The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 178

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Chapter 178: The Northern Mountain Province

Just as Jiang Yun reached out to catch the snowflake falling into his palm, Gu Bulao, who was sitting cross-legged above Luo family castle, opened his eyes once again.

As he quietly exhaled, a faint expression of relief flashed across his young face.

But then, he furrowed his brow and murmured to himself, "This little guy has run off to North Mountain again! Running around like this, I wonder if he'll make it back in time?"

"But as long as he's safe, that's what matters!"

After saying this, Gu Bulao stood up to leave. However, his gaze suddenly fixed below at Luo family castle, and he coldly said, "Although the youngest is safe, letting you go so easily isn't like me!"

With those words, Gu Bulao took a step, completely disregarding the Against-Demon Bridge and all defenses of Luo family, and directly appeared in the left eye of the Luo family statue, standing before Luo Qing.


Gu Bulao's sudden appearance startled Luo Qing so much that he jumped, and a powerful aura instantly surged around his body.

Underneath this aura, scales began to appear on his face.

Even on top of his head, two thick, twisted horns sprouted.

However, only one horn was complete, while the other was only half there!

If Jiang Yun could see this right now, he would understand that the gift his master asked him to give to Luo Qing could perfectly complete the half horn on Luo Qing's head.

Gu Bulao showed no surprise at Luo Qing's transformation, instead shaking his head and saying, "Hmm, can't understand why he chose to become a monster instead of staying human, looking like this half-human, half-monster creature!"

Ignoring Gu Bulao's mockery, Luo Qing asked angrily, "Gu Bulao, what do you want?"

"What do I want?" Gu Bulao suddenly smiled kindly and said, "Though I may not be a good person, I can't bear to see you fall so low. I want to help you become human again!"

"No, no, no!"

These simple words frightened Luo Qing, causing him to step back and even grab the intact horn on top of his head.

Gu Bulao shook his head and said, "You deceived me once before. I cut off half of your horn to teach you a lesson, but you did not repent. Today, I will cut off your other horn as well!"

After saying this, Gu Bulao raised his hand and with a casual wave, silently and effortlessly, the intact horn on Luo Qing's head was suddenly cut in half.

The other half appeared in Gu Bulao's hand.

With only two half horns remaining on his head, Luo Qing, who seemed quite eerie before, now looked rather comical.

Luo Qing's body trembled slightly, and he shouted, "Gu Bulao, I challenge you!"

"What do you have to challenge me with?"

Gu Bulao coldly glanced at him, then gently tossed the half horn in his hand, saying, "I will keep this horn for you for now. Perhaps I will send it back when you celebrate another birthday."

"Of course, there is a good chance you won't live to see another birthday!"

"Remember, when Jiang Yun emerges, make sure to safely escort him to the Grand Medicine Sect."

"Otherwise, those old monsters from the Grand Medicine Sect would be very interested in your descendant who is half-human and half-demon, haha!"

Amidst loud laughter, Gu Bulao took a step forward and suddenly disappeared, leaving behind Luo Qing who was now purple-faced with anger.


Despite his anger, Luo Qing quickly realized, "Gu Bulao said he would wait for Jiang Yun to come out safely, but now he left early. Does that mean Jiang Yun has already left the Demon Refining Realm?"

"If he left the Demon Refining Realm but is not within the Luo family's territory, then he must be in the North Mountain!"

"Great! Gu Bulao, you can bully me all you want, but if Jiang Yun dies in the Ten Thousand Demons Cave, I will see if you dare to cause trouble there again!"

With that in mind, Luo Qing gathered his spiritual energy and condensed it into an image of Jiang Yun, then forcefully crushed it with a jade stone!



Jiang Yun softly repeated the word, recalling that he had seen it in the books of the Seeking-Tao Sect before.

In the Mountain-Sea World, besides the South Mountain Province, the other four provinces would experience snowfall during winter.

Especially the North Mountain, which was often covered in snow all year round and rarely saw clear days.

"So, this is snow!"

Jiang Yun suddenly shivered, turning to look around.

Despite being surrounded by white snow, Jiang Yun could still sense a strong demonic presence here.

And there was also spirit energy!

"Could this be North Mountain?"

Initially, Jiang Yun thought that Hun Tian had only sent him away, sending him out of his own World-in-world. But unexpectedly, he had been directly sent out of the Demon's Tao Conferment Bamboo Slip and to North Mountain!

Seeing all the white snow covering the mountains and feeling the snowflakes falling from the sky, Jiang Yun's mood suddenly improved for no reason.

He couldn't resist playing around, bending down to scoop up handfuls of snow, watching them melt into water between his fingers.

"So beautiful! I never imagined such a scenery existed in this world. Grandpa and Yuerou must have never seen anything like this. I must bring them here someday to see this snow!"

"What a country bumpkin!" Bai Ze scoffed without hesitation upon hearing Jiang Yun's words. "You've never even seen snow, what's so great about it!"

"It's still beautiful! You can't eat it, can't use it, and it's covered in ice and snow all year round, not good for the growth of living things!"

Ignoring Bai Ze's mockery, Jiang Yun happily walked through the snowy landscape, completely forgetting about time and everything else.

Until he saw the body of a beast!

The body was mostly covered in ice and snow, only revealing a wolf-like head.

Bending down, Jiang Yun carefully examined the animal's body and realized it was not frozen or starved to death, but had been pierced through the head by some sharp weapon.

Also, this creature has a Beast Core inside its body, indicating that it is at least a seventh-rank demon beast.

"It did not die from hunting, but was killed by other people or demons!"

This corpse finally woke Jiang Yun up. North Mountain is the territory of Ten Thousand Demons Cave, the real world of demons.

Being there, as a human and a Demon Refiner, if discovered by other demons, the outcome will not be good.

Thinking of this, Jiang Yun not only used Shape-shifting Art to change his appearance again but also restrained his spirit energy and filled his body with demon energy.

In this way, some demons might see through his true face, but none of them would sense that he is a human cultivator!

Next, Jiang Yun greedily absorbed spirit energy to replenish his nearly dried-up nine meridians while looking for any humans or demons to gather some information.

Originally, Jiang Yun's movements were carefree, but now finding this corpse, he simply continued forward in that direction.

One day later, in front of him, there was a ruin with many bodies inside, some in human form and some in beast form.

With Jiang Yun's sharp eyes, it was easy to see that this ruined place used to be a small village, just like the villages in Mang Mountains.

Jiang Yun frowned and muttered to himself, "To destroy a village like this, how much hatred is needed to be so cruel?"

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