The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 158

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Chapter 158: The First time to Open The Demonic Eyes

Six Demonic Beasts were equivalent to six cultivators of the Blessing Land Realm. Moreover, there was even one in the third class. If Jiang Yun could use the Demon-Vanquishing Seal to subdue them, then they would be great assistance for Jiang Yun in future!

Thinking of this, Jiang Yun looked at the Golden Demonic Ape who was directly hit by him and had not stood up until now. When he just wanted to subdue it, Bai Ze’s voice rang again, “No. Something seems odd!"

Upon hearing this, Jiang Yun immediately stopped and asked, "What’s wrong?"

"This Illusory Array is set by a Spiritual Demon. If the Luo family and the Spiritual Demon want to kill you, it is more than easy. But the little Lord Luo summoned these Demonic Beasts instead of the Spiritual Demon to fight with you! So weird!”

Jiang Yun after listening this was a bit stunned, but then he sneered, “His purpose is nothing more than to torture me.”

Bai Ze did not agree, "This Illusory Array can torture you to death. Or to say it more properly, it can even make you eager for dying rather than living in pain!"

"Then, tell me, what do you think? Why he did like this?"

"I think he should be buying time!"

“Buying time?”

Jiang Yun was once again dumbfounded. He really couldn't figure out why the Luo family tried to buy some time, but Bai Ze's words made him suddenly think of an idea, "Since you know that this is an Illusory Array set by a Spiritual Demon, then there should be a way to break this array, right?"

Hearing this, Bai Ze looked a little down upon Jiang Yun, "As a Demon Forgemaster, how could you get trapped by an illusion array which is set by a demon?! If others know this, I will totally lose my face because of you."

Jiang Yun frowned slightly, "Then, what should I do?"

"Gathering the Demonic Energy into your eyes. This can help you temporarily open the Demonic Eyes. The world you see with the Demonic Eyes is different from the world that the human eyes can see!"

The fact was that although Jiang Yun had become a Demon Forgemaster and had studied the complete Demon-Refining Nine Seals, and even had gotten Demonic Energy from a Taoist Demon, but the skills of a Demon Forgemaster were not just these. Jiang Yun was still a beginner of a Demon Forgemaster.

A Demon Forgemaster could even turn everything into a demon, and refine a demon into a Dan pill, and so on.

However, unlike other Demon Forgemasters who could learn skills one by one from their masters, Jiang Yun could only learn demon refining by Bai Ze's instructions, and naturally he had no idea about many of these skills.

Bai Ze did try his best to teach Jiang Yun. But after all, he was a demon, and was in a sealed state.

Jiang Yun naturally had no time to think too much about these things. He hurriedly did in accordance with Bai Ze’s words. The Demonic Energy in his twelfth meridians rushed out, like the river pouring. It directly rushed into his eyes.

Then, his originally clear eyes were slowly covered by a thin fog, which made him look a little more devilish.

When the fog in Jiang Yun’s eyes became thicker and reached the extreme, the scene in his eyes changed in a flash!

Previously, Jiang Yun had only seen ordinary woods and trees around him.

But at this moment, all the trees, even the sky and the ground, had been connected by countless filaments condensed by green Demonic Energy that was invisible to the naked eye, which was like a huge incomparable spider web!

Every filament of the web was as thick as a finger. Whether Jiang Yun, Xiao Zheng or the other two was standing on a green filament, just like the insects sticking on the web.

Just now, they had been rushing for a while. It seemed that they had run a long distance, but in fact they only moved a little.

As for those six monsters, they were standing in the gap between filaments. Obviously, this was why they were not affected by this magic array.

Watching this Demonic Energy Web again, Jiang Yun saw a huge eyeball suspending right at its center. There was no green filament around it. Behind the eyeball, stood Luo LingXiao!

"That should be the so-called Array Eye!"

Since Jiang Yun could see everything around him clearly, this magical array naturally had no effect on him. At any time, he could leave at his will.

However, he would not leave alone of course. He must rescue the other three people.

Jiang Yun clapped at the head of the giant python. Then, the giant python immediately followed him and rushed toward Luo LingXiao.

Jiang Yun’s speed had reached his extreme. Like a gust, he quickly passed by Xiao Zheng and the other two who were surrounded by four demonic beasts.

At the same time, Luo LingXiao was a little confused.

He found himself suddenly lost the telepathy with the one-horned python. He was wondering. But the next second he looked up and saw that Jiang Yun was rushing toward him. Luo LingXiao couldn’t help but sneered!

However, the next moment, he could not smile at all!

Because he found that Jiang Yun was getting closer and closer to himself. It seemed that he was no longer affected by this Illusory Array!

"Did he break the Illusory Array? But this is impossible!"

Just as this thought came out of Luo LingXiao’s mind, Jiang Yun had come and stopped ten meters away.

Jiang Yun suddenly reached out a finger and pointed between his eyebrows. With a golden thunderbolt imprint appeared between his eyebrows, the Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger showed up.

“If I ruined the eyeball, the Illusory Array should be broken!"

Only by breaking the Illusory Array, could he take the other three away with himself.


A thunder suddenly blew up. The Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger was shining like gold.

It reached out a finger, and numerous golden lights suddenly rushed to his fingertips. They quickly gathered a golden thunder ball.

"To the death!"

Jiang Yun screamed, and the golden thunder ball flew out and hit the huge eyeball in front of him.


The thunder ball blasted. Countless thunderbolts were like snakes. They frantically wrapped the eye. The golden light was so bright that even Jiang Yun could not know the consequences of his own attack.

After a while, the golden light gradually dissipated, and Jiang Yun was able to see the situation inside, but his face was suddenly getting dark.

Because the eyeball was unharmed.

Jiang Yun did not expect his attack could be able to completely smash the array eye. After all, this Illusory Array was set by a Spiritual Demon, which was equivalent to a cultivator of Sky Reaching Realm. How could it be so easy to be broken?

However, he really did not think that he had condensed all the force of his Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger, and he could not hurt the eyeball even a little.

"Ha ha ha!"

Luo LingXiao, who also found that the eyeball get no hurt, broke out with a burst of laughter. He pointed at Jiang Yun and said, "Jiang Yun, you are still far away from breaking this Illusory Array!"

Jiang Yun simply ignored Luo LingXiao's sarcasm. After sweeping over those green silks around, an idea came to his mind.

Although he did not know whether his idea could be realized, at the moment he had no time to hesitate. He reached out his hand, and there were countless golden thunderbolts covering his Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger.

However, this time the thunderbolts did not condense into a thunderball. Instead, when the number reached the limit, they exploded!