The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 3

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Chapter 3: Accepted the Challenge

Feng Ling’s raving words made Jiang WanLi’s brows knit. He had no idea why Liu TianRen’s words didn’t work anymore.

Before Jiang Yun opened his mouth, Jiang Mu who stood beside him said, “Uncle Jiang, it’s unnecessary to say any word with them! We are well-prepared to fight. We’ll never let them harm our home!”

“That’s right! My Village Head, we aren’t afraid of them, are we?”

“Yun is one of the members in our big family. Who dare take him away? Kill me first!”

What Jiang Mu had said caused a lot of voices in favor of his words. Jiang people were now eager for fighting against Feng village.

For people living in Mang Mountains, fighting was a normal thing as they had to fight against all kinds of fierce beasts all year round to survive.

This could also be known from Jiang Yun’s battle-scarred body. Though he was only sixteen years old, it was no exaggeration to say that he was a guy of rich experiences. Hence, people in Mang Mountains would always fight without fear.

Facing those angry Jiang people, Feng people became more aggressive and yelled, “Wow! fight! We will kill all of you!”

“Oh, wait! Don’t hurt those women. It’s said that women in Jiang village are pretty charming. He he. It’s a chance to bring them back and…”

“Shut up!” The war between the two villages was on the verge of breaking out, while a sudden shout interrupted those voices.

Everyone looked for the sound and found that it was Jiang Yun who had pushed himself through the crowd and stood in the front of Jiang people.

Jiang Yun was in extreme anger, with eyes exposing a fierce light.

Just as Jiang people regarded him as one of the big family, he also regarded them as relatives. Jiang village was his home. As a result, he would never bear Feng people who made verbal attacks to his family.

Moreover, all of such things happened because of him.

A ten-year-old boy was too young. At that time, Jiang Yun could only hide behind his grandpa and live under grandpa’s protection. But now he was already sixteen. He was going to be an adult according to Mang Mountain’s custom.

Jiang Yun’s appearance made Feng Ling’s eyes bright immediately. However, before he spoke, a screeching noise flew across the sky abruptly.

A sharp blade which was formed by a fierce wind appeared as if out of nowhere. It was shot towards Jiang Yun at an extreme speed without any sign.

It was one of the Tao magic arts!

Watching this Wind Blade Jiang Yun was kind of envy, though it wasn’t a right time as he was facing a sneak attack. Because only cultivators could cast Tao magic arts.

“Well, so what? It can’t hurt me!”

A cold light flashed through Jiang Yun’s eyes. He was about to take down this attack, while Jiang Mu standing beside him acted much more quickly. Jiang Mu pounded on that Wind Blade with his fist.

Then with a huge noise, the Wind Blade exploded in a flash and disappeared in the air. Jiang Mu put his hand down with a cold face. He looked at the unfriendly young man standing behind Feng Ling and said coldly, “Feng WuJi, you anyhow are an adult cultivator in the fifth level of Meridians Unclogged Realm. How could you do a sneak attack on a boy who is even unable to cultivate! Don’t you feel shameless?”

Though Jiang Yun couldn’t do cultivation, he knew clearly that the first three realms from lower to higher were Meridians Unclogged Realm, Blessing Land Realm, and Sky Reaching Realm. And each realm included nine levels.

It looked like the Meridians Unclogged Realm was the lowest realm. But once you were in the Meridians Unclogged Realm, it meant that you were on the way to cultivation. And a cultivator should never be underestimated.

Jiang Yun even knew that the most powerful one among Jiang people under thirty was only in the fourth level of Meridians Unclogged Realm. While the guy called Feng WuJi was just around eighteen or nineteen, but he was already in the fifth level of Meridians Unclogged Realm. He really had a talent for cultivation.

However, precisely seeing from this point, his sneaky action was particularly disreputable.

His slanted long eyes resembled phoenix, which made his face kind of feminine. He didn’t think he did anything wrong, but smiled ironically, “Will you tell the prey that they are targeted when you are hunting?”

“Hey you!”

Such a conversation enraged Jiang people again. Feng WuJi not only sneaked up on Jiang Yun, but even regarded Jiang Yun as prey. How could Jiang people bear it!

“Alright! Then today I will break my rule. Feng WuJi, your death will be swift! You are my prey now!” Jiang Mu then said.

“Oh, forget to tell you one thing important, Jiang Mu!” Feng Ling smiled wickedly and said, “WuJi has become an inner disciple of an Elder in the Samsara Sect. He will leave for the Samsara Sect in a few days. You know what would happen if you lay even a finger on him. He he!”

Feng Ling’s threat made it clear why Feng people dared to come.

Jiang Mu said in a dark face, “No wonder you don’t fear Liu TianRen anymore; you have the Samsara Sect to be your protective umbrella.”

Feng Ling replied complacently, “Now you see. Liu TianRen can’t protect you guys any longer! To avoid being slaughtered, you’d better tie up Jiang Yun to us and submit to our village…”

“F**k! No matter how powerful it is, the Samsara Sect can’t poke its nose into our Mang Mountains’ business! Just fight against them, my Head!”

“That’s right! What a crock of s**t the Samsara Sect is! I will kill Feng WuJi right now, and see what can the Samsara Sect do to me!”

Jiang people was burning with rage due to Feng Ling’s words. They could never stand either hand Jiang Yun in or submit themselves to Feng village.

Suddenly, another screeching noise flew across the sky. Something black was shot into the ground in the front of Feng WuJi by Jiang Yun in a flash.

At the same time, Jiang Yun asked coldly, “Feng WuJi, dare you to pull the arrow out?”

Following his last word, everyone was in silence. All their eyes were concentrated on that black arrow.

That arrow represented a letter of challenge. A letter of challenge from Jiang Yun to Feng WuJi. And Feng WuJi would pull that arrow only if he took up the gauntlet.

This was a rule in Mang Mountains. If two villages were going to have conflicts, most of the time they would challenge each other to a duel to avoid large-scale bloodshed.

Each one in this duel, no matter the one challenged or being challenged, represented their own clan.

Hence, in general, the one who challenged to a duel would find a rival equally close to him to have a high possibility of triumph.

As a result, the fact that Jiang Yun challenged Feng WuJi was beyond everyone’s expectation.

Jiang Yun couldn’t cultivate. He’s only a mortal, though his physical fitness was not bad and he had gone into the deep Mang Mountains several times. While Feng WuJi was a cultivator in the fifth level of Meridians Unclogged Realm.

Jiang Yun’s action was, in others’ opinion, like an infant who tried in vain to challenge a strong adult. It was totally a suicide mission.

Feng WuJi was stunned, but then he laughed scornfully, “Jiang Yun, I want to know if you can represent Jiang village. Can you?”

“Brother Yun, let me help you! I will challenge him instead!”

A youth a little higher than Jiang Yun stood front in a hurry. He was called Jiang Lei, a guy in the fourth level of Meridians Unclogged Realm and meantime the strongest among the youth of Jiang village.

Jiang Mu said in a low voice, “Yun, are you losing your mind? How can you be equal to a guy who’s in the fifth level of Meridians Unclogged Realm?!”

There were also some Jiang people shouted to Jiang Yun, “Yun! Trust us! Whatever happens, we won’t let you be taken away!”

Jiang Yun was moved. But at the same time, he insisted his challenge. He spoke to Feng WuJi, “Although I can’t represent Jiang village, I can represent myself. If I am defeated by you, I will go with you.”

“Alright!” Feng WuJi beckoned to that arrow abruptly, and a whirlwind pulled it out and sent it into his hand.

Feng WuJi accepted the challenge.