The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 187

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Chapter 187: Hard to Leave Hometown

Despite the old man's lack of aura, he appeared like any ordinary old man in his twilight years.

But when he spoke, a chilling coldness could be felt in his words, turning the already freezing snow house into an ice cellar in an instant.

Despite the piercing cold, Jiang Yun's expression remained unchanged, with a smile on his face as he said, "I have saved many creatures!"

With Jiang Yun's simple response, the old man gave him a deep gaze before a smile appeared on his aged face, saying, "My place is quite humble, please have a seat!"

Not only was it humble, but it was also completely empty, yet Jiang Yun sat down on the ground without hesitation.

As soon as he sat down, a look of surprise flashed across his face, which had just shown no change.

He could clearly feel that the ground beneath him was warm!

Although the temperature wasn't high, the fact that there was heat escaping from the ground in this icy and snowy place was a bit unexpected for Jiang Yun.

The old man clearly understood Jiang Yun's confusion but didn't explain, instead he straightforwardly said, "You've changed your appearance!"

Jiang Yun was no longer surprised by this.

Since the other person could sense even the hidden bloody aura, it wasn't surprising for them to see that the face was not real.

However, Jiang Yun chose to stay silent, without admitting or arguing.

The old man didn't seem to mind Jiang Yun's response, and then said, "Even though you seem more human than demon, the strong demonic energy on you makes it hard for me to be sure."

"I don't care about your identity, since you came to our Snow clan and helped save some of our children, I want to make a deal with you."

After speaking, the old man looked at Jiang Yun and stayed silent.

Even though the old man didn't explain the deal, Jiang Yun could guess that it was about helping the Snow clan.

After some thought, Jiang Yun said, "No need for a deal!"

"I came here to help in any way I can, but my time is limited, and I have other things to do, so I can't stay here for long."

The old man smiled and said, "Don't jump to conclusions yet, listen to the deal first!"

Jiang Yun closed his mouth, and the old man continued, "You are about to gather Blessed Land, but it seems you don't know how to do it yet."

"I can share with you my insights on gathering Blessed Land, for your reference, which might be helpful to you."

"During your time in my Snow clan, we will do our best to provide you with everything you need!"

"In addition, I allow you to enter the sacred land of my Snow clan once!"

Jiang Yun was not too concerned about the old man's last sentence about the sacred land of the Snow clan. What bothered him were the old man's first two sentences!

Gathering Blessed Land is now the most urgent thing for Jiang Yun.

If he can get the old man's insights, it will indeed be of great help to him.

"As a condition of the trade, you only need to stay with my Snow clan for three months, until we leave this place!"

"Leave?" Jiang Yun raised his head slightly, with a look of surprise on his face, but quickly regained his composure.

Hard to leave homeland.

Although the Snow clan does not want to submit to the Ten Thousand Demons Cave or leave the valley where they have lived for countless years, with the disaster of the Boundary Sea accelerating its engulfment, they must leave to find a new place to live if they want to survive.

This may not be a long-term solution, but it can at least help in the current crisis.

Jiang Yun was curious if the Snow clan's grandfather had already decided where to relocate the clan.

After all, the entire North Mountain is no longer peaceful.

Moving out of the North Mountain would take a long time and be extremely difficult.

Three months is not enough time at all!

"You misunderstand me!" the old man smiled and said, "I don't need your help with the relocation. I just need you to stay in this valley for three months."

"Perhaps, we won't even need the full three months. But during this time, if strong enemies come, I hope you will do your best to help the Snow clan defend against them."

"And when we migrate, we can give you a ride to wherever you want to go, saving you a lot of time."

After listening to the old man's explanation, Jiang Yun finally understood.

The Snow clan must have other ways to migrate, like using a teleportation array.

It just takes some time to prepare, but this area is already very unstable now.

With only the current strength of the Snow clan, it's hard to survive the preparation period, so he hopes to stay and help.

Three months may seem long, but it's within what Jiang Yun can accept.

Because he needs to gather spirit qi in his Blessed Land, he also needs to prepare.

The old man's last words really touched him.

If he travels alone, he wouldn't even get out of North Mountain in three months, but if the Snow clan is willing to give him a ride, it means he can save the time spent on walking by staying with the Snow clan.

However, Jiang Yun did not immediately agree, but instead looked at the old man and asked, "Why are you looking for me?"

Jiang Yun knows himself well.

Even though Jiang Yun is at the Meridians Unclogged twelfth realm, his true strength is still weak. He can handle cultivators within the third level of the Blessed Land, but if he faces someone stronger, he can only run away.

With this level of strength, it is not worth for the Snow clan to try to recruit him at any cost. Under similar circumstances, they should be able to find stronger allies.

The old man sighed and said, "Because in the whole North Mountain, my Snow clan doesn't have any trustworthy demons to turn to!"

This answer revealed the helplessness of the old man and the entire Snow clan.

In the vast North Mountain, there are no trustworthy demons to seek help from, so they have no choice but to recruit Jiang Yun who does not belong to the North Mountain.

Jiang Yun nodded with a wry smile and agreed, "Okay, I'll help you, but I can only stay here for a maximum of three months. Also, my strength is limited. If we are attacked by a powerful enemy, I will do my best to assist, but I cannot guarantee the outcome."

"Do your best and accept fate!"

When Jiang Yun finally agreed, the old man felt relieved and spoke loudly, sending his voice out of the Snow House, echoing throughout the valley.

"From now on, Yun Shantaoist friend is a honored guest of our Snow clan. You must fulfill any of his requests to the best of your abilities. Anyone who disrespects him disrespects me!"

The people of the Snow clan in the valley looked surprised when they heard the grandfather's words.

Especially Xue Qing and Xue Luan were both so surprised that they could hardly believe their ears.

The old man turned to Jiang Yun and said, "Now, I will pass on to you the insights I gained when I condensed the Blessed Land. However, you can only enter our Snow clan Blessed Land once our migration begins."

Jiang Yun didn't care about the Snow clan's Blessed Land at all, not even the insights from the Blessed Land.

He stayed because he sincerely wanted to help the Snow clan, which reminded him so much of the Jiang village.

"Thank you!"

As he said this, the old man pointed his finger at Jiang Yun's forehead, and a bubble instantly entered Jiang Yun's body, glowing with spirituality.

Jiang Yun naturally stood up to say goodbye, turned around and left. Outside the snow hut, Xue Qing, who had been waiting anxiously, hurried up to meet him.

Watching this scene, the old man let out a long sigh and murmured to himself, "If I'm not mistaken, this boy should be the human cultivator, Jiang Yun, whom that Taoist friend entrusted me to find and protect for the Snow clan."

"Whether he stays or not is not important. What matters is, if he is truly in danger, I believe that Taoist friend will not stand idly by!"

"I wonder if I have made the right bet this time!"