The World that Tao Rules – Chapter 141

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Chapter 141: The Most Important

Other cultivators came with their sects’ elders, while Jiang Yun was alone. But he was not afraid; instead, he went directly to the high platform.

His opponent was a middle-aged man in his thirties. When he saw Jiang Yun, his face suddenly became a little distorted. He was so unlucky to have Jiang Yun as his opponent.

Unless he got something like a magic tool, otherwise, it was impossible to defeat Jiang Yun. What was more, Jiang Yun was actually not at the tenth level of Meridian Unclogged Realm, but the twelfth level the Great Completeness of Meridian Unclogged Realm.

The result proved it. Facing with his opponent, Jiang Yun simply defeated him with a big fireball.

"Good game!"

Politely greeted, Jiang Yun went down the high platform.


The exciting competition continued. When a day had passed, there were only twenty cultivators who were naturally the best left.

If each of them fought again, then the winner would enter the top ten.

Jiang Yun was naturally passing all the way, and was one of the twenty.

Although the strength of Jiang Yun had been recognized by almost everyone, but for Luo family, especially Luo LingXiao, they felt a bit helpless.

Because they had expected to take advantage of Jiang Yun’s test to see his real strength and the magic arts which he was good at. But the fact was, from the beginning till now, Jiang Yun simply won by a technique of the Fire-related Arts. No other techniques or magic arts had been cast, not to mention the appearance of his Thunderbolt Tao Doppelganger.

Of course, they believed that Jiang Yun did not just know the Fire-related Arts.

Therefore, it only meant that Jiang Yun had not encountered an opponent worthy of his other magic arts!

In this way, in the eyes of everyone, Jiang Yun’s strength naturally became more unpredictable.

While at the moment, Jiang Yun felt in trouble, because he was about to be Liu Hao’s opponent soon.

Up to now, Jiang Yun still had no idea about why Liu Hao had great hostility towards him. But since he had to seek the help of Grand Medicine Sect, he did not dare to offend him.

However, if he took the initiative to admit defeat like everyone else had done, then the fame of Seeking-Tao Sect would be affected.

At this moment, his hand touched his storage ring, which had a ring that was given to him by his two brothers and sister. He had not checked it to see what were inside till now.

Jiang Yun’s face showed a smile. He told himself, “The reputation of sect is important. But for me, my master, brothers and sister are more important!”

Because he did not have much sense of belonging to the Seeking-Tao Sect.

Compared with the reputation of Seeking-Tao Sect, the life of his Third Brothers was more important!

After making up his mind, Jiang Yun finally stepped on the high platform. Liu Hao, who stood in front of him, stared at him coldly. His face was arrogant. He sneered and asked, "Jiang Yun, do you really want to fight with me?”

Obviously, throughout the competition, all his opponents admitting defeat had made his arrogance even worse.

To be honest, Jiang Yun really wanted to punch his face flat, but he could only think about it.

But when Jiang Yun was about to admit defeat, Xiao Zheng who stood beside the third high platform slightly frowned and suddenly voiced to Jiang Yun in a secret way, "Tao friend Jiang, I am Xiao Zheng of Grand Medicine Sect. I am sorry but could you try your best in this battle? I will reward you with your help!"

Hearing this, Jiang Yun’s face suddenly showed a strange color. He naturally knew the identity of the three persons from Grand Medicine Sect. But he could not figure it out why did Xiao Zheng ask him to defeat his Younger Brother?

Actually, although Xiao Zheng and Liu Hao were both from Grand Medicine Sect, Liu Hao’s attitude had made his Brother quite dissatisfied.

Especially at today's test, many cultivators’ continual humility not only did not make Liu Hao feel grateful, but made him more smug and arrogant.

Compared with Liu Haolai, Xie XiaoYong's performance can be much better. Although her opponents had deliberately let her win. But for the opponents who admitted defeat, Xie XiaoYong not only thanked politely, but also would send a Dan pill as a small thank-you gift.

Although Dan pills were not worth much, her behavior had won the favor of everyone.

To cultivate the Medicinal Tao, it was very important to cultivate one’s heart and mind. If he couldn’t get down to it, he could never refine good Dan pills.

Liu Hao now was very impetuous and arrogant, and this absolutely had no benefit to his future cultivation on the way to Medicinal Tao. Therefore, Xiao Zheng sincerely hoped that Jiang Yun could give a small lesson to Liu Hao.

However, he really underestimated the strength of Jiang Yun. If Jiang Yun really tried his best, Liu Hao must had died.

Although Jiang Yun did not understand the purpose of Xiao Zheng, but Xiao Zheng was Liu Hao’s Elder Brother, so it was not difficult to make the decision.

More importantly, he was really very happy to do such a favor.

Slightly smiled, he threw a big fireball out as well, and the arrogance on Liu Hao’s face vanished; it was replaced by a horror.

Normally, pharmacists were good at Medicinal Tao not realm cultivation, they didn’t have a strong strength; not to mention that Liu Hao was only an ordinary disciple in the Grand Medicine Sect. He was not like Du XinWu who had a grandfather taking care of hm. He couldn’t win the battle if he met a cultivator in the same cultivation level as himself, let alone Jiang Yun as his opponent.

He never imagined that Jiang Yun actually dared to attack him. Right now, he even had no time to curse Jiang Yun. Without thinking, he turned around and jumped directly from the high platform. Due to losing his step, he fell on the ground.

This moment, the crowd was extremely shocked. Jiang Yun even dared to attack a pharmacist, not to mention it was the disciple of Grand Medicine Sect.

However, looking at Liu Hao’s awkward situation, everyone tried their best not to laugh out loud.


Liu Hao climbed up from the ground in a hurry. The heavy rain was still falling. Since he fell down, his body was covered with muddy water. He pointed at Jiang Yun and wanted to say something, but he could not speak it out.

Because Jiang Yun attacked him just like all the opponents he had competed with before.

He could only blame on his too weak strength.

Waving his big sleeve, Liu Hao said nothing more but turned around and walked to his residence. He had no face to continued staying here.

Jiang Yun felt apologetic. He really didn’t expect Liu Hao’s strength to be so poor!

However, when he stepped down from the high platform, Xiao Zheng held his fist in the other hand and greeted to Jiang Yun. This made Jiang Yun very happy. He smiled and greeted as well.

Obviously, his behavior had won the favor of this Third Class Pharmacist.

This scene, falling in the eyes of everyone, was naturally made them confused. They understood why Xiao Zheng who was always indifference greeted to Jiang Yun initiatively?

“Does Jiang Yun not only is a tenth-level Meridian Unclogged Realm cultivator, but also had a gift in the Medicinal Tao?”

This thought emerged almost simultaneously in the minds of all the people.

Even Luo BaiChuan and other Luo’s people showed a dignified look.

They could accept Jiang Yun's powerful strength, but if Jiang Yun could really become a pharmacist, then whatever the case they would not let Jiang Yun leave Luo family residence alive.