The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 130

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Chapter 130: The Force of Demonization

In fact, when Bai Ze’s voice sounded, the restriction seals on the Against-Demon Bridge was not completely open. So if Jiang Yun really wanted to quit, it was not too late.

However, Jiang Yun did not retreat. Instead, he took another step and finally stood on the Against-Demon Bridge.

Right at this moment, Jiang Yun could clearly feel that there came a huge pressure behind his body, which squeezed his body and made him unable to retreat from this bridge.

"You! You are crazy! This is the bone of a Taoist Demon. Do you know what a Taoist Demon is? It is the supreme emperor among the demon, a demon who really perceived the Tao!

"Although this is just one of his bones, and although this demon already died long long ago, the demonic power and energy contained in it is definitely not that you can bear!"

Bai Ze was almost roaring harshly, and his voice was trembling.

Compared with Bai Ze's fear, Jiang Yun was more calm. Though his heart was naturally shocked deeply.

If this black Against-Demon Bridge, which was a thousand feet long, was just a bone of a demon, then how big could this demon be?

Anyway, Jiang Yun would hardly imagine it.

"Have you heard me talking?! It doesn't matter if you die, but why should you drag me to die?!"

Bai Ze continued shouting, and Jiang Yun finally answered, "I am representing Seeking-Tao Sect now. If I just left the bridge, it means that Seeking-Tao Sect is afraid of Luo family!

"What’s more, I came to Luo family not for the birthday, but for seeking the antidote for my Third Brothers!

"Furthermore, if I don't have the courage to walk through this bridge, how can I become stronger in the future and how can I find the way of my Tao?!

"Therefore, I can't go back!"

Jiang Yun’s three consecutive reasons made Bai Ze’s heart deeply touched, but he was really stubborn in speech but soft in heart, “You are the member of Seeking-Tao Sect, but I am not!”

"However, you’re trapping in the Demon Refining Pen, while the Demon Refining Pen is in my hand."

"Demon Refining Pen!" Bai Ze’s voice suddenly trembled, and then he shouted again, "Demon Refining Pen, right! The Demon Refining Pen! Young boy, you have a chance now! If it’s as my expectation, the pen tube of this Demon Refining Pen is made by the same demon’s bones as that of the Against-Demon Bridge; they should be made of bones of a certain Taoist Demon!"

This sentence once again surprised Jiang Yun, but he believed that Bai Ze was telling the truth.

Because the pen tube of the Demon Refining Pen was indeed a kind of animal bone. But he did not expect that it would belong to the same demon with that of Luo family’s Against-Demon Bridge.

Suddenly, Jiang Yun frowned and came up with a question, "The Luo family and Lu XiaoYu! Luo, Lu! Will there be any relationship between them?"

"Stop thinking these things now, young man! The Against-Demon Bridge may be your great chance and luck if you can combine this bridge with the pen tube!"

“Combining the two together? How is this possible!”

One was a thousand feet long, but one was only two fingers long; it was impossible to merge them together.

"Refining them! Demon Forgemasters can even refine demon to Dan pills; it should not be too easy to refine a bone into a small one!"

To tell the truth, Bai Ze’s words made Jiang Yun a bit moved, but soon he shook his head.

He didn’t know if he could refine this so long bone; even if he was able to do it, he could definitely not leave Luo’s house alive after he did it!


Just when Jiang Yun wanted to persuade Bai Ze to give up this unrealistic idea, a huge force suddenly fell from the sky and fell directly into his body.

In the vagueness, he faintly heard an ambiguous word - Demonization!


With the fall of these two words, Jiang Yun suddenly screamed.

Because at this moment, he could clearly feel that after the huge power entering his body, it was like to be a big hand which stirred his internal organs and kneaded his skeleton and meridians randomly!

Even the Spiritual Energy and the Spiritual Lake in his body instantly evaporated under the wave of this big hand.

In other words, his cultivation level, nine-level of Meridians Unclogged Realm, turned into nothing at this moment!

What was more, his body began to bend slowly, his arms gradually approached the ground, and his face was covering with pieces of coin-sized scales.

He was, from the inside out, actually turning into a demon, a demon which shape was the same as the one that was trampled underfoot by the man statue in Luo’s castle!

Jiang Yun’s ability to withstand was extremely strong; however, under the influence of this huge force, he couldn’t help screaming. Hence, it was not difficult to imagine that the pain he was suffering at this moment; it must far exceed his endurance.

"The Force of Demonization!"

Bai Ze spoke in a low and trembled voice. He naturally knew that this was a powerful magic arts; when a Demon Forgemaster had reached to a certain extent, he could cultivate this magic arts.

This magic arts could turn all things into demons!

At the same time, there was a loud exclamation in the castle of Luo.

Although Luo’s Against-Demon Bridge was famous, there were few people who had seen it completely open its restriction seals. Therefore, hearing Jiang Yun’s scream and seeing Jiang Yun’s body being changed, everyone was naturally greatly shocked now.

On top of a watchtower, there were three people. Besides Luo LingXiao, there were a man and a woman.

The man was in his twenties; although his appearance was normal, he looked a little arrogant. The woman's age was a little smaller. Her slender figure was in a blue skirt; she was pretty; however, at this moment, she slightly frowned as she couldn’t bear such a sad scene.

Obviously, Luo LingXiao was responsible for accompanying these two people; and these two who could make the little lord accompanied will naturally not be in low status.

These two people, disciples of the Grand Medicine Sect, were specially invited by Luo LingXiao to watch Jiang Yun walking the bridge.

The arrogant man pointed to Jiang Yun and asked Luo LingXiao, "Little lord Luo, is the Force of Demonization really so terrible?"

Hearing the man’s question, Luo LingXiao, who had always been arrogant, showed a modest smile, "Terrible? No, no, no, brother Liu. You will know that being demonized is just the beginning, there will be a lot of Demonic Energy filling into his body!

"After this Tao-Seeking Sect’s disciple has been turned into a demon, the Power of Refining Demons comes from the Against-Demon Bridge will be really terrible! Don't forget one thing; our family is famous for refining demons, not forcing to become demons!"

Hearing this, the woman in blue frowned more tightly, and couldn’t help but ask, “Is there any way to pass the Against-Demon Bridge, isn’t there?”

Luo LingXiao smiled slightly, "As long as you resist the Force of Demonization as well as the Demonic Energy successfully, then the suppression of the Power of Refining Demons will be reduced accordingly; then it would be possible to pass the Against-Demon Bridge."

Seeing that the two people still didn’t understand much, Luo LingXiao thought for a moment and explained, "For example, there are different degrees of being demonized. If you have completely been demonized, reaching to 100%, then the power of refining demon you suffer will be 100%. If you are only turned into a 90% demon, then the power of refining demon you suffer is 90. That’s it!"

The arrogant man now understood. He then asked, "Oh, I see. Then, how less has one been turned into a demon since the ancient time?"


"Who is this person?"

Faced with this problem, Luo LingXiao only gave an ambiguous answer, "I knew this from elders, so I don’t know who the person is exactly. Brother Liu, let's just wait to see how long Jiang Yun can resist!"

At this moment, Jiang Yun, reminded by Bai Ze, also knew the way to pass this bridge.

"In any case, do everything in your power to resist the Force of Demonization!"

For most people, even if they had known the way to pass the bridge, they could hardly do it as they had lost all their Spiritual Energy. Even if a cultivator in Sky-Reaching Realm would be helpless. But Jiang Yun was different!

Although he lost his power as a cultivator in the nine-level of Meridians Unclogged Realm and lost all the Spiritual Energy in his body, he was actually the one in the eleventh level of Meridians Unclogged Realm!