The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 159

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Chapter 159: The Thunderbolt Demon-Vanquishing Seal

Although the Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger disappeared with the explosion, but the whole world of the Illusory Array was full of countless golden thunderbolts. These thunderbolts was going up and down and creaking which made people cannot help but tremble.

Watching the countless golden thunderbolts in the sky, everyone present even Bai Ze did not know what Jiang Yun wanted to do.

Jiang Yun suddenly reached his hands out, then a lot of strand Spiritual Energy was flying out of his hands and rushed to each thunderbolt.

In an instant, the Spiritual Energy was entangled in a thunderbolt. Under the guidance of Jiang Yun, these golden thunderbolts began to combine and finally became a huge seal!

Luo LingXiao instinctively felt a kind of familiarity to this seal, but for a while he couldn't remember where he had seen it.

While Bai Ze could not help but scream out!

"The Thunderbolt Demon-Vanquishing Seal!"

Jiang Yun was no longer casting a seal with his hands. Instead, with his amazing control of the Spiritual Energy, he casted a Demon-Vanquishing Seal which was made of countless golden thunderbolts!

Although this seal was the most basic one in the Demon-Refining Nine Seals, Bai Ze had never seen the way of casting a seal. Actually, he even had never heard of it before.

Other Demon Forgemaster could not think of such a method at all. And even if they had thought of it, they had no ability to make it.

But Jiang Yun not only thought of it, but also did it!

Jiang Yun’s idea was very simple. Since this Illusion Array was made by a Spiritual Demon, then attacking it with the Demon-Vanquishing Seal should have a certain impact on this Spiritual Demon.

But he could not display a Demon-Vanquishing Seal covering such a large area, so he could only use the power of thunderbolt combining with the Demonic Energy of the Taoist Demon to display it.

"Demon! Vanquishing! Seal!"

As Jiang Yun shouted, the Thunderbolt Demon-Vanquishing Seal which was in a size of a millstone slammed into the huge eyeball and the endless Demonic-Energy filaments with a whistling sound!



The dazzling golden light after the explosion of the Demon-Vanquishing Seal almost shrouded the whole Illusion Array. While in the loud boom, there was also a strange noise as if a baby was crying.

Although the situation could not be seen in the golden light, Jiang Yun could feel keenly that the Demonic Energy surrounding had suddenly weakened and the scene in front of him was weirdly distorted.

Especially those Demonic-Energy filaments, they began to break inch by inch.

Obviously, his Thunderbolt Demon-Vanquishing Seal worked.

"Brother Xiao, run!"

Seeing that the Illusion Array has begun to collapse, Jiang Yun immediately reverted back to the side of Xiao Zheng and others. He once again raised his hand and gave four consecutive Demon-Vanquishing Seals into the bodies of the four Demonic Beasts.

Then he ran to the side of the Golden Demonic Ape and did the same thing to it.

Previously, Jiang Yun had never thought that he had the ability to deal with these Demonic Beasts. But the fact that he had the upper hand on the python let him see the hope.

Jiang Yun believed that the other four Demonic Beasts in the primary level would surrender to his Demon-Vanquishing Seal, except that white bear of third level.

"The Demon-Vanquishing Seal! You, you are a Demon Forgemaster!"

At this time, Luo LinXiao, who was always in a state of sluggishness, finally recovered. He also recognized Jiang Yun’s seal made from thunderbolts.

Although Luo LingXiao was a member of Luo family, he was not a Demon Forgemaster. Hence, he didn’t learn the Demon-Refining Nine Seals. He had only seen it from a family book, and that was why he hadn’t thought about it before.

"Kill him!"

Jiang Yun’s eyes showed his anger, and the one-horned python rushed to Luo LingXiao immediately.

Jiang Yun had long been having a murderous intent to kill Luo LingXiao. Especially his secret of being a Demon Forgemaster, he must not let Luo LingXiao spread it, in which case it would bring endless troubles to himself. So today, Luo LingXiao had to die!

Losing the protection of the Illusion Array, plus the speed of the one-horned python was really too fast. Maybe it was full of hatred for Luo LingXiao, or maybe there were other reasons as well, it had already come to Luo LingXiao in a second. It raised his sharp horn and licked the throat of Luo LingXiao!

If being stabbed, then Luo LingXiao would die without any doubt!

But at this moment, a sneer suddenly sounded, "Hey Little Lord Luo, it seems that you have some troubles!"

At the same time, a palm appeared out of nowhere. It directly stroke on the body of the python. Its body was shot away, and Luo LingXiao's life was saved!

Then, nine figures, like ghosts, appeared in the gaps of the collapsed Illusion Array!

The head of them was a middle-aged man. He looked like having hardly seen the sun all year round, because his face was extremely pale. He was the one who just spoke and rescued Luo LingXiao.

Seeing these nine people and the python that was stroke away, Jiang Yun’s heart sank again.

So easy to strike the python away, this guy’s strength was naturally far beyond the python. In other words, this was a cultivator in the Blessing Land Realm at least.

Xiao Zheng looked at the middle-aged man and said in surprise, "Feng QiShan?! You, are you all people from the Hundred Herbs Valley?"

After hearing this, Jiang Yun finally understood what it was all about!

Bai Ze was right. Luo LingXiao trapped them with the Illusion Array but not kill them immediately, because he was waiting for the people of the Hundred Herbs Valley to come.

Feng QiShan smiled slightly, "Wow, Master Xiao! It’s my honor to see you! I didn't expect to meet you here today!"

Xiao Zheng once again asked, "What are you doing here?"

However, Feng QiShan stopped paying attention to Xiao Zheng but looked at Jiang Yun and asked, "Is it you who kill Du GuiRong?"

Then, Xiao Zheng and other people naturally understood it.

The Grand Medicine Sect was well informed. They naturally knew that Du GuiRong had been killed by someone. But they had not thought that it was Jiang Yun who killed Du GuirRong.

Jiang Yun lowered his voice against Xiao Zheng, "I will try to trap them, and you need to find a chance to run away!"

At this moment, the Illusion Array has been broken. Although there were nine people on the other side, Jiang Yun had Demonic Beasts to help himself. As long as he could drag them even a second, Xiao Zheng and the other two may escape.

Jiang Yun believed that these nine people wanted to kill him, so if Xiao Zheng and the other two ran away, they should not catch them up.

Xiao Zheng nodded gently, and suddenly reached his hand out. He gave a piece of jade to Jiang Yun and said, "Bother Jiang, inside it is the map leading to the small village. Whoever has the opportunity to escape, go first!"


However, Feng QiShan’s voice was once again sounded, “You guys want to run away? You won’t have the chance! None of you! Kill them all!”

Following his order, eight figures rushed over. Feeling the mental aura of these people, Jiang Yun's heart had sunk to the bottom.

All these eight people were in the Blessing Land Realm!

Feng QiShan, who just stood by, was a cultivator in the fifth or more level of Blessing Land Realm.

In addition, they were still not out of Luo’s land, even if now he had six Demonic Beasts as assistance, they were impossible to be the opponent of these people.

They would even not let Xiao Zheng and the other two go.