unclogged-Meridians Pills, he got too much Spiritual Energy which would explode his body; it could only be consumed by suffering beating.

Too much Demonic Energy would thoroughly turn him into a demon. Therefore, it also needed to be consumed. But Demonic Energy was different from Spiritual Energy. And it was not his spiritual nature. Hence, it could not be consumed by beating.

In addition, even if there was a huge space inside the Demon Refining Pen, the Demonic Energy that was previously absorbed on the Against-Demon Bridge had already exhausted Bai Ze. It was impossible to absorb much more Demonic Energy into the Demon Refining Pen.

Hence, Jiang Yun could only take a gamble!

Therefore, while guiding the Demonic Energy to his twelfth meridian, he at the same time released the half breath Tao Energy that his master had sealed in his body.

Otherwise, the Face of the Sky would certainly come out again, and the noises accompanying would definitely be much larger than last time when he got his tenth meridian through.

At the beginning, Jiang Yun was worried about whether he could get through the last meridian within half a year since the half breath Tao Energy from his master Gu BuLao could only cover him up to half a year.

But when this Demonic Energy really rushed to his twelfth meridian, he finally realized that his worries were superfluous.

Because the power contained in this Demonic Energy was too strong, which not only exceeded his Physical Strength, but even far exceeded his Thunderbolt Strength!

The reason why it was so powerful, according to Bai Ze, was because this Demonic Energy actually contained the ‘Tao’ of that Taoist Demon!

After knowing this, Jiang Yun had no need to worry about the lack of time, but only to worry about whether his twelfth meridian could withstand the power of this Demonic Energy.

It was just like a huge hurricane. Within only two hours, the impurities in his twelfth meridian were shattered by nearly a half.

If using this speed, he could get through this meridian for no more than six hours.

When Jiang Yun broke through his tenth and eleventh meridians, it took as soon as two months to get it through.

Two months, six hours, the two were not comparable at all.

Naturally, the much quicker speed of getting through the meridian the more painful Jiang Yun would get.

Fortunately at this time, a sudden downpour of heavy rain gave a little help.

Although Jiang Yun still could not use Spiritual Energy at the moment, his Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger could absorb thunderbolts coming with the rain which gradually recovered himself.

What’s more, covered by Gu BuLao’s Tao Energy, Jiang Yun could summon his Physical Tao Doppelganger.

With the help of these two strengths that were not belong to Mountain-Sea Continent, Jiang Yun’s twelfth meridian finally held up the horrible power of this Demonic Energy and gradually become clearer little by little.


Day would dawn soon. Although it did not stop raining, but this was not a problem at all to Luo family. Hundreds of people were working together, and a moment later ten high platforms were built.

There was a transparent poncho above each high platform, so no need to worry about the rain.

Led by Luo’s people, guests came to these high platforms. Even Xiao Zheng had to come because Liu Hao and Xie XiaoYong were invited to participate in the competition.

There were nearly a thousand people participating in this test.

Naturally, some people were unwilling to participate, but under the temptation of the rich prizes offered by Luo family, all the cultivators in the Meridian Unclogged Realm were finally there.

As the Lord of Luo family, Luo BaiChuan presided over today's test himself.

"All of you are the guests of our Luo family. This competition is purely for the purpose of entertainment. So you should not hurt the peace among us since this competition’s object was just to learn from each other.

"Our family only one person participates in this test, and that’s our little Lord Luo LingXiao. If you encounter him on the platform, you don't have to be polite with him. Just give him the chance to know the strength of you."

This sentence led to a burst of laughter, which eased the nervousness of some people.

"The method of competition is as you can see; there are ten high platforms. Each of which will get about 100 people to compete on it. It’s a one-to-one battle, and will not stop until the final winner comes out.

"But as long as you can enter the top ten, Luo family will have a rich prize to give!

"As for the rules of the test, there is only one point. Everyone must make at least one attack! After that, you can either abstain or continue.

"Well, looks like you are already eager to try now, then I will not talk nonsense. Now, after drawing lots, everyone will go to the corresponding high platform according to the number they have drawn, and then officially start the test."

Although many people were a bit puzzled about Luo's rules as the rules were a little weird, they didn’t think too much.

Soon, nearly a thousand cultivators completed drawing lots, according to which Luo LingXiao would go to the first high platform, Liu Hao the third high platform, and Xie XiaoYong the tenth.

As everyone went to the corresponding high platform, and when the competition was about to begin, a Luo’s servant suddenly rushed in front of Luo BaiChuan, with face full of horror.

Naturally, all people’s eyes were concentrated on him.

Luo BaiChuan’s face suddenly turned cold, “What happened? How come you show such poor etiquette?!”

The servant stuttered, "B...bad news, my Lord! Outside... outside... outside..."

Seeing that his servant was in such a discomposure, Luo BaiChuan’s anger was even greater, “What’s wrong with the outside. Is there a ghost sighting in the daytime?!”

"Yes! It must be a ghost! The disciple of Seeking-Tao Sect, is back!"