The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 143

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Chapter 143: A Coward Guy

Everyone was dumbfounded. Especially those who thought that Jiang Yun could not defeat the Golden Demonic Ape, at this moment, they were even more jaw-dropping and could not believe what they saw.

They knew that Jiang Yun was very powerful, but no one had thought that the test had just begun, and Jiang Yun had defeated this ape whose strength was similar to the Blessing Land Realm.

Luo LingXiao was stunned as well!

He was much clearer than anyone else about how powerful the Golden Demonic Ape was.

Although it had no Spiritual Energy, its body was even stronger than a diamond. Any Magic Arts from the cultivator in the Meridian Unclogged Realm could not cause a little damage to it.

However, it surrendered to Jiang Yun's only one technique of Mist-related Magic Arts and several thunderbolts.

Being quiet for a long time, someone murmured, "Is the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm really so strong? Can it be so easy to beat one in the Blessed Land Realm?"

"The tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm is very strong, but it is absolutely not strong like this!" Luo BaiChuan suddenly spoke, "Jiang Yun is very smart. He actually took the advantages of the weather."

The crowd hurriedly asked, "What do you mean, Lord Luo?"

"The thick fog that he displayed is actually water, and the power of water can increase the power of the thunderbolt. The two complement each other and their attacking powers are increased, so that the Golden Demonic Ape can be bound!"

Luo BaiChuan said in a very loud voice. Obviously, he was not just answering the question, but at the same time reminding Luo LingXiao.

He was telling the truth.

Jiang Yun's favorite weather was the rainy days with lightning, because it could not only help him cast the Cloud-Sky While Mist-Earth Arts more easily, but also increase the power of his thunderbolt.

Hearing Luo BaiChuan's words, Luo LingXiao naturally realized it. Looking at the Golden Demonic Ape that kept rolling on the ground, his eyes flashed a fierce light. He said coldly, "Useless waste, stand up."

With the voice fell, Luo LingXiao suddenly stepped forward and kicked at the temple of Golden Demonic Ape.


The kick let the Golden Demonic Ape screaming due to the pain. Jiang Yun became slightly serious, because he found that after being kicked, the mental aura of the Golden Demonic Ape was skyrocketed in a flash!

Although its mental aura still came from its physical strength, it was at least twice as strong as it had been before.

The most important thing was that those several thunderbolts bounding its body were trembling slightly under the influence of this mental aura.

"In the way of torture to increase the strength of a Demonic Beast! Hum, it’s not a kind of Demon-Refining Seal, but it is more like the way controlling the Medicinal Puppet!"

Jiang Yun was quite familiar with such a scene.

That Medicinal Puppet Du GuiRong owned had increased its strength in a similar way.

There was only one point that Jiang Yun could not figure it out. Since the Golden Demonic Ape had such a powerful physique, it could be even hard to puncture its body, let alone a kick. It should feel no pain at all. Why did it show such a painful look?

Thinking of this, Jiang Yun slightly squinted his eyes, and once again looked at the Golden Demonic Ape. This time, he finally found something, which made his eyes suddenly burst into a strong cold light.

Because he finally saw it clearly. In the temple where Luo LingXiao kicked, there was a golden needle that had thrust deeply into its head! Obviously, it was kicked in by Luo LingXiao just now!

Because the Golden Demonic Ape’s body was golden, even Jiang Yun who stood so close can hardly see it, not to mention the crowd.

"What an inhumane family the Luos is!"

Just when Jiang Yun was disgusted with Luo’s behavior, suddenly there was a sudden burst of noise.

It turned out that the Golden Demonic Ape had gotten rid of the thunderbolts that were tied to its body.


Without the restraint of the thunderbolts, the Golden Demonic Ape leaped from the ground; it took deep breaths. In its golden eyes, there was a fear.

It feared not Jiang Yun, but Luo LingXiao.

The crowd were naturally unaware of the golden needle thing. They originally thought that the contest had ended, but they did not expect that the Golden Demonic Ape could stand up, which naturally made them even more excited.

"Go! Fight for me!"

Under the order of Luo LingXiao, the Golden Demonic Ape once again lifted the golden sword and slammed it to Jiang Yun.

This time the attack was much more powerful than before. The wind brought by the sword blew away the fog around Jiang Yun in a flash.

Looking at the Golden Demonic Ape who though was in pain but had to continue to attack, Jiang Yun really wanted to free it by his ability as a Demon Forgemaster.

However, he knew that he could not do this.

Because he was in Luo’s territory, and there was even an Eye-Gifted Spiritual Demon watching above the sky.

His cultivation level could be hidden by the black stone, but once he exposed his Demonic Energy, he could absolutely impossible to hide himself from the Eye-Gifted Spiritual Demon nor the Luo family, the family of Demon Forgemasters.

Therefore, he just watched the Golden Demonic Ape, stood still and said, "Come on!"


Nobody knew whether the Golden Demonic Ape had understood Jiang Yun’s words. It screamed again, and dropped the golden sword towards the top of Jiang Yun’s head.


Many cultivators, such as Xie XiaoYong, seeing this scene could not help but scream and close their eyes. They simply didn’t dare to look at the bloody scene that would happen soon.

However, just as the big sword was about to chop Jiang Yun in half, it suddenly moved sideways slightly.

With the screaming of the wind brought by the sword, this attack did not split Jiang Yun’s head, but only cut off a few hairs.


The big sword fell on the ground, so heavy the strength was that it smashed a huge crack in the high platform.

"Ha ha ha!"

At this moment, Luo LingXiao suddenly laughed out loudly, "Jiang Yun, you really have our words secure to rely on! Well, yes, I won't kill you because you just asked my Lord Luo to promise to keep you safe in my family!

"So I am giving you a lesson by the battle just now. Remember, no matter where you go in the future, don't be too arrogant. Otherwise, you would not only lose your own face, but also the fame of Seeking-Tao Sect!”

Hearing Luo LingXiao’s words, everyone suddenly showed understanding look.

"Oh yes, Luo BaiChuan has vowed to guarantee the safety of Jiang Yun, and Luo LingXiao will naturally not take his life!"

"It seems that Jiang Yun had known in advance that he might be defeated by that ape, so he asked to get Luo BaiChuan's guarantee. In this way, he has already profited."

"I have thought that Jiang Yun is a frank and forthright guy, and it is worth making friends with him. I didn't expect him to be a very calculating man!"

The voice of discussion among the people had showed that their impression to Jiang Yun had gradually changed badly. And this was right the purpose of Luo LingXiao!

The attack by that sword was originally indeed to split Jiang Yun, but at the last minute, Luo LingXiao had changed his mind and deliberately let the sword move aside a little.

However, just as everyone’s arguments had just subsided, Jiang Yun’s voice suddenly sounded, “Luo LingXiao, no wonder you will be the Little Lord of Luo family!”

Luo LingXiao frowned and asked, "What do you mean?"

"Under the chaos of this world, only people like you who is a coward can be qualified to lead your Luo family to continue shrinking beyond the Against-Demon Bridge!"

Luo LingXiao’s eyes suddenly burst into anger. He shouted, “Are you saying I am a coward?!”

Jiang Yun said with a smile, "If not, why didn't you have the courage to let that sword fall on me? Why didn't you have the courage to kill me?"

"Since you want to die, I will fulfill you!"

In Luo LingXiao’s roar, the Golden Demonic Ape the third time held the big sword and slammed it to Jiang Yun, but Jiang Yun stood still as before, with a scornful smile on his face. He didn’t even give a glance at that big sword that was about to fall on top of his head; he was just watching Luo LingXiao, smiling.