The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 176

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Chapter 176: These Scars Were A Seal


Once the fog ball entered its body, the Tao Doppelganger trembled fiercely.

Then the fog ball exploded, quickly filling its whole body; while the cloud and mist in his body immediately surged wildly.

It was dimly visible that these clouds and fog clearly constituted a vague outline, but it was hard to distinguish what it was.

Then, the man waved, and the Tao Doppelganger was back into Jiang Yun's body.

"This is a rudiment of the Blessing Land. When you enter the Blessing Land Realm in the future, the Blessing Land of this Tao Doppelganger will automatically appear. You have no worries at all!"

Jiang Yun had been almost like a wood man, standing there blankly. He just let the man do the mercy.

Now, looking down at himself, he still felt as if he was dreaming. He couldn't believe that there was already a rudiment of the Blessing Land inside his body.

Moreover, it was formed by his third Tao Doppelganger, the one he just cultivated!

"This is the first gift I give you. I will give you a second gift."

"A second gift?" Jiang Yun suddenly looked up. This gift was too precious for himself, while the man even had one more gift for him.

"Can you make Demon-Refining Seals?"

"Uh, yes ... or maybe not!"

This sounds inconsistent, but it was the truth.

Jiang Yun had memorized the Demon-Refining Seal when on the Against-Demon Bridge. However, with his current strength, he cannot display it yet.

But the man did not care about it. "Anyway, the Demon-Refining Seal you know must be gotten from the Against-Demon Bridge. That is the primary Demon-Refining Seal.

"What I teach you now is an improved one. It was improved by master Lu!

"As you are a Demon Forgemaster and a cultivator in the Twelfth Level of Meridians Unclogged Realm, you should be able to learn and use it immediately."

Jiang Yun naturally knew that Master Lu should be the Demon Forgemaster who had conferred Tao for this Taoist Demon, and should also be Lu XiaoYu's ancestor!

This also indirectly proved his guess that something must have happened between the Lu family and the Luo family, and it was even more likely that it was some kind of battle, and the Luo family won eventually.

"Master Lu had said that actually the role of the Demon-Refining Seal is not to torture the demon to be used by you; the real Demon-Refining Seal should refine the demon's magic arts and power to be yours!”

This words made Jiang Yun's eyes wide suddenly.

Refine the magic arts and power of the demons into your own!

This sounded unimaginable!

What a great man master Lu was. Not only could he come out such an incredible idea, but he could also make the idea become a reality!

Not waiting for Jiang Yun to come back, the handsome man suddenly raised his hand, and a small light ball was condensed at his fingertip. He shot this light ball towards Jiang Yun.

It flew quickly and directly immersed itself between Jiang Yun's eyebrows.

Immediately, a seal emerged in front of Jiang Yun. It was very similar to the Demon-Refining Seal that he had seen on the Against-Demon Bridge, but with some differences.

In addition to the seal pattern, there were still several lines of text.

Looking at the seal pattern and words Jiang Yun couldn't help but lifted up his palms. According to the words, according to the seal pattern, he quickly stretched out or bent his fingers. Gradually, a Demon-Refining Seal was made.

"Good, you are really a bit talented!" The handsome man nodded with satisfaction.

"Thank you senior!"

Jiang Yun hurriedly bowed and saluted the man respectfully.

Although he could only perform the Demon-Refining Seal now, he still had no idea how to refine the demon's talent and power into his own, but Jiang Yun could already feel that the power of this seal was far more stronger than the previous one.

"Well, now, I will give you one last gift!"

"One more?"

Jiang Yun got slightly shocked. He embarrassedly said, "Senior, you have given me enough gifts. Please leave the rest of gifts to the descendant of Lu! I will bring her here in the future!"

Jiang Yun really couldn’t accept anything from the man anymore. The more he got now, the less Lu XiaoYu might get in the future.

The man seemed to have seen through Jiang Yun's thoughts. He smiled slightly, "This gift has nothing to do with me, but has something to do with you."

Jiang Yun said in doubt: "I don't understand it!"

The man pointed at Jiang Yun's body and said, "In addition to the three powers which come from the meridians you have unblocked, there is an extremely strong power in your body!

"You cannot even understand how strong this power is.

"I can only give you an example. If I met this guy who left this power inside your body before I was conferred the Tao, I'm afraid to give up fighting with him."

This sentence made Jiang Yun stunned for a while. Actually, he had already had a faint guess.

"This power does not belong to humans, but belongs to a demon. It belongs to a Hearing-Tao Demon, who is next only to a Taoist Demon!"

"My grandpa!"

The man's words confirmed Jiang Yun's guess. He had never expected that the strength of his grandpa would be so strong.

The Hearing-Tao Demons were second only to the Taoist Demons!

Since Jiang Yun had known that everyone in Jiang village were demons, he deliberately didn't inquire anything about them.

He had never thought about what kind of demons the people in Jiang village were!

Because Jiang Yun couldn’t regard them as demons. In his heart, they would always be his closest family.

But now, he unexpectedly knew that his old grandfather who walked staggered turned out to be second only to a Taoist Demon.

The man continued, "Strictly speaking, this power is a protection for you, but at the same time, it is also a seal that seems to seal something in your body.

"The third gift I give you is, I can help you untie this seal!"

"A seal?" Jiang Yun's mind was a bit messy due to the continuous shocking news. His eyes were almost in a daze. "Senior, do you mean that I have a seal inside my body?"

"Yes, all together those scars on your body are a seal!"

Jiang Yun was shocked again.

Soon after, he suddenly ripped off his clothes. Hundreds of scars were seen been criss-crossing on his skin when exposed.

In fact, Jiang Yun had doubts about these scars long ago!

Because he grew up in taking countless medicated baths. The medicinal properties contained in those medicated baths even helped him to unblock his tenth meridian with his pure Physique Strength.

But strangely, these medicinal properties had even been unable to heal these scars.

However, after he had left Mang Mountains and had gotten hurt again, he found that the new wounds would gradually heal over time even if he didn’t take any Dan pills.

It turned out that these scars were intentionally left by his grandpa.

Because they were a seal!

The man's eyes swept through the hundreds of scars on Jiang Yun's body. He said faintly, "As for whether you accept my third gift to help you unlock the seal, it’s up to you!"

Untied it or not?

Jiang Yun was difficult in making the decision!