The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 179

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Chapter 179: The White Woman

In Mang Mountains, where Jiang Yun had been walking for sixteen years, he knew there were at least a hundred villages gathered there, but he had never seen any village being destroyed.

In Mang Mountains, there are rules to follow, even in cases of deep hatred. Disputes are resolved between the parties involved through formal challenges, without involving others.

In fact, as Jiang Yun thought now, One Hundred Thousand Mang Mountains was a world of monsters, but he didn't know that back then.

The sight of the destroyed village in front of him made Jiang Yun silent, after the wake-up call of the beast's corpse he had seen earlier.

Though he knew that the so-called villagers who were killed were from the demon race, and had no connection to him, it still stirred up emotions in him, reminding him of the Jiang village in Mang Mountains.

Jiang Yun silently raised his hand and scooped up the surrounding snow, covering the ruins layer by layer.

At first, Jiang Yun thought the situation of the whole village being killed was just a coincidence.

However, after walking for three more days, he came across two more villages that had also turned into ruins!

"What on earth has happened in this area? Why have so many villages been completely destroyed? Is it only happening in this area, or is the whole North Mountain in such a situation?"


All around him was endless white, the whole world had been completely covered by ice and snow.

But above the sky, snowflakes were still falling continuously, as if the snow here would never stop.

In this endless white, a small gray figure was slowly walking.

This figure was none other than Jiang Yun.

He had been walking tirelessly for a full ten days, but now he showed no interest in the snowy scenery around him. A sense of helplessness and sorrow was hidden beneath his calm face.

Along the way, he has seen six villages in ruins, all belonging to a demon race where all the demons were killed.

Although he didn't know the exact area of the North Mountain range he was in, there was one thing he was certain of.

Something must have happened in this area to cause such tragic scenes.

Not only Jiang Yun, but even Bai Ze rarely spoke, agreeing with Jiang Yun's assumptions, because even Bai Ze had never encountered such a situation before.

After all, he is a demon!

Based on his knowledge of demons, although there are countless demon races and their relationships are not always peaceful, such large-scale extinction events are very rare.

On the fifteenth day of walking on the white land, Jiang Yun suddenly heard faint sounds beside his ears.

These sounds seemed familiar to Jiang Yun, but he couldn't remember where he had heard them before, nor could he identify what they were.

This sparked his curiosity, prompting him to speed up his steps in the direction of the sounds.

As he went farther, the sound grew louder and louder.

In the end, it was deafening, earth-shattering!

Just as Jiang Yun was about to see where the sound was coming from, a look of alertness flashed across his face.

Suddenly, his moving figure swiftly retreated, at the same time, his right hand lifted up emptily, and the snow on the ground around him instantly turned into a white mist, swirling around him.

At the same time, the snowfield less than three yards in front of him suddenly shook violently, and within this tremor, the snowfield actually stood up straight!

This was no ordinary snowfield, it was clearly a person.

A snowman over three yards tall, completely formed from snow.

It had no facial features, only limbs!

Previously, it was lying face down on the ground, blending in with the surroundings.

Even though Jiang Yun sensed danger, he never expected that the snowy landscape was actually a snowman in disguise.

With the appearance of the snowman, the already cold temperature around dropped even further.

The snowman raised its hand and pointed into the sky, causing countless snowflakes to instantly freeze in midair.

The snow turned into ice, forming clear six-petal ice flowers that emitted a chilling cold light, sweeping towards Jiang Yun.

Both the snowman and this type of attack were completely new to Jiang Yun.

Each corner of the six-petal ice flowers was sharp like a blade, and their number was overwhelming.

Looking around, it seemed like countless blades instantly surrounded Jiang Yun.

"Bang! Bang! Bang!"

A series of crisp explosions resounded as numerous ice flowers plunged into the mist, striking Jiang Yun and creating thick clouds of ice fog.

The sound lasted for nearly a few minutes, and when the sound faded away, Jiang Yun's figure slowly emerged from the icy fog.

He was completely unharmed from head to toe!

Although the ice flowers were powerful, Jiang Yun's body was so strong that they couldn't harm him at all.

In Jiang Yun's eyes, the strength of the person who attacked him was at most just that of a low-level monster.

Jiang Yun gazed calmly at the snowman.

However, his gaze was not focused on the snowman's face, but on its chest. He calmly said, "I was just passing by, why did you attack me?"

As Jiang Yun finished speaking, there was a "pop" sound, and the snowman's chest immediately caved in.

A figure sprang out from inside, landing on the snowman's shoulder and looking down at Jiang Yun from above.

It was a woman, and as Jiang Yun caught a glimpse of her, he was momentarily stunned!

The girl looked about sixteen or seventeen years old, with a hexagonal snowflake mark on her forehead, her beauty surprising people.

What truly mesmerized Jiang Yun was not the girl's beauty, but the girl herself, as if she were made of snow.

She wore all white clothes, with flawless white skin and even white hair, which didn't look old but rather gave off a lively vibe.

Standing barefoot on the snowman's shoulder, blending in with the snowman as one.

She was a white girl, with no color except for a pair of clear blue eyes like a lake that showed all the way to the bottom!

While Jiang Yun was examining the girl, she was also looking at Jiang Yun. Although her beautiful face showed no expression, her blue eyes hid a hint of caution and wariness.

Finally, the girl asked, "What kind of creature are you? Where do you come from?"

"I am Yun Shan, and I come from a faraway place!"

This was another alias Jiang Yun had given himself.

After all, the Luo family and the Ten Thousand Demons Cave are allies, so whether it's Gu Jiang or Jiang Yun, they must have been informed by the Luo family about the Ten Thousand Demons Cave.

"Why were you passing by here?"

"I was looking for the source of some sounds."

"Sounds?" A puzzled look appeared on the woman's face. "What sounds?"


Just as Jiang Yun's words fell, there came from afar the sounds of "rustling" and "rumbling."

Upon hearing this sound, the woman frowned slightly, her look of puzzlement deepening. "You mean, this sound?"


"You don't know what this sound is?"

"I don't know!"

The woman stopped talking and stared firmly into Jiang Yun's eyes, trying to figure out if he was lying.

Jiang Yun looked calmly back at her.

After a moment passed, although there was still a look of confusion on the woman's face, there was less suspicion in her eyes and more reminiscence.

Even her voice softened as she said, "I used to love hearing that sound too! Since you want to know where it's coming from, I'll show you!"

After speaking, the woman unexpectedly ignored Jiang Yun, turned away from him and the snowman under him, and walked ahead on her own.

Jiang Yun hesitated for a moment, then followed behind her.

Walking together, they went about a hundred yards and arrived at a cliff. The woman stopped, pointed ahead, and said, "This is where the sound you're looking for comes from!"