The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 157

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Chapter 157: The Upper Hand


Jiang Yun and the other three people who were galloping suddenly felt the earth under their feet was trembling fiercely. It was like an earthquake, so they had to stop.

In front of them, there appeared four figures exuding strong Demonic Energy!

The one at the front was the Golden Demonic Ape. At the moment, its golden eyes were dazed, and its face looked fierce. As soon as it showed up, it slammed its golden sword toward Jiang Yun in a flash.

Behind it was a boa constrictor. It had a long body, with a horn on its head. It arched itself and attacked towards Jiang Yun.

Following that was a white giant bear that was ten meters tall. It looked up to the sky and roared. Then, it took a big step, with big noises, it rushed to Xiao Zheng.

The last one was a wolf as red as blood; it turned into a red light and shot to Xie XiaoYong and Liu Hao!

"They are all Demonic Beasts, and that giant bear is even a Third Class Demonic Beast!"

Jiang Yun immediately determined these Demonic Beasts’ strength from the Demonic Energy they spread. His face became a little dark at the same time.

Although Jiang Yun was a Demon Forgemaster, and thus he can produce a near-instinctive deterrent to the demons, but these Demonic Beasts should have the Demon-Refining Seal inside their bodies. Even, the Hundred Herbs Valley may have controlled them just the same as they controlled the Medicinal Puppet. All of these would make him a Demon Forgemaster have little influence to these Demonic Beasts.

Furthermore, he was a beginner of demon refining. It may be okay for him to deal with one or two Demonic Beasts, but he would be impossible to deal with four Demonic Beasts at the same time, especially one of them was a Third Class Demonic Beast.

As a result, their situation was extremely dangerous.

He and Xiao Zheng may still be able to cope with it, but both Xie XiaoYong and Liu Hao were at the Meridians Unclogged Realm. In the face of a Demonic Beast that surpassed them a whole realm, even if they joined hands, they would die.

Jiang Yun didn't have much time to think about it. He bit his teeth and didn't bother the ape and boa constrictor which were rushing to him. Instead, he rushed toward the red wolf.

Since Xie XiaoYong and Liu Hao were the weakest in strength, naturally the first thing was to save the lives of both of them.

"Younger brother Xiao, don't care about us!"

Fortunately, at the moment, Xiao Zheng shouted and rushed in front of Xie XiaoYong and Liu Hao in time. He waved his big sleeves, then a huge cauldron showed up.

Inside the cauldron, there was a burning flame which then turned into a big hand and wrapped himself up with Xie XiaoYong and Liu Hao.

The flame temperature was extremely high, and the two Demonic Beasts rushing to them were vigilant. They stopped their figures and stared at the three people deadly.

Seeing this scene, Jiang Yun temporarily felt relieved. He made all his power broke out and turned to the Golden Demonic Ape.

Let him solve one by one!

Surrounded by two Demonic Beasts, though Xie XiaoYong's face was pale, she still keep calm. The blue flower flying back to her hands was still spinning at speed. Apparently, she was still looking for the Eye.

However, Liu Hao was almost crying. His body was trembling fiercely. His face was even more desperate. He suddenly shouted loudly, "Little Lord Luo! My Little Lord! We are friends, right?! If you want to kill Jiang Yun, just kill him only. We will not stop you!"

"Shut up!" Xiao Zheng suddenly screamed. He stared at Liu Hao fiercely and said, "Do you think that they can let you go for mercy? They are clearly killing everyone! The dead is more than safe!"

Xiao Zheng turned and looked at Xie XiaoYong, "But you don't have to worry too much. These Demonic Beasts can't break through the flames in this cauldron for the time being. You guys stay here, I will go to help brother Jiang!"

As his voice ended, Xiao Zheng was going to rush out of the flame. But at this moment, the earth shook again, and there were two more Demonic Beasts appearing around them.

Four Demonic Beasts were surrounding them, and this made Xiao Zheng have to stop.

Even if he was at the Third Level of Blessing Land Realm, rushing out was equal to death in the face of four Demonic Beasts.

However, the four Demonic Beasts did not launch an attack, but stood in four directions. It seemed that they were not preparing to attack them, they just wanted to trap them here.

Then, Luo LingXiao’s voice sounded, “Three masters don’t have to be panic. You are still the guests of us. How can we hurt you? As long as you stay there, I promise that you are safe enough. But if you want to help Jiang Yun, then don't blame us to be bad!"

Liu Hao suddenly smiled and said, "Senior Brother, have you heard it? Trust me, we will definitely not even move a little..."


A loud bang interrupted Liu Hao’s voice. Jiang Yun had smashed the Golden Demonic Ape away. Now hearing Luo LingXiao’s words, he could not help but took a long breath.

He was not afraid of the Luo family to attack him at all. He had only worried that Xiao Zheng and the other two would get hurt due to him. Now that Luo LingXiao had given the guarantee, his heart finally got settled down a little.

"Luo LingXiao, let them away. I am here, to play with you!"

Jiang Yun’s voice just fell, and suddenly there was a strong wind behind him. The one-horned python was as lightning-fast and wrapped around his neck.

At the same time, Xiao Zheng spoke coldly, "Luo LingXiao, even if you don't kill us, but you kill Jiang Yun. It will be still a matter of Grand Medicine Sect."

Luo LingXiao snnered, “Master Xiao, what you said is a bit puzzling. If I kill Jiang Yun, the Seeking-Tao Sect will come to us for revenge. This is none of your sect’s business.”


Xiao Zheng suddenly got speechless!

Although he had already regarded Jiang Yun as a disciple of the Grand Medicine Sect, Jiang Yun must be approved by his Master.

Before that, even if Jiang Yun’s qualifications were the highest from ever, the Grand Medicine Sect would never avenge him if he really died in the hands of the Luo family.

"Get out from me!"

Jiang Yun grabbed the giant python that had entangled his neck with both hands. He gave a shout, and at the same time, his right hand summoned a Demon-Vanquishing Seal secretly and directly shot it on the head of the giant python.

As the Demon-Vanquishing Seal entered its body, the giant python’s body that was originally shrinking suddenly became still then trembled. Obviously, like the previous mantis of Du GuiRong, there was an existence of a Demon-Refining Seal inside its body.

Jiang Yun pulled its body off his neck.

When he was about to kill this giant python, the voice of Bai Ze suddenly sounded in his mind, "Wait, don't kill it!"


"Your Demon-Vanquishing Seal has the upper hand!"

Jiang Yun then found that the python’s original glazed eyes gradually revealed a trace of docility.

This was quite different from the situation of the previous mantis!

However, soon after, Jiang Yun found the reason.

At the time of when killing the mantis, although he made a Demon-Vanquishing Seal as well, he was not a real Demon Forgemaster at that time. He cast the seal by the help of the Demonic Energy from Bai Ze.

While now he had become a Demon Forgemaster; moreover, the Demon-Vanquishing Seal he cast was filled with Demonic Energy from a Taoist Demon.

In addition, according to Bai Ze’s previous words, the Luo family was not really a professional family in demon refining. Therefore, his Demon-Vanquishing Seal could really suppress the Demon-Refining Seal of the Luo family!

After understanding this, Jiang Yun’s gaze swept through the other six Demonic Beasts at present. His face showed a joy, “This is another big gift that the Luo family has given me!”