The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 177

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Chapter 177: The Taoist Demon Hun Tian

If the seal constituted by the scars were only a protection for him, then it was understandable. But Jiang Yun really didn't expect that this seal also sealed something in his body.

What was it that even his grandpa had to make a seal on his body?

Moreover, this seal was not formed at one time, but appeared little by little within the sixteen years time.

Now this Taoist Demon could help him know the answer.

However, after a long silence, Jiang Yun slowly shook his head and said, "Thank you senior, but I don't want to untie this seal now."

Jiang Yun actually wanted to untie this seal, but he wished to ask his grandpa to untie it after he returned to Jiang village in the future.

Jiang Yun had no idea what purpose his grandpa had for leaving a seal on him; he also didn’t know what the secret behind this seal was, but Jiang Yun was certain that his grandfather won't harm him.

Everything grandpa did is definitely for my own good and to protect me. If I let the man untie the seal for me, it will hurt grandpa’s heart and let him down!

The man shrugged and said, "I told you, it's up to you."

After a pause, the man continued, "Since you refused this gift, I'll give you another one!"

"No more ......"

Jiang Yun was about to refuse, but the man had stretched a finger out and gently touched between Jiang Yun's eyebrows.

Jiang Yun could clearly feel that a hot current was flowing along the man's fingertip, pouring into his body, rushing directly to his twelfth meridian, and merging into those Demonic Energy.

"What I give you is a trace of my strength. Although it is not too strong, it can help you to kill a cultivator in the Tao-Spirituality Realm once!"

Jiang Yun couldn't help but took a deep breath! Kill a cultivator in the Tao-Spirituality Realm once! What a powerful strength it should be.

"Okay, I'm a little tired, you can go now. I hope I will see you again soon, or meet that descendant of the Lu family!"

Finishing this, the handsome man waved his sleeve. Then, Jiang Yun just felt that his body was wrapped in a breeze and was suddenly lifted up.

Suddenly, Jiang Yun thought of something. He hurriedly asked, "Senior, I haven't consulted your name yet!"

No voice sounded from the handsome man, but the clouds of mist in front of Jiang Yun gathered in an extremely fast speed and composed two huge words.

Hun Tian!

Just seeing these two words made Jiang Yun feel himself a little sense of smallness, not physically small, but small in strength!

Although Hun Tian was conferred the Tao, the strength of the Taoist Demon Spirituality that he left behind had been far beyond his imagination.

How powerful was Hun Tian when he was at his peak?

"Hun Tian, it’s Hun Tian!"

Just when Jiang Yun was immersed in emotion, Bai Ze's sharp scream sounded suddenly.

"Oh my god, it is the Taoist Demon Hun Tian! Hun Tian! One of the Great Eight Taoist Demons! Oh my dear, this Taoist Demon turns out to be Hun Tian!

"Jiang Yun, did you, did you see Hun Tian just now?"

Jiang Yun knew that Bai Ze's Divine Sense must have been isolated from them before. Now with the departure of Hun Tian, Bai Ze’s Divine Sense had restored its freedom.

Jiang Yun nodded, and he tried to make his tone sound calmer, "Yes, I just talked to him for a while!"

After a moment of silence, Bai Ze screamed again, "Ahhh! I'm so mad! Why didn't I see it? Why didn't I talk to him?!

"Oh my God, He is one of the Great Eight Taoist Demons! The Great Eight Taoist Demons! They are the goal of all the demons!"

Suddenly, Bai Ze asked Jiang Yun fiercely, "Tell me, did you block my Divine Sense just now?"

"I didn't do it, it should be done by Senior Hun Tian!"

Jiang Yun didn't dare to tell his experience in detail at all. For fear of stimulating Bai Ze again, he hurriedly shifted the topic, "Well, what you mean by the Great Eight Taoist Demons?"

"I won’t tell you!"

Although he knew Jiang Yun was telling the truth and his Divine Sense was cut off by Hun Tian, apparently Bai Ze still couldn't control his inner anger.

How precious it was to be able to see Hun Tian, one of the Great Eight Taoist Demons!

Jiang Yun did not ask it again. Because he knew Bai Ze's personality very well. He knew clearly that Bai Ze was very emotional and he loved to show that he seemed to know everything.

And the fact proved this again. Bai Ze couldn't help speaking it out in less than a quarter. "The Great Eight Taoist Demon are naturally the most powerful eight demons born in the history of the demon race.

"It is said that their strength is already so strong that they can destroy a world in one breath and wave their hands to dispel everything.

"However, the Great Eight Taoist Demons are too mysterious, and the time of their births are too long ago, so except for their names and big events that are firmly known by all the demons, hardly has someone knows their appearances.

"Hun Tian is one of them. He can be regarded as the one closest to us, so his life story is the most widely spread.

"It is said that he used his own strength to break through Seven Tao Worlds in succession. You should know that Tao Worlds are totally different from the little worlds like where your currently is!

"Also, it is said that he has been to the Taoist Monument. And he fought with the guardian because his name was not recorded on it...

"Ah, I see! I know why there is no Hun Tian's name on the Taoist Monument? Because his identity of Taoist Demon is conferred by a Demon Forgemaster, not due to his own cultivation only. But Hun Tian's guts is really too big. He even dared to fight with the guardian of the Taoist Monument.

"Someday, if I am conferred the Tao, I will definitely go to the Taoist Monument and fight the guardian..."

Speaking of this, Bai Ze's voice suddenly stopped.

Jiang Yun, who was fascinated by what he heard, was shocked by what he was seeing as well.

Because at this moment, he had suddenly left the misty world and was in a white world.

Although there were still mountains and forests, everything was covered with white, exuding a strong chill.

When breathing, there was a white mist, like a dragon, spouting from his mouth and nose.

In the sky, there were countless pieces of white things like feathers, which were falling continuously.

Jiang Yun couldn't help reached his palms out, and let one of them fall lightly on his palms.

It was cold and extremely soft. Gently gripped it, then this white piece turned into water, flowing out between the fingers of Jiang Yun.

"What is this?”

“And, where are we now?”