The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 91

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Chapter 91: The Strong Are Respected

The second day of rushing through the whole five peaks, before ringing of the bell in sect, the foot of Rune Peak was surrounded by a large number of disciples. They were not discussing about the upcoming test but instead about Jiang Yun.

'The scene where Jiang Yun showed up yesterday, at the end, really shocked me! I didn't expect that he would be the only one to complete that test!'

'Now no one would doubt his strength; even if he was not ninth-level in Meridians Unclogged Realm six months ago, he must be now.'

'I heard from the inner disciples that he did move on Chop-Sky Sword yesterday, but he didn't use any sword. It's strange as to why he would want to rush through the Fence Peak despite not being a swordsman?'

'Does he wish to provoke Fang YuXuan and Lord Wei? By the way, I also heard that he seemed to have taken away the sword of Wang Jian and had previously robbed Zheng Yuan's sword. Does he have the special hobby of grabbing others' swords?'

While everyone was talking, a series of shouts came from a distance.

'Brother Jiang Yun!'

'Nice to see you, Brother Jiang!'

On hearing this, they looked up to the sound. Sure enough, they saw Jiang Yun in the distance, coming slowly, accompanied by the three of DongFang Bo.

Most of the disciples, whether outer or inner, would immediately bow to Jiang Yun as he advanced along the way.

Obviously, after yesterday's test, Jiang Yun had become a fine example for many of the disciples, especially for those factotum disciples.

Although Jiang Yun was bare-chested yesterday, today he was wearing a factotum disciple’s uniform, which meant that up till now, he was still a factotum disciple.

The factotum disciples were at the bottom of the whole Seeking-Tao Sect. They suffered the worst treatment and had the most uncertain future despite their largest number. Thus many people were just muddling along.

Jiang Yun, who was also a factotum disciple, had given other disciples great confidence and encouragement.

Seeing the disciples’ admiration towards him, Jiang Yun was a bit confused. Actually, he could not be used to it. Nonetheless, out of politeness, he greeted them one by one, no matter who they were, thus he spent a lot of time to travel through a short distance.

The three of DongFang Bo had expected this outcome. Whenever someone saluted Jiang Yun, they would stop with smile and look at them with joy.

The world of cultivators is one where the rule of the jungle works and the strong are respected.

Jiang Yun had shown sufficient strength to earn this respect.

As for the appearance of Jiang Yun, people were not surprised, and they took it for granted that he must have also come to see something interesting. By the time, Jiang Yun and the three of them got to the bottom of Rune Peak, Lan HuaZhao, as the lord of this peak, had already appeared in the sky above.

Compared to Wei ZhengYang, Lan HuaZhao was much more kind. With a smile on his face, he nodded to many of the disciples below before he opened his mouth and said, 'Celestial Rune!'

As soon as the words were said, a silver light burst out in Rune Peak, covering the whole peak. Just like Chop-Sky Sword in Fence Peak, this was an illusionary rune of thousands of meters. It was suspended between the sky and the earth. On it there were clear lines of silver runes, intertwined, and seemed like an incomparable mystery.

Everyone immediately looked at this rune which included Jiang Yun as well. To tell the truth, he actually also had a strong interest in runes. After all, he had already touched three kind of runes--explosive runes, rapid runes and surrogate runes.

The first kind was from Fang RuoLin. Although the damage was not much, but that was only for him. The latter two kind of runes helped him greatly. If not for the existence of Gu BuLao, he might be willing to worship Lan HuaZhao as his master, and learn the Tao of runes.

Looking at the runes twisted like a snake, Jiang Yun just looked on as a layman, but for those who pursued Tao of runes, the face of all showed an infatuated expression one by one.

Lan HuaZhao stood in the air, his hands clasped behind his back, and said smilingly: 'Fine, you can look carefully after entering it. Now, let's begin!'

A fiery serpent, of the same unreality, shot out from the hands of Lan HuaZhao, immediately lighting up the illusion of the Celestial Rune. The huge rune began to curl in flames,and a vague silver figure gradually appeared inside it.

'What are you waiting for? It can only burn for one hour on this day. If you can hold out until the end, you will succeed!'

After listening to the words of Lan HuaZhao, the group of people immediately flashed towards the burning rune, and disappeared into it.

It seemed that the illusion of Celestial Rune was a kind of space device, which contained a world of its own.

After all the disciples had rushed into it, Jiang Yun said to the three: 'Brother, sister, I shall go!'

'Go then!' The three smiled and nodded.

Jiang Yun walked through the crowd towards the burning rune, which made all the disciples around him gasp and become stunned.

It was not until Jiang Yun's figure was completely lost in the rune that the people came back to their senses.

'He... he wants to rush through Rune Peak too?'

'He just completed Fence Peak yesterday, and wants to complete Rune Peak today? Is that ok?'

'The rules didn't say that you couldn't do it in a row. But since our sect was founded, we've never heard of anyone who could rush through two peaks in a row!"

Indeed, other disciples not only wanted to be an inner disciple through the test, but also feel the hidden Tao within the five special magic tools in the sect. Since everyone pursued a different Tao, they wouldl certainly only identify with one. So no one would separately do the different tests.

However, Jiang Yun's purpose was not these. He just wanted to complete the conditions of Gu BuLao, so that he could worship Gu BuLao as his master.

Not to mention the disciples, even Lan HuaZhao, in the sky above and all the people who were paying attention to this place with spiritual feeling at this moment, were deeply shocked by Jiang Yun's behavior.

Most surprised of all was Wei ZhengYang, whose expression was uncertain, as he said to himself: 'What does he mean to Gu BuLao and Dao TianYou? Why would they let this kid through two peaks in a row? If they do that for reputation, then his performance yesterday was sufficient, there is no need to rush through Rune Peak too.'

All of a sudden, an idea flashed across Wei ZhengYang's mind like lightning, making his face suddenly change, and his eyes suddenly turned to the library situated under Fence Peak. 'Could it be..... ?’

Thinking of this, Wei ZhengYang could not sit still any longer, his body flashed and immediately disappeared from there.

'Ha ha ha! I knew they'd be surprised!'

At the same time, Dao TianYou, who was sitting on the top of Hidden Peak with Gu BuLao, laughed like a child. While the scene let Gu BuLao look at him after being silent for a while, then he slightly shook his head: 'If there was a chance, I would never be your Tao protector!'

It was like someone choked on the neck, that brought Dao TianYou's laughter to an abrupt end, and he stared at Gu BuLao. He was about to say something, but a roar of anger resounded.

A voice full of wrath and majesty, was heard throughout the whole Seeking-Tao Sect, shaking the peaks and the clouds!

In the sky over the Rune Peak, a magnificent, silver-clad warrior suddenly appeared, whose mouth was the source of the angry roar.

But now everyone’s eyes were not looking at the warrior, but were focused on top of him, where a figure stood!