The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 163

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Chapter 163: The Real Killing Is Just Beginning

After murmuring, Jiang Yun suddenly raised his hand, then five Demonic Beasts suddenly appeared in front of him. These five Demonic Beasts originally belonged to the Luo family, but Jiang Yun had made them submit to him by using Demon-Vanquishing Seals.

At this moment, these five Demonic Beasts’ eyes showed their docility to Jiang Yun.

Except the white bear in the third level, all other five Demonic Beasts had already belonged to Jiang Yun, a Demon Forgemaster!


With the order of Jiang Yun, the five Demonic Beasts immediately rushed in five directions.

Jiang Yun burst out a powerful Demonic Energy, which like a violent wind instantly filled the range of at least three hundred square meters.

Then, Jiang Yun rush to the last sixth direction.

Just as Jiang Yun and Demonic Beasts had hidden themselves, Feng QiShan came with five cultivators.

Feng QiShan stopped everyone. This made the five cultivators looked at him with confusion.

Feng QiShan frowned and said, "So weird! I can’t feel their Spiritual Energy, instead, I feel six different mental aura from six directions. But they clearly are only three people!"

Shaking his head, Feng QiShan finally decided, "Well, no matter what! They are totally wrong if they thought they could escape from our pursuit by separating themselves!

"Let’s act separately as well. Everyone tracks one direction. If encountering the woman, just kill her. But if you encounter Jiang Yun or Xiao Zheng, don’t directly fight them. Give us a warning sign and then surround them. I will come to help you at my fastest speed! Got it?!"

They came nine people in total, but now there were only six persons left. Feng QiShan really cannot accept anyone's death.

Feng QiShan closed his eyes and carefully perceived the fluctuations of the six mental aura. After that, he asked the five men run to different directions respectively.

As for himself, he chose the direction where the mental aura fluctuation was only a little strong.

Because Feng QiShan believed that since Xiao Zheng was at the Third Level of Blessing Land Realm, his mental aura fluctuation must be strongest. While Jiang Yun was the second stronger person, so what he chose, in his view, should be Jiang Yun.

But the fact was, what he was chasing was not Jiang Yun. Instead, it was the red wolf!

Just now, Jiang Yun had deliberately erupted a strong Demonic Energy. It could hide the mental aura of Xiao Zheng and Xie XiaoYong and confuse Feng QiShan.

Because only Demon Forgemasters and demons could feel Demonic Energy while cultivators could not. Cultivators could only generally tell from the fluctuation of the mental aura.

Jiang Yun had guessed what Feng QiShan might think of, so he deliberately let the red wolf who ran the fastest among the five Demonic Beasts emitted a slight stronger mental aura fluctuation. In this case, Feng QiShan mistakenly regarded it as Jiang Yun; and the red wolf would drag him down. .

In this case, Jiang Yun could seize the time and have time to think about how to solve the other five cultivators.

Right now, awaring that the person who was chasing after him was really not Feng QiShan, Jiang Yun’s face showed a sneer.

Although Jiang Yun was in far lower cultivating level than that of the cultivator behind him, but his speed could be equal to him; and more importantly, they were in mountains!

Jiang Yun grew up in the Mang Mountains. He could not be too much familiar with such an environment. He was really experienced in hunting in mountains!

It could be said that here was Jiang Yun’s garden!

And his identity had also changed from being a prey to being a hunter!

With the advantage of geographical terrain and some other advantages, Jiang Yun easily got rid of the cultivator behind him. After running a big circle, he immediately rushed to the python’s direction.

After a while, Jiang Yun saw the python. He also saw a cultivator almost catching up with it.

Sensing the approach of Jiang Yun, the python suddenly stopped running. Its body suddenly turned over in the air; it raised its single horn, and slammed the cultivator who just arrived.

At the same time, Jiang Yun hid his mental aura. He appeared quietly behind the guy like a ghost. Then he raised his hand and made all his power on his hand.

"Haha, why don't you keep running?! How you dare you come to attack me, an animal..."

This cultivator did not realize that death was coming. He was still laughing, while Jiang Yun was smashing his back.

Although this punch did not claim his life, but he slammed his body forward, just to meet the sharp horn!

Now there were still six cultivators from Hundred Herbs Valley. Their cultivation level was at the Second Level of Blessing Land Realm at least. Jiang Yun could not match any one of them if one on one.

However, Jiang Yun had a great chance of winning if two on one or three on one!

And this was Jiang Yun’s strategy. Kill them separately!

Looking at the guy dying on the ground without closing his eyes, Jiang Yun said coldly, "The real massacre is just beginning!"

No hesitating to take away the storage device from him, Jiang Yun reached out and put the python back to a Demon-Storing Bag. Then he left for the direction of the Golden Demonic Ape, quickly and quietly, like a cat.

While running, Jiang Yun poured out the Dan pills from a jade bottle that Xiao Zheng had given him and took them in.

For every attack to cultivators from Hundred Herbs Valley, Jiang Yun must go all out. Therefore, after each shoot, he must take in some Dan pills to restore his Spiritual Energy.

The only thing that made him a little regret now was that this was not a best day for him. If it rained, then he could be a little easier to act his attack.

Although Jiang Yun had no Divine Sense, he could know exactly where each Demonic Beast was via Demon-Vanquishing Seals in their bodies. Hence, he could find them in the forest at the fastest speed.

The Demonic Energy went everywhere in the mountains, which could interference those cultivators’ Divine Sense. They now were under a deadly threat!

Soon after, Jiang Yun found the Golden Demonic Ape. It had already been fought with the cultivator who had pursued after it.

The Golden Demonic Ape really had a strong and hard body. However, the strength of this cultivator was obviously far beyond that of it. It kept retreating and screaming. And there were several wounds on its body, with blood flowing out.

For the sudden appearance of Jiang Yun, this cultivator was a little surprised, but he did not immediately transmit as Feng QiShan had required.

Because, if he could catch Jiang Yun by himself, it would be his great trump card. Moreover, he was at the Second Level of Blessing Land Realm. He had great confidence in his strength.

"You come! Good!"

This man sneered. Then suddenly, a hammer showed up in his previous empty hand. No longer fighting with that ape, he rushed directly toward Jiang Yun.

A cold light flashed in Jiang Yun’s eyes. He did not avoid but faced it directly. His Physical Tao Doppelganger suddenly showed up. At the same time, it reached its hand out just as Jiang Yun himself was doing, and grabbed the hammer that was coming down.