The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 146

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Chapter 146: A Half-breaking Horn

Just when Jiang Yun and Xiao Zheng were chatting, in the left eye of Luo’s statue, Luo BaiChuan was standing in front of Luo Qing with respect. "My Forefather, Luo LingXiao’s reputation has plummeted after this competition. Should we still keep him as little Lord, or should we choose another candidate?"

After being silent for a while, Luo Qing said, “In the Luo family, who else is better in Tao cultivation than Luo LingXiao?”


"Then just keep his title for a while. Let him participate in Xiao Zheng's recruitment. His Two-Free Tao Physique should bring him some advantages among pharmacists!"

"Aright!" Luo BaiChuan bowed and agreed. After a short hesitation, he continued asking, "Then, how about Jiang Yun? How to deal with him? Do we need to dispatch a few Demonic Beasts to kill him after he leave Luo’s territory? If we let him alive, he will always be a threat to our Luo family."

"I will take care of it myself, you don't have to worry about it! Leave me!"

"Yes, my Forefather!"

Although there were a lot of doubts in his heart, Luo BaiChuan did not dare to ask. He left for arranging the birthday party.

Soon, many cultivators were led to the hall by Luo’s servants and sent their gifts to them.

Most of them actually came for the Grand Medicine Sect’s arrival. But after all it was the Luo family that provided this opportunity, so the gifts they brought were either rare or precious.

When it was Jiang Yun’s turn, Jiang Yun, who had always been calm, became a bit embarrassed.

This naturally made everyone quite puzzled. After seeing the gift Jiang Yun took out, everyone’s face suddenly became very weird.

The gift brought by Jiang Yun was only a half beast’s horn!

Jiang Yun naturally had known this gift for a long time. Originally, he had thought that this half beast’s horn must be a rare material for medicine refining or tools refining; however, even having tried his best, he could not find anything special.

As a result, he had ever taken it to a magic instrument store in South Star city and asked for authentication, but he had been driven out of the store.

Because this was a very ordinary horn, a half one being cut from the head of a certain beast!

In other words, this half horn, even if being casually thrown into the street, no one would be willing to pick it up.

When realizing this fact, Jiang Yun really felt crazy. He vaguely guessed that he should have been tricked by his master!

Taking a half-breaking horn as a birthday gift, even if he only knew a little the ways of the world, he knew that such a behavior was clearly a naked provocation!

But Jiang Yun did not have the courage to replace his master's gift, nor did he have enough Spiritual Stones to buy a valuable gift. So he could only send the half-breaking horn.

The Luo’s servant who was responsible for recording the gift when seeing this half beast’s horn was extremely too hard to breathe.

After looking at the half-breaking horn for a long time, he wrote down the gift’s name. At the same time, he said in the voice that everyone could hear, "The gift from Jiang Yun of the Seeking-Tao Sect, a half beast’s horn!"

Before the voice faded, Jiang Yun had already got into the crowd hurriedly. For this unexpected scene, everyone just took it as a joke.

After all, there was a historic enmity between the Seeking-Tao Sect and Luo family. Luo family did not treat Jiang Yun well, so Jiang Yun took out a half-horn, which could also be regarded as a retaliation.

The birthday banquet officially began after everyone giving out their gifts.

Although the dishes were extremely rich, and Luo family had arranged some singers to come for entertaining, basically everyone did not have the patience to enjoy these. They all looked forward to the end of the birthday party.

The protagonist of this birthday banquet, Luo family’s Big Forefather Luo Qing, did not appear from beginning to end. Only Luo BaiChuan, the Lord of Luo family, greeted everyone.

Therefore, it was really a tasteless banquet to the guests.

Finally, they had been almost full, and the banquet was nearly to its end, a voice suddenly sounded above the heads of everyone.

"Today, Tao friends came from afar for my birthday celebration, I’m really grateful. I should have met you personally, but I have been retreating for cultivating recently and can't show up today. I beg your forgiveness."

Hearing these words, everyone naturally known that the one who was giving the speech was the Luo family’s Big Forefather, Luo Qing!

This guy, a thousand-year-old cultivator, had been long retired from the Lord of Luo family, but in fact, he was still the one who really governed the Luo family.

Not only because he was a senior in the Luo family, but more importantly, he was the only cultivator in the Sky Reaching Realm in Luo family.

It could be regarded that it was him who developed the Luo family today’s status and scale.

People knew that Luo family didn’t have a strong strength in Tao cultivation, even the current Lord of Luo family Luo BaiChuan was in a really low cultivation level.

Luo family with such strength in Tao cultivation could only be ranked in the middle among many forces within the Mountain-Sea Continent.

If it was not due to Luo Qing's cultivation level and his good business relationship, plus it was a demon refining family, then the family should have already been carved up by other forces.

Therefore, people surely respected Luo Qing. Now hearing his explanation, everyone naturally responded politely.

"No worries, senior Luo. Your cultivation practice is naturally more important!"

"Senior Luo, I wish you happiness as immense as the Eastern Sea, longevity forever!"

In the burst of congratulations, Luo Qing’s voice rang again, “Thank you for your good wishes. I have nothing to express my appreciations. So I decide. I will open the Demon-Refining World after the three masters of the Grand Medicine Sect have finished their task!

"Every sect or family who came to my Luo family can dispatch a person under the Sky Reaching Realm to enter it!"

The Demon-Refining World!

When hearing these three words, every cultivators present who were kind of old were extremely shocked; and all the Luo’s people, even including Luo BaiChuan, were suddenly changed their look.

Because the Demon-Refining World was the holy place of their Luo family. Let alone outsiders, even Luo’s people could only enter it once a year.

However, now Forefather was so generous, allowing cultivators of other sects and families to enter it, which naturally made them feel puzzled.

But they didn't dare to ask, they just turned their eyes to the huge statue standing there.

Jiang Yun naturally had no idea about what the Demon-Refining World was. Fortunately, Xiao Zheng took Xie XiaoYong to his side and said, "The so-called Demon-Refining World is actually a secret place. It’s just like the Five Peaks in your Seeking-Tao Sect. inside it, you may be lucky to find something special and rare, but it’s dangerous at the same time.”

Jiang Yun suddenly understood. The Demon-Refining World was actually a Magic Tools, like the Chop-Sky Sword and the Unreal-Beast Map. Naturally, it must be one of the hereditary Magic Treasures of the Luo family.

However, even if he had understood, Jiang Yun didn’t have a great interest to the Demon-Refining World.

Because he had already obtained the complete Demon-Refining Nine Seals, and unblocked his twelfth meridian; moreover, he had been on the threshold of being a Demon Forgemaster.

Even if there was any good thing in the Demon-Refining World, it would not be enough attractive to him.

Suddenly, a loud bang noise sounded from the huge statue in a distance of hundreds of feet. A bright colorful light suddenly appeared on it.

Look carefully, the light was actually from the left hand of the statue that was always behind its back.

And on the left hand, which originally had nothing, a volume of bamboo slips appeared slowly under the glory of the light.

However, the bamboo slips was not a sculpture, but a real thing!

After watching the bamboo slips especially the left hand that was holding it for a long time, Jiang Yun suddenly turned his eyes to the right hand of the statue.

"The left hand holds the bamboo slips; in the right hand, it seems to hold a thing as well. A volume of bamboo slips on the left hand, then the right hand should have held a..."

Indulge in a moment, Jiang Yun’s eyes slowly became shining. He murmured word by word, "It should be a pen!"