The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 90

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Chapter 90: Feel The Meaning Of Sword

Although the test had ended, Jiang Yun's performance once again made him become the focus of the entire Seeking-Tao Sect after half a year's silence.

In less than an hour, he completed the test successfully and became the only one who did it this time.

No one knew how Jiang Yun did it, especially for the distance of the last five hundred feet on the blade, which even Wei ZhengYang could not understand.

Besides, there were three things that Wei ZhengYang cared about very much.

First, Jiang Yun took Wang Jian's sword, and he could also release the Thunder Sword Force unexpectedly, and the power was even much stronger than Wang Jian did.

Secondly, when the human-form meaning of sword appeared in Jiang Yun's body, Jiang Yun pointed to his eyebrows, as if to use some hidden means, but inexplicably stopped. It was at that time that the vibe and meaning sword disappeared in the blade.

As for the last thing, when Jiang Yun woke up from his meditation, he not only had a strange expression on his face, but also gave him a strange glance.

At that time, Wei did not pay much attention to it, but in retrospect, there was no hatred or killing intent in Jiang Yun's glance, but something like jocosity.

Being looked upon in a strange way by a disciple in Meridians Unclooged Realm, Wei ZhengYang could not get over it, as a cultivator in Sky Reaching Realm. He always felt that something related to him must have happened during the period of Jiang Yun's meditation.

He could not figure out what was going on even if he wanted to, but he was sure that now Jiang Yun was definitely qualified to threaten Fang YuXuan, so he had to figure out a way to resolve it quickly.

Jiang Yun had also returned to his cabin on Hidden Peak. Although the three of DongFang Bo wanted to have a good talk with him, they were strictly prohibited by Gu BuLao. In addition, Jiang Yun would continue to four more tests, so they'd to let Jiang Yun take a rest.

To outsiders, it must have been a huge drain for Jiang Yun to across the Chop-Sky Sword, while in fact he had no consumption at all.

He used his physical strength early, while then he relied on the sword from Wang Jian, and the last five hundred feet were completed in almost instantaneous way, so he didn't need to have a rest at all.

At this moment, he was playing with the black stone, while thinking about what he heard when the human formed meaning of sword met the black stone.

'The sound should have come from the black stone, and the reason he spoke must is the appearance of the meaning of sword.'

'The beginning conception of meaning of Tao, that is to say, the human formed meaning of sword own the first conception of Tao meaning? While not to mention the beginning conception, there are a lot of things containing Tao meaning, they all blow up when hitting the black stone, and their Tao meaning was attracted to the black stone, why the human formed meaning of sword did not?'

'Barely allowed to enter the first part, the first part naturally is the first layer after the stone change into water. So how many layers it contains? And what qualifications to get in others?'

'It is the fate, whether you can reach the ultimate Tao in the future. This sentence is very interesting, whether the meaning of sword could be some true Tao in the future?'

'Also, after the human formed meaning of sword had entered the water, and when I woke up, I could clearly feel that as long as I wanted, the Chop-Sky Sword could immediately be mine!'

If Wei ZhengYang could hear this sentence, he would understand why Jiang Yun gave him a strange glance at the last moment.

Because although Jiang Yun knew nothing about the sword, while he had already robbed two swords from sword cultivators. And at that time, what he thought was that if he took away the Chop-Sky Sword which belong to Wei ZhengYang, whether Wei ZhengYang would be too angry to spout blood.

Actually, Jiang Yun misunderstood that the Chop-Sky Sword did not belong to Wei ZhengYang, Wei ZhengYang was merely its controller. Just like other magic tools of the four peaks, as the details of Seeking-Tao Sect, no one could take these to his own.

Otherwise, after Jiang Yun successfully completed the test in the end, it was impossible for Wei ZhengYang to let Jiang Yun show up by riding the Chop-Sky Sword.

Jiang Yun would not know the answers of these questions naturally, and he did not even think about them anymore. He turned the black stone into water and looked at the golden meaning of sword in the water.

Although the meaning of sword had been shaped at the moment, it was not a real object. So Jiang Yun did not want to take it out, but just out of curiosity, he put out his finger and touched it lightly.

At this moment, however, a clear and crisp sound of sword singing came from Jiang Yun's mind. Then, he was dazzled for a moment, while a golden light suddenly appeared!

Before he could see clearly what the golden light was, there was a sharp pang of pain on his body, like his body had broken off in a moment.


Jiang Yun's body was so shaken that he opened his eyes suddenly. However, he found himself still sitting in the cabin, with the black stone floating in front of him.

It was like a dream.

But Jiang Yun knew that the experience was definitely not a dream!

Not only could he still feel intense pain in his body, and his back was drenched in cold sweat, but the stone had also turned into water in advance, now it was turned back into stone.

If there was a sword cultivator nearby, he could tell Jiang Yun that it was not really a dream, but a very rare opportunity for a sword cultivator--to feel the meaning of the sword!

After gazing at the black stone for a moment, Jiang Yun guessed, 'Is that the golden light from the meaning of sword?'

In order to verify his idea, Jiang Yun clenched his teeth and let the stone into water again. He gently pointed his finger toward the golden meaning of sword.

With the re-emergence of the sword singing and the golden light, as well as that sharp pain of the body like he was cut into countless pieces, it made Jiang Yun confirm what he guessed.

'As I expected that the golden light is actually that meaning of sword, and it should belong to Chop-Sky Sword!'

After trying several times, Jiang Yun could finally see a vibe of sword in the moment the golden light appeared.

Although Jiang Yun knew nothing about swords, he could never forget the attack from the fuzzy figure in that rune second sister gave, so he also wanted to learn about swords.

Although he still did not understand why he could get into such dreamlike experiences as soon as he touched the meaning of sword, he knew that this should be a good thing for him.

It was like when he first learned to refine medicine, even if the most complicated steps were be clearly understood after repeating hundreds of times. While if he was stabbed by this meaning of sword by hundreds and thousands of time, he could know more about swords even he did know nothing about sword arts.

'It is a pity that I have to be cut by countless pieces each time I touch the meaning of sword. Plus to I have to pay three spiritual stones every time.'

If this idea of Jiang Yun was known by other sword cultivators, it would definitely cause public anger!

It was so precious the opportunity to feel the meaning of sword, not to mention the meaning of the sword from Chop-Sky Sword, which was one of the details in Seeking-Tao Sect. Let alone three spiritual stones for each time, for any sword cultivator, they would like to pay anything they own to get only one chance. But Jiang Yun actually had some dissatisfaction!

If it was not because tomorrow he had to complete another test, and he was indeed short of spiritual stone, Jiang Yun really want to continue to try.

With the water turned into stone for the last time, Jiang Yun did not touch the golden light, but took out the blue sword belonging to Wang Jian and threw it into the water.

Although he was not good at using swords, this sword could release thunderbolt, which helped to cover his inner thunder power. So Jiang Yun was ready to use the sword temporarily.

As for the seal left by Wang Jian in it, it wouldn't work under the thunder power of Jiang Yun.

In addition, as for the idea of Wang Jian, the original owner of the sword, Jiang Yun would not even consider it. Wang Jian attacked to him and Jiang Yun was merciful enough to let him alive.

'From now on, I'll call you Thunder-Sword!'

Holding the blue sword which had been obviously improved a lot, Jiang Yun chose a new name for it at random, then he closed his eyes and waited for the next day.